Exploring the Top 10 Platforms for Crafting Custom Emojis

Emojis now reign supreme as our preferred digital communication shorthand. As of 2022, over 90% of online users regularly employ emojis to efficiently express emotions and connect more personally across devices.

Major platforms have raced to expand their default emoji libraries – like iOS 16 adding 31 new emoji, and the Emoji 15.0 standard covering over 112 more smiles, hand gestures, foods, animals, and other symbols.

But even with thousands of emojis at our fingertips, we often can‘t find the exact one to perfectly encapsulate a moment.

This is why custom emoji creators have recently exploded in popularity. Apps enabling you to DIY completely personalized emoji stickers and avatars that say exactly what you want to say.

In this guide, I‘ll provide an overview of the top 10 custom emoji making platforms available in 2022. Comparing key features across four categories of custom emoji apps, you‘ll discover amazing options matching your personal communication style and creativity.

Let‘s dive in to learn why millions have embraced custom emojis alongside analyzing the leading design tools enabling anyone to level up their digital conversations.

Surging Interest in Personalized Emojis

While emojis originated in the late 1990s in Japan, only in recent years have personalized emojis zoomed into mainstream popularity in the West.

For example according to Emojipedia, use of the customizable Bitmoji avatar emoji grew over 5400% worldwide between 2018 and 2022.

So why this expanding desire for individually crafted emojis compared to the abundant default options?

Custom emoji benefits include:

  • More unique self-expression
  • Inside jokes between friends
  • Digital stickers tied to memories
  • Creative outlet for artists
  • Fun differentiation on social media
  • Building brand identity

With personalized emoji utilities maturing rapidly, Emojipedia anticipates over 25% of all emojis used could be custom rather than default by 2025.

Let‘s explore the leading platforms enabling anyone to design custom emoji stickers and avatars for more meaningful digital connections.

Top Custom Emoji Platform Types

Custom emoji creation apps generally fall into four categories:

  1. Avatar generators – Create digital personas like Bitmojis
  2. Manual editors – Draw custom illustrations
  3. Emoji mashup mixers – Combine multiple emojis
  4. AI facial recognition – Generate emoji stickers from selfies

I‘ll cover two leading platforms across each type while comparing critical functionality for personalized emoji crafting.

Category Platform 1 Platform 2
Avatar Gen Bitmoji Boomoji
Manual Edit Angel Flaticon
Mashup Mixer Gboard Elite
AI Facial Rec Zmoji Emotiyou

Now let‘s analyze what makes each platform exceptional for all your custom emoji needs.

Leading Avatar Emoji Generators

Want to depict yourself and friends as personalized digital stickers? Avatar emoji generators allow crafting mini digital personas with custom visual features.


Owned by Snap, Bitmoji stands as the most fully-featured avatar emoji creator. With endless facial, hair, accessory, and wardrobe options – you build a digital lookalike for use across social media, messaging, email, and more.

Once your avatar is assembled, Bitmoji auto-generates hundreds of situational stickers from gaming clips to professing love. New stickers arrive constantly like clocking over 40 hours in meetings or the agony of growing wisdom teeth.

Third party integrations also abound with Bitmoji. Enjoy augmented reality video chat in Snapchat or playable fitness games via Bitmoji Fitness in the Google Play Store.

Overall if you want a constantly evolving avatar tying together your digital experiences, Bitmoji leads the pack.


Prefer cute anime aesthetic avatars? Check out the Boomoji app on Android and iOS.

While less robust than Bitmoji, Boomoji lets you build kawaii-style 2D characters. Customize hair, eyes, outfits, and accessories to generate sticker packs for messaging friends. Add props like animals, objects, and text bubbles to depict funny situations.

Boomoji offers decent emoji personalization controls despite some translation hiccups being made by a Chinese developer. Anime and chibi art fans find it a charming Bitmoji alternative.

Verdict: Bitmoji owns the richer avatar customization abilities. But Boomoji appeals for its cute anime design style at a still solid feature set.

Top Manual Emoji Illustration Tools

Prefer crafting emoji art from scratch versus from selfies? Manual editors give complete freedom over drawing personalized emoji stickers.

Angel Emoji

A handy web app for fast DIY emoji creation, Angel Emoji Maker provides tons of illustrations and textures. Mix and match facial features, props, backgrounds, text, and shapes into original emoji designs.

Angel Emoji keeps the interface simple while retaining robust custom controls any artist appreciates. Output your stickers as images or multi-page PDF files. It empowers crafting custom emojis exactly as you imagine for digital or print needs.

Flaticon Emoji

Geared for professional designers, Flat Icon houses over 9,000 customizable icons. Their emoji maker leverages these diverse illustrations so anyone becomes an emoji pro.

Built-in tools allow full manipulation over facial features, expressions, accessories, text, layout, and dimensions. Animated emoji sticker creations are possible too.

Flat Icon really shines for making polished, on-brand emoji graphics for marketing campaigns. But anyone can utilize their asset diversity for personal use cases like event flyers or gamer discord chats.

Verdict: Angel Emoji wins for quick simplicity while Flaticon takes manual design control furthest for pro-quality emoji assets.

