Document Workflow Automation is Easy With airSlate

Document Workflow Automation is Easy With airSlate

Workflow automation software has become an essential tool for businesses to streamline their document-heavy processes and reduce manual overhead. airSlate is an industry-leading no-code automation platform that makes it easy for any business to build, manage and optimize workflows.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using airSlate for document workflow automation, including:

  • The benefits of workflow automation and how it can transform business operations
  • An overview of airSlate‘s key features and capabilities
  • Step-by-step instructions for using airSlate to set up workflows
  • Real-world applications and use cases of the airSlate platform
  • Pricing options and plans tailored for all business sizes
  • How airSlate compares to alternative workflow automation tools

Let‘s get started.

Understanding Workflow Automation
Workflow automation refers to the automation of business processes according to predefined rules and logic. It typically deals with routing tasks, documents and data between people and systems.

The most common types of workflows that can be automated include:

  • Document review/approvals
  • Contract management
  • Customer onboarding
  • HR and recruitment
  • Accounting processes
  • Claims processing
  • Order-to-cash workflows

Key benefits of workflow automation:

  • Increased operational efficiency – Automation of manual tasks leads to huge time and cost savings
  • Improved data accuracy – Removes human errors from repetitive tasks
  • Better compliance – Workflows ensure consistency and standards
  • Enhanced visibility – Detailed analytics into workflows and processes
  • Quicker processing times – Documents and tasks flow rapidly between systems
  • Greater agility – Easy to change and optimize workflows
  • Improved customer experience – Faster resolution and query handling

Industries that rely heavily on workflows and have adopted automation include banking, financial services, insurance, construction, healthcare and public sector organizations.

Overview of airSlate and Its Capabilities
airSlate is an award-winning SaaS platform that offers end-to-end document workflow automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Boston, airSlate was founded in 2011 and has raised over $23 million in funding.

The airSlate platform aims to help organizations digitize their manual document-centric processes with minimal coding and IT resources required. It provides the following broad capabilities:

  • No-code workflow builder with drag and drop interface
  • Library of thousands of pre-built workflow templates
  • eSignature workflows and legally-binding contract management
  • Advanced workflow bots for document generation and data processing
  • Real-time process analytics and visibility
  • Simple automation rules and conditional logic
  • Seamless integration with 300+ enterprise apps

airSlate stands out for its ease-of-use, flexibility and scalability. It can handle everything from basic approval-driven processes to complex multi-step workflows. Leading brands across healthcare, financial services, technology, retail and education are already leveraging airSlate.

Using airSlate: Step-by-Step Workflow Automation Guide
With airSlate‘s no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder, automating document workflows is quick and simple. Follow this step-by-step guide to start building workflows in minutes:

Step 1: Sign up for a free airSlate account
Simply sign up with your work email or Google/SSO credentials to create your account. No credit card required!

Step 2: Import documents and templates
airSlate offers thousands of ready-to-use templates across industries. Import your existing documents or choose from pre-made templates.

Step 3: Set up workflow triggers
These triggers launch your automated workflows. Common triggers include email receipt, SharePoint update, scheduled time/date, SOAP/API call etc.

Step 4: Build workflow steps
Visually map out steps in your workflow such as review, data merge, approval routing, eSignatures etc. Configure rules and conditional logic between steps without coding.

Step 5: Add bots and 3rd party apps
Further automate steps by integrating bots for things like PDF manipulation, data syncing with your CRM, Dropbox upload etc.

Step 6: Manage users and permissions
Invite users, assign them roles like approvers, reviewers etc. and control access permissions at each workflow stage.

Step 7: Monitor analytics
Get actionable real-time analytics on workflow stages, document statuses, user performance metrics and identify bottlenecks.

Common Use Cases and Applications
airSlate caters to an extensive range of document workflow automation use cases. Some popular examples include:

HR Workflows

  • New employee onboarding from background checks to system access
  • Leave and vacation request approvals
  • Employee exit workflows for deactivation and offboarding

Legal Workflows

  • Contract negotiation and lifecycle management
  • Vendor sourcing, RFP and order approvals
  • Case management and document review

Sales Workflows

  • Lead to contract to revenue processing
  • Routing agreements for credit checks, approvals, signatures
  • Account or territory assignment and configuration

Finance Workflows

  • Invoice generation to payment reconciliation
  • Budget allocation requests and expense report approvals
  • Audits, compliance policy management

Healthcare Workflows

  • Patient intake and insurance verification
  • Discharge plan approvals and prescription routing
  • HL7 healthcare data integration

Pricing and Plans
airSlate offers four pricing plans suitable for solopreneurs to large enterprises:

  1. Basic – Free forever with limited features
  2. Business – $8 per user/month billed annually
  3. Business Plus – $12 per user/month billed annually
  4. Enterprise – Custom pricing

The Business plan is best suited for most small and medium-sized businesses looking to get started with essential automation features.

For advanced enterprise use cases, the Business Plus package offers SSO authentication along with higher limits and priority email support.

Comparing airSlate to Alternatives
airSlate goes head-to-head against some of the top workflow automation softwares like Kissflow, Nintex, Zapier and Zoho. Here is how it stacks up for core features and target market positioning:

airSlate Kissflow Nintex
Ease of use Superior no-code platform Steep learning curve Moderate complexity
Pricing value More affordable for SMBs Expensive for SMBs Premium pricing
Customizability Highly customizable workflows Pre-made workflow templates Flexible customization
Mobile access iOS and Android apps No mobile access Decent mobile experience
Specific focus Document workflow automation General workflow automation Forms-driven workflows

For most small and medium businesses, airSlate provides the best capabilities of workflow automation in an intuitive no-code interface at affordable rates.

Workflow automation is key for modern businesses looking to enhance productivity, accelerate growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences. airSlate makes it incredibly simple to build automated document workflows and scale up process automation initiatives without costly IT resources.

With capabilities for everything from basic approvals to advanced workflows, airSlate provides immense value at affordable rates especially for SMBs. Companies across all major industries are already reaping the rewards of document workflow automation with airSlate powering faster processing times, lower costs and better visibility into operations.