Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

As an online business owner, few early decisions are as crucial as picking the right domain name. The domain creates that critical first impression for your brand, conveys what you offer, drives recurring traffic through SEO, and contributes to long-term success.

With over 330 million domains registered globally, the odds of your first choice being available shrink daily. Thankfully tools exist to uncover creative, memorable names and domains perfect for any fledgling startup.

This comprehensive 2,800+ word guide compares 15+ of the top domain search tools and business name generators—so you can establish the ideal branding foundation.

Why Domain Names Matter More Than Ever

Picking the perfect domain lays the groundwork for every other branding and traffic-building effort. But why is it so instrumental compared to just setting up a basic website?


A domain name that‘s short, clever, and rolls off the tongue makes it far easier for visitors to remember, return to, and tell others about your site. Data shows 79% of users remember simple brand names with made-up words. Catchy domains with 2-3 words also tend to convert more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Domain names containing relevant keywords related to your business can better optimize for search engine visibility. Sites like Moz and Backlinko find keyword-rich domains can improve organic rankings, especially when starting out.

Brand Building

An appropriate, meaningful name for your website sets the tone for your whole brand identity. It should communicate your values, evoke emotions, describe what you offer etc. to attract the right audiences.


While the exact match .com domain is still ideal, over 80% are taken. Alternate extensions can work, but available .com names have advantages for trust and SEO. The right tools uncover them.


A broad, versatile name allows your brand to evolve over time into new products, locations or even a crowded marketplace. Whereas overly-niche names limit flexibility.

Let‘s explore leading tools to uncover available domains that check all these boxes!

Overview of 15+ Domain Name Generators

Dozens of domain suggestion tools exist to spark ideas—both free online tools and paid services. They take unique approaches but share a common goal: unlock that one perfect name.

Here are 16 top options across the spectrum:

Expanded comparison table showing features of 16 domain search tools

While this summarizes core options, it‘s not fully comprehensive. There‘s always new entrants too like Unisearch focusing on universal TLDs like .com + translations.

Now let‘s profile seven of the most prominent domain generators and business name tools more closely.

Hands-On With 7 Top Domain Name Generators

Taking a test drive through leading domain search sites clarifies how they each suggest names differently. Here’s what happens when I entered “mobile phone repair service” into each and examined the results:


DomainWheel example

Suggestions – Lean towards merging words with prefixes/suffixes for brandable names. Fairly creative and keyword-relevant in this case.

Availability – Quick view of which domain extensions are available vs taken. .com taken for top pick mobilefixology.

Summary – Strong names overall. Simple interface where spinning wheel visualizes suggestions.


LeanDomainSearch example

Suggestions – Focuses more on exact match keyword domains. Less invented but accurate. Flags taken names.

Availability – Marks all taken/available domains for each TLD as you scroll. Handy for bulk searches.

Summary – Great for hunting available domain permutations. Filtering options help narrow down.

GoDaddy Domain Finder

GoDaddy Domain Finder example

Suggestions – Does well recognizing mobile/repair/service keywords separately too. Mix of generic and creative names.

Availability – Flags taken vs open next to each suggestion. Links to transfer or register right on site.

Summary – Integrates domain registration elegantly. But name ideas less consistent.


Panabee example

Suggestions – Impressive suggestions all sound brandable yet incorporate keywords nicely. Extensions outside .com too.

Availability – Checks most domains instantly with green for open, red for taken. Limit on searches unless you pay.

Summary – Super sleek design. Great names for free tier, just daily search caps.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator example

Suggestions – Focuses solely on merging exact keywords themselves. Very literal but accurate.

Availability – None shown, would need to copy/paste names into WHOIS separately.

Summary – Does well for ecommerce names. But least creative or brandable ideas.


Wordoid example

Suggestions – Entirely invented, dictionary-like word names. Great for abstract branding without keywords.

Availability – Checks WHOIS of each directly on-page. Marks taken ones expired/registered.

Summary – Unique approach for coining brandable made-up words. But less descriptive.


Domainr example

Suggestions – Fast loading results focused on TLDs beyond .com. Reminds of misspellings too.

Availability – Live status indicators if each exact domain is already taken or still available.

Summary – Speedy. But name ideas themselves less creative or relevant to keywords.

Testing the waters with these seven reveals strengths and limitations for each tool. While quality varies, integrating multiple options gives a wider net of names to evaluate further.

Evaluating and Selecting Your Final Domain

With a hefty list of domain name candidates from generators, how do you ultimately select the one to represent your brand?

Follow this step-by-step process:

1. Check Availability – Verify your frontrunners are truly available using WHOIS lookups before getting attached. Sites like make this easy.