Top Emoji Mashup Mixer Apps

Mash multiple emojis together into creative new combinations with emoji mashup apps. Blend expressions, gestures, celebrations and more for personalized messaging reactions.

Gboard Emoji Kitchen

On Android devices, Gboard holds the beloved Emoji Kitchen utility baked into its keyboard.

As you type any message, Gboard suggests relevant emoji mashups. Select one to insert the quirky combined emoji sticker.

No app downloading needed! Although Emoji Kitchen lacks manual mixing options, the constant surprise delight of algorithmic combos keeps conversations lively.

Elite Emoji

见 For controlling your mashed up emoji outcomes, turn to the Elite Emoji Android keyboard. 3000+ emojis and stickers span animated memes, personalized captions, holiday celebrations and more.

Search stickers by recent or hot trends. Batch edit with resizing, rotations, overlay text, and GIF output.

Elite Emoji promotes itself as a keyboard for dating app reactions and social media posts. But its customization flexibility appeals to general custom emoji enthusiasts too.

Verdict: Gboard‘s Emoji Kitchen offers more surprise randomness while Elite Emoji grants users more granular editing say.

Best AI Facial Recognition Emoji Generators

If personalizing selfies into emoji stickers sounds fun, then facial recognition emoji apps are for you. Upload photos to auto-generate cute and cartoonish emoji versions of you, friends, pets – even objects!


One superb AI emoji renderer is Zmoji, building caricatured avatars from your selfies. Background removal ensures only facial details get rendered as a cute sticker.

Extensive hair, outfit, prop, scene, text, and visual effect options let you take the cartoon version of yourself into endless situations. Looks become infinitely customizable.

Zmoji also auto-exports your personalized emoji designs into major social/messaging apps. As new photo print and web AR options emerge from Zmoji, you may never need another custom emoji platform!


Prefer animating your selfies and snapshots into lovable emojis? Check out the Emotiyou app instead.

Emotiyou‘s algorithmic renderings retain critical identifiable details, generating 100+ emoji from a single photo import. Filters and effects build upon the anime-esque animated stickers.

Deeper editing tools certainly exist elsewhere. But for fast social sharing of personalized emojis from memorable pics, Emotiyou streams fun.

Verdict: Zmoji wins for its caricature style depth while Emotiyou quick-produces the most lifelike animated emoji stickers.

Key Custom Emoji Design Trends

As highlighted by the versatility of the above apps, the custom emoji movement keeps accelerating to meet our craving for more personal connections. What trends fuel this explosion in individually expressive emoji adoption?

Rise of Visual Communication

Human attention spans keep shrinking, making communicating through dense text feel arduous. Visually striking and information-rich outputs like emojis now dominate our digital dialogs.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more find over 90% of messages include an emoji, sticker, or graphic rather than just typed sentences.

As default emoji sets struggle to capture our entire range of experiences, custom variants swoop in letting us digitally craft feelings however we want.

Demand for Personalization

Today‘s consumers expect personalized product recommendations, newsfeeds, streaming playlists, and much more. So why not our visual linguistics like emoji?

The custom emoji movement directly manifests broader market desires for personalized services that truly represent our distinct identities.

Fun avatar generators or inside joke emoji stickers bond friends through shared digital universes and secret languages.

Viral Meme Culture

Internet pop culture thrives on remixing media like iconic movie scenes or meme templates with different captions. No wonder mashup emojis like Gboard‘s Emoji Kitchen see heavy use!

Layering multiple meanings into new visual combo emojis fuels our meme humor creativity juices. Expect more viral meme trends stemming from customized emoji innovations down the road.

Visual Outlets for Young Generations

Youth defining generations like Millennials and Gen Z display high comfort utilizing graphics over text across digital mediums.

To sustain daily visual micro-communications, outlets like the Boomoji avatar maker manifest through smartphones and tablets.

As metaverse-based interactions rise, vision-first users will likely drive even greater reliance on emotionally expressive tools like customizable emojis.

Projecting the Future of Custom Emojis

Given the socio-technological forces outlined above, industry analysts forecast stellar growth in the custom emoji applications market over the coming years.

According to data by Statisa, the global custom emoji market should expand from $963 million in 2022 to over $2.52 billion USD by 2030 – a 160% size increase!

As more platforms enable personalized avatar, illustration, and facial recognition functionalities – expect rising adoption of custom emoji vs default emoji in our daily communications.

Such apps clearly offer creative outlets aligning with mobile visual engagement trends and individual identity expression particularly among young demographics.

Become an Emoji Artist Now!

I hope mapping the diverse range of custom emoji creation approaches here provides inspiration to start leveling up your personal visual linguistics.

Finding apps matching how you most identify is key – maybe as an:

  • Animated selfie lover ➡️ Emotiyou
  • Chibi avatar fan ➡️ Zmoji
  • Manual illustrator ➡️ Angel Emoji
  • Emoji meme creator ➡️ Elite Emoji

Matched to your interests, begin crafting fun custom emoji sticker packs for use across your social circles!

At the intersection of art and communication, opportunities feel endless for building emotional connections through personalized emoji innovations. What creative emoji abilities might you unlock next thanks to these amazing apps?

Happy emoji making!