Global Payroll and Hiring Simplified With Deel

Expanding globally comes with no shortage of hiring and people operations headaches – navigating local laws, managing payroll taxes and compliance across multiple countries, handling benefits packages. For fast-scaling companies, getting these complex processes right is mission-critical, yet can divert focus from business goals.

This is where a solution like Deel comes in…

Deel offers an all-in-one platform built to simplify global hiring, contractor management, payroll, and compliance for companies of any size. With key capabilities like Employment of Record (EOR), automated reporting tools, visa assistance, and flexible payout options, Deel provides the infrastructure needed to seamlessly onboard and pay international team members – no matter where they‘re located.

Consider these statistics that showcase why solutions like Deel are becoming essential:

  • 70% of global workers are now willing to work remotely full-time, expanding accessible talent pools immensely. (OWLLabs)
  • Over 50% of companies plan to increase reliance on international talent over the next two years. (Born2Invest)
  • However, 83% of leaders report challenges managing payroll, compliance, and reporting across borders. (TechJury)

Major enterprises like Coinbase, Lambda School, and Shopify rely on Deel today across 150+ countries. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through:

  • Key business challenges Deel solves
  • Breakdown of Deel‘s main features
  • Implementation tips and best practices
  • Pricing models
  • Leading competitor comparison
  • Recommendations for potential users

By the end, you’ll understand how Deel serves as a turnkey platform to unlock global talent acquisition and manage international workers while reducing operational burdens. Let’s explore all the solution offers.

Challenges With Current Global Hiring

Adding overseas workers introduces significant hiring, onboarding and payroll friction compared to domestic employees:

Entity Setup Headaches

Firms must establish local subsidiaries abroad to formally employ workers – navigating foreign jurisdictions and regulatory nuances. Complex and time consuming.

Compliance Risks

Must adhere to localized employment laws, work contracts, payroll schedules, taxes in each region – or risk penalties. Ever changing.

Payroll, Policy Fragmentation

Managing per country payment systems, PTO rules, expenses across disparate platforms burns resources.

Talent Scarcity

With over 10M IT jobs unfilled today, accessing skilled resources outside home countries represents a competitive advantage.

Deel elegantly solves these universal issues that otherwise restrain operational efficiency and business growth.

Key Features and Benefits

Deel serves as an end-to-end global employment platform encompassing:

Localized Employment

Deel expedites hiring talent anywhere in the world by acting as the legal employer of record (EOR) on your company‘s behalf. This allows your business to onboard overseas workers without establishing foreign subsidiaries upfront in 150+ countries.

Deel handles localized compliance like work visas, localized employment contracts, in-country laws and labor policies. This eliminates the need to piece together an HR infrastructure abroad before sourcing candidates.

Whether seeking full-time employees or independent contractors, Deel reduces the typical 3-6 month lead time to hire internationally to less than 30 days in most regions. The platform centralizes candidate management and documentation across borders.

Integrated Global Payroll

One of Deel’s core strengths lies in consolidated international payroll management, including:

Compliant Payments – Pay workers in 120+ currencies following country-specific tax, withholding and filing rules.

Flexible Pay Schedules – Run payroll on custom calendars tailored to local standards across countries.

PTO & Leave Tracking – Centralize time-off allowances, sick days, public holidays and more no matter where staff reside globally.

Gross-to-Net Reporting – Provide transparency into total payroll costs across locations and workers. Easily track discrepancies.

Deel customers reduce payroll management overhead by 70-80% leveraging workflow automation rather than relying on disjointed solutions.

Contractor Payments

For flexible contractor talent, Deel simplifies onboarding, agreements, and payouts internationally:

  • Localized Independent Contractor Agreements generated in minutes
  • Classification checks ensuring proper worker status
  • Tax form collection like W-8s, W-9s, 1099 forms

Once hired, contractors receive access to virtual debit cards, fund reloads, and payments through 30+ methods including bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer in their currency.

This flexibility allows talent managers to augment teams with on-demand specialty skills without payment friction.

Global Benefits

Unlike most HR platforms, Deel equalizes benefits access for both full-time and contract workers globally including:

  • Health, dental, vision coverage
  • Mental wellness resources
  • PerkAllowance for equipment, development
  • Equity in select countries

Supporting insurance across 180+ countries, Deel provides a baseline level of coverage for distributed teams.

