Don‘t Let Crypto Volatility Catch You Off Guard – Top Price Alert Tools to Use in 2023

In 2022 the crypto markets continued their meteoric growth with adoption skyrocketing. Total capitalization soared past $3 trillion – a 200% increase over 2021 – with more people than ever buying digital assets.

However, accelerating interest also brought extreme volatility. Bitcoin and Ethereum both traded down over 60% from their highs last year in vicious bear markets. We saw crypto prices whipsaw back and forth weekly with double-digit swing days becoming normal.

As an investor, these rapid price moves likely gave you whiplash trying to keep up on market action. Given the volatility shown already in 2023, having tools in place this year to track price fluctuations is critical.

Cryptocurrency alert services provide customizable notifications when coin values hit specified thresholds. Instead of watching charts all day, automated triggers let you go about your normal activities while receiving alerts on important portfolio events.

But with so many options now available in a crowded marketplace, determining the best crypto alert platforms suited to your needs can be daunting. Never fear, we have you covered!

Based on decades of combined market data experience, we have extensively evaluated numerous leading solutions. This guide will overview the must-have features to look for and then explore the top 8 bitcoin and crypto price alert tools to leverage this year.

Buying Opportunities Get Missed Without Alerts When Prices Swing

Across crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ether, and even altcoins, prices often swing between extremes without much warning. Just over the last year:

  • Bitcoin fell 53% from $69K down to $32K within 70 days
  • Ethereum similarly plunged 57% from $4,800 to $2,077 in less than two months
  • Solana infamously dumped from $260 down to $38 over seven weeks

For traders and HODLers, moves like these can mean either massive unexpected paper losses or missed profit-taking chances on the way up. During these times, alert triggers would have notified investors to take appropriate actions:

  • Sell partial holdings to lock in returns
  • Close out leveraged positions before liquidations
  • Buy coin bargains near swing lows

Without notifications on price target hits, making timely decisions becomes nearly impossible unless staring at charts all day.

Optionality Is Key – Match Alert Style to Goals

With an abundance of alert tools now available, finding the best match requires understanding their capabilities and limitations.

Baseline price movement alerts simply notify you when an asset breaches set values, either on the high or low side. These work well if you just want to track upper/lower boundaries.

However, most investors want customizable parameters around price and percentage changes tailored to their risk profiles and strategies. Even better, some platforms feature indicator-based triggers like RSI overbought/oversold signals, MACD crossover alerts, etc.

It depends on factors like the trading time frames you analyze and whether relying on fundamentals or technicals when determining buy/sell decisions.

No matter your approach, having alerts tuned to your personal style aids immensely when prices make big swings. Let‘s explore the top solutions available in 2023 to make volatility your friend!

Here Are the Best Crypto Price Alert Services To Use This Year

Based on hands-on testing and client input across numerous options, these platforms provide excellent alert capabilities alongside portfolio tracking and market data tools.

1. CoinTracking

Favored by active traders and tax reporters, CoinTracking boasts deep multi-exchange connectivity and customization options. Their alerts integrate directly with exchange account data spanning 100+ platforms.

You can tune thresholds based on value change percentage, specific coin prices, global average rates, and more. For relying on common trading indicators, triggers can also be created based on RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and other signals. These provide buy/sell notifications aligned to your analysis methods.

In addition to email and SMS texts, CoinTracking sends Telegram messages and mobile push alerts to keep you notified anywhere. Their apps for iOS and Android make setting up alerts on-the-go simple no matter where you are.

For traders and investors focused on taxes, CoinTracking also delivers automated capital gains/loss reporting across connected exchanges. This helps determine profit/loss consequences from acting on alerts.

2. CryptoHopper

Moving beyond just basic price alerts, CryptoHopper has robust triggers based on both values and technical analysis indicators. Alongside their auto-trading bots, algorithms perform detailed market scanning to notify users of trading opportunities.

In addition to prices, the alert dashboard features RSI levels, MACD crossovers, Stochastic RSI reversals, Fibonacci retracements, 200-day moving average tests, and more. These advanced notifications allow you to fine-tune entry and exit timing precision.

When alerts trigger, you get notifications via email, SMS, Telegram, and mobile pushes. For hands-free trading, CryptoHopper also has trailing stops and take profit orders you can add to alert-driven strategies.

For intermediate traders wanting automation alongside alerts, CryptoHopper delivers with easy bot setup and execution.

Full reviews on additional top services continue below…