How to Change Netflix Region With or Without VPN

Accessing geo-restricted Netflix content from different countries can unlock an incredible variety of movies, shows and more. By changing your Netflix region with a VPN or proxy, you open up Netflix‘s full global catalog.

In this complete guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know – from the benefits of switching regions to step-by-step setup instructions for VPNs and beyond.

Why Does Netflix Geo-Restrict Content?

Due to complicated licensing agreements between Netflix and content producers/distributors, not all shows and movies are available globally. Oftentimes, Netflix secures rights to stream content only in certain countries or regions.

To enforce these licensing restrictions, Netflix uses geo-blocking – restricting access to content based on your location. So if you try to stream something that‘s not licensed in your country, you‘ll get an error message.

This is where tools like VPNs come in handy – they allow you to trick Netflix into thinking you‘re accessing the service from a different country, circumventing the geo-blocks.

The Many Benefits of Unblocking Global Netflix

Here are some of the best reasons for accessing international Netflix libraries:

1. Massively More Content

Netflix‘s US library remains the largest, with over 6,000 titles. But other countries have exclusive shows too – for example, Korea and India are creating more and more acclaimed original content every year.

By combining different libraries, you can access over 15,000+ movies & shows – that‘s more than double what any one country sees!

2. Watch Shows or Movies Early

Due to rights issues or localization efforts, many new titles will launch first in a smaller country before becoming globally available.

So for hotly anticipated releases, you may be able to watch them weeks or months early by switching Netflix regions. No more FOMO or spoilers!

3. Finish a Show You Already Started

Ever start a new series while traveling abroad, only to come home and realize it‘s geo-restricted at home? Changing your Netflix region means you can pick up right where you left off. No more mid-cliffhanger frustration.

4. Experience Other Cultures

Much of Netflix‘s foreign content doesn‘t make it outside home countries due to lack of subtitles or localization.

Trying out shows made in Korea, India, Spain or elsewhere lets you enjoy entirely novel stories while picking up some of the language too. It‘s an immersive cultural experience.

5. Learn a New Language

Speaking of languages – Netflix is a great covert learning tool. Turn on subs in your native language as you watch foreign films or shows, and you‘ll pick up words and phrases much faster than normal studying.

Pausing to lookup words helps accelerate the process even more. Take learning beyond sterile textbook dialogues!

6. Never Run Out of Things to Watch

With so many exclusives scattered across Netflix regions worldwide, a VPN gives you an endless supply of fresh viewing options. No more aimless browsing when you‘ve exhausted your home country‘s new releases.

FAQ – Netflix Region Switching Basics

Is it legal?

Changing your Netflix region with a VPN or proxy technically violates Netflix‘s Terms of Service. However, Netflix takes little action besides blocking known VPN IP addresses.

Millions use VPNs to access more Netflix content without issues – just don‘t share logins or content outside your household. As long as you pay for your account, it‘s a legal gray area internationally.

What are the risks?

The main risk is having your VPN IP address blacklisted by Netflix, preventing access. To avoid this:

  • Choose a reputable paid VPN with lots of IP options
  • Switch IPs periodically if you notice catalog errors
  • Avoid free or public VPNs which are more likely to be blocked

Also beware phishing risks from random proxy sites. Stick to well-known, audited tools.

Does this method work for other streaming sites too?

Absolutely! Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and many other streaming platforms also implement geo-blocking. Changing your digital location with a VPN provides access worldwide.

The process works the same – connect to a server in an allowed country, refresh the site, and unlock all content available to local audiences there.

How to Change Netflix Region: step-by-step guides

Now let‘s explore proven ways to access global Netflix libraries – from premium VPNs to free browser tools.

Using a VPN

VPNs are the best way to reliably unlock worldwide Netflix. By rerouting your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a server abroad, you can make Netflix think you‘re located anywhere.

Here‘s how to get set up:

1. Choose a top Netflix VPN

We recommend ExpressVPN as an all-around top performer, thanks to:

  • Lightning-fast Netflix streaming speeds
  • Easy to use apps for all devices
  • 3000+ global servers to switch locations
  • Proven Netflix unblocking ability

But vpns like CyberGhost, NordVPN and Surfshark also work very well. Most premium services offer free trials to test capabilities.

2. Install the VPN app

Download and install your chosen VPN‘s app on the device where you watch Netflix – whether phone, tablet, streaming box or computer. Sign up for an account to configure everything.

3. Connect to another country

Open the VPN app and select an overseas server location like France, India, Korea etc depending on which Netflix library you want to access. Connect and wait for confirmation.

4. Launch Netflix and enjoy geo-unlocked content!

Fire up the Netflix app or website, which will now appear as if you‘re really in that foreign country. Search and click around – you‘ll see all the titles included for that region.

It‘s that easy! The VPN encrypts traffic so Netflix sees the server‘s IP instead of your own. Repeat steps 3-4 to switch countries anytime.

Using Smart DNS proxies

Smart DNS proxies offer another effective way to change locations, with a few key differences:

  • No encryption – unlike VPNs, data isn‘t scrambled so may work better on restrictive networks
  • Faster speeds – less overhead so video streaming is snappier
  • Less content unlocked – struggles with some video apps compared to VPNs

The TOC process is very similar:

  1. Register with a Smart DNS provider like SmartDNSProxy
  2. Configure device network settings and DNS according to their instructions
  3. Pick a foreign Netflix country and refresh app/site to connect

One downside is manual network tweaks are required on every device you want to use Netflix on. But latency is lower versus VPNs.

Using Proxy Site Extensions

There are various Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that serve as quick proxies to different locations:

  • Touch VPN – Free proxy extension with US, Canada, UK servers
  • Hoxx VPN – Paid but very fast with worldwide options
  • WebVPN – Free with less countries but still works

To use:

  1. Install extension and ‘Enable‘ to turn on
  2. Choose proxy server country
  3. Reload Netflix website to connect through proxy IP

The ease of use makes these great temporary options. Just beware annoying ads on free ones, and potential slow speeds on all.

Using Tor Browser

The infamous Tor network routes your traffic randomly through volunteers‘ servers around the world, obscuring your origin IP and location.

Netflix blocking is always a cat-and-mouse game with Tor, but it can still grant access to overseas libraries:

  1. Download Tor Browser
  2. Launch and connect to the Tor network
  3. Open Netflix and see if foreign content appears

The randomness means you can‘t choose which country – but it adds an extra layer of anonymity if privacy is a priority for you. Just expect slower streaming speeds.

Tips for Verifying You Changed Netflix Regions

Once connected to a foreign VPN or proxy server, there‘s an easy way to validate your Netflix region change worked:

  1. Click on the New & Popular Slider – this highlights recent titles added specifically in that country.

  2. You can also search for country-exclusive titles like Money Heist in Spain, Sacred Games in India or Kingdom in Korea. If you can now view them, success!

  3. Check the homepage for foreign languages visible in previews or descriptions – though English is common across many libraries.

By jumping between a few countries using the guides above, you‘ll notice vastly different content in every Netflix library.

Summing Up: Access Global Netflix Today

I hope this guide gave you clarity on safely expanding your Netflix horizons with VPNs, proxies and more creative tools. The world of geo-restricted content is now yours to explore.

While Netflix does frown on location trickery in its terms of service, the company almost never bans or sues individual users – just large-scale stream rippers. As long as you pay for your account, switching countries to expand what you can view raises little realistic risk.

So if you love entertainment from other cultures, learning new languages, or simply want endless fresh viewing options, unlock worldwide Netflix libraries today with a top-rated premium VPN. Enjoy an adventure!