2. Mind Trademarks – Search registered trademarks at the USPTO or WIPO to avoid conflicts. Consider registering your own trademark too.

3. Evaluate Extensions – .com domains still have the most credibility. But alternatives like .net/.io/.co may suffice if .com taken.

4. Test Pronunciation – Say names out loud to friends and get feedback. Hard to pronounce loses memorability.

5. Check Social Media – If aligned with your brand, secure matching Twitter handles, Instagram names etc.

6. Visualize Design – Mock up logos and branding with the name to solidify look and feel.

Following this validation process reduces risk of blindspots and post-purchase regrets.

Tips for Brainstorming Domain Names

Beyond tools, a bit of elbow grease generating ideas and strategizing helps unlock that perfect domain.

Here’s tips to ignite the brainstorm:

☑️Target Relevant Keywords – List 2-3 keywords or phrases that summarize your business focus, values or products. These drive suggestions tools and check availability.

☑️Mix and Match Words – Combine keywords in different ways like merging words into one, adding prefixes/suffixes, misspellings, abbreviations, rhymes and synonyms.

☑️Mind SEO – Work keywords into brandable names to subtly optimize for search visibility as you grow.

☑️Evaluate Extensions – .com domains still have the most credibility. But alternatives like .net/.io/.co may work if .com taken.

☑️Check Trademarks – Search registered trademarks to avoid conflicts with protected names, and consider registering your own.

☑️Say Names Out Loud – Test pronunciation with other people. Hard to pronounce loses memorability.

☑️Mock Up Design Concepts – Visualize logos and branding with the domain to solidify look and feel.

Trying these creative strategies alongside tools provides multiple angles of attack to uncover the perfect domain.

Digging Into Domain Name Availability

On the whole, domain scarcity is only growing year after year. Most (.com) domains registered during the initial early 1990’s rush. Then a secondary wave hit in 2000 when ~10 million more came online.

Chart showing growing number of domain registrations per year

Data Source: CBS

But hundreds of millions still remain inactive. Only ~50% of registered domains actively host websites—the rest squat unused. This opens opportunities through generators uncovering forgotten gems.

Where availability gets tighter is newer alternative TLDs like .club, .guru and .ninja. Most decent generic .com domains are taken but may be inactive, versus fresher domains in top-level domains only around a few years old.

Registering and Acquiring Your Domain

Upon landing on that perfect available name, the final step is acquisition. You have two options:

A) Register individually via registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. They handle securing domain rights independently then point to hosting separately.

B) Bundle with hosting plans so providers like Bluehost, HostGator, or SiteGround include registration with discounted hosting in one package.

Some top registrars include:

  • GoDaddy – World‘s largest registrar with excellent rates and availability checking tools.
  • Namecheap – Reliable registrar with very competitive bulk domain pricing.
  • Google Domains – Convenience of managing domains integrated with other Google services.
  • Dynadot – Globally-focused registrar with an API that enables bulk registration.
  • Hostinger – Tech-focused registrar with free WHOIS privacy and friendly rates.

I‘d recommend bundling domains with leading web hosting providers (below) to streamline management under one account:

Hosting Provider
| Starting Price
| Domains Included
| Bluehost | $2.75/month | 1 free domain
| SiteGround| $6.99/month | 1 free domain
| HostGator | $2.75/month | 1 free domain
| InMotion | $6.39/month | 2 free domains
| Hostinger | $1.39/month | 1 free domain

Prices shown for entry-level shared hosting plans. Domain privacy registration recommended optional add-on.

By registering domains alongside affordable hosting, you consolidate admin and score bundled discounts.

Key Takeaways – What Domain Name Generator is Best?

Selecting those first words and TLD extension to represent your online identity sets the tone for long-term success.

While no universal “best” domain search tool exists—as it depends on specific naming needs—DomainWheel strikes the ideal balance of memorable suggestions and actionable availability data. For totally free searching instead, LeanDomainSearch and Panabee also impress.

Other key conclusions covered throughout this 2,800+ word guide:

  • Descriptive, brandable domains with availability in .com or alternatives drive more memorable traffic and conversions.
  • Leading generators like DomainWheel, LeanDomainSearch and Panabee uncover creative ideas.
  • Mind SEO and trademark conflicts during evaluations before registering domains.
  • Bundling domain registration with top hosting providers streamlines management.

Owning the ideal branding real estate of a domain builds the online foundation for any business, blog or side project to thrive on. Although the frontier fills up by the minute, tools built to stake your claim make the process smooth.

What domain naming approach or generators look most promising for your next venture?