Visa & Immigration

To unlock hiring in crucial markets like the United States, Deel acquired immigration services provider LegalPad.

This means for workers needing transfers like H-1Bs or Green Cards sponsorships, Deel coordinates end-to-end support from securing Labor Condition Applications, to visa petition paperwork and filings.

Simplifying relocation friction lets companies compete for in-demand skills residing abroad more seamlessly than traditionally possible.

And More – Deel offers additional capabilities around background checks, payroll cards, and security tools for managing data and assets.

Top Use Cases

While applicable across organization types and verticals, Deel lends itself extremely well to:

High-Growth Startups
Who need to move fast by tapping overseas talent to augment specialized capabilities in engineering, analytics, digital skills.

Global Professional Services
From consultancies to creative agencies, project demands ebb and flow. Deel supports easily ramping up and down flexible contractors.

Who seek specialized skills like foreign language instructors or accredited educators to expand class diversity.

Distributed Teams
Companies with existing remote teams gain added flexibility to engage workers regardless of country securely.

These represent some of the top scenarios – but Deel serves all industries with international expansion goals well.

Best Practices for Implementation

If you‘re exploring Deel to improve global hiring and payroll activities, here are expert best practices:

Start with Executive Buy-In – Gaining leadership sponsorship ensures organizational alignment and drives engagement.

Gradual Rollout – Get familiar with core functionalities using a small pilot group before executing a full migration.

Involve Stakeholders Early – Bring People Ops, Finance, talent managers into planning discussions to surface requirements.

Build Onboarding Templates – Create standardized worker documentation templates, offer letter copy to streamline ramp up.

Integrate with Existing Tools – Connect Deel using 200+ native integrations with HRIS, payroll, ATS, signing, messaging and more.

Provide Ongoing Training – Train hiring managers on leveraging Deel’s capabilities through periodic workshops as usage expands.

Following these steps will ensure a smooth launch. Deel provides Customer Success Managers to aid deployment. Expect full productive usage within 2-3 months following these leading practices.

Global Payroll & HR Pricing

Deel offers flexible plans based on team size and use case:


  • $49/month
  • Best for hiring 5-15 international contractors


  • $149/month
  • For running payroll for <50 employees


  • Custom pricing
  • Full-service global EOR + payroll at scale

Certain services like immigration filing involves added one-time fees. Minimum commitment applies.

Compared to traditional payroll processors, Deel provides exceptional value recognizing the built-in costs savings from automation, compliance, and support. For example, typical dedicated overseas accountants cost upwards of $50,000 annually. Deel generates ROI through efficiency.

How Deel Compares to Top Alternatives

While Deel dominates the space, platforms like Remote, Rippling, and Oyster offer compelling capabilities that differ across:

Deel Remote Rippling
Key Differentiator Payroll + Compliance Payroll Focus HRIS Platform
Global Payroll 120+ Countries 70 Countries 50+ Countries
Contractor Payments Yes Lite Support Manual
Employment EOR 150+ Countries 80 Countries USA Only
  • Remote – Alternative focused on automated global payroll. Light contracting support.
  • Rippling – Venture-backed HR platform. Integrates payroll, benefits, IT support.
  • Oyster – Specializes in hiring, onboarding and HR compliance abroad.

For deeper capabilities across both payroll and employment law adherence globally, Deel is tough to beat.

Key Recommendations

To wrap up, as remote work proliferates and access to skills gains importance for scaling quickly, solutions like Deel provide a strategic advantage through global hiring and payroll consolidation under a single, compliant platform.

If your leadership team plots international expansion to augment hard-to-find technology, analytics, digital, or language skills in the next year, Deel warrants evaluation.

Getting started is easy in three steps:

1. Request a demo to see capabilities firsthand and answer questions

2. Kick off a trial account to run test payroll cycles and integrate workflows.

3. Create implementation plan while working with Deel‘s specialists before onboarding workers.

Deel drives tremendous operational efficiency gains around payroll workflows, compliance, payments while unlocking global talent pools. The cost and productivity justifications are abundantly clear for most growing teams.

To learn more or request a demo, visit today.