Create Engaging Explainer Videos Easily with Vyond

Video marketing has become extremely popular among modern businesses to engage customers and explain their products/services. Studies show that users spend 88% more time on websites with videos. But creating great videos requires skill. This is where explainer video makers like Vyond come in handy.

In this 2800+ words guide, we will cover:

  • Importance of video marketing
  • Challenges in making animated videos
  • What is Vyond and its key features
  • Step-by-step guide to create videos in Vyond
  • Vyond pricing plans
  • Top alternatives for Vyond

Let‘s get started!

Why Videos Are Critical For Business Marketing

Videos allow you to communicate with customers effectively. Animation videos especifically have huge benefits:

  • Higher engagement – Viewers retain 95% of a message when delivered through video compared to 10% when reading text.
  • Increased reach – Videos drive 1200% more shares than text and images combined as per HubSpot.
  • Improved SEO – Videos have a 53 times higher chance of showing up on Page 1 of Google searches according to Forrester.
  • Higher conversion – 80% of customers are more likely to buy a product/service after watching a brand video as per Invodo.

Besides the above benefits, videos add tremendous value through storytelling, easier tracking, delivering information quickly and getting more website traffic.

So what exactly are explainer videos and how can one create them easily?

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short, engaging videos ranging from 60 to 180 seconds that communicate the key benefits or features of a product, service or company. They utilize motion graphics, animation, live action and other video elements to capture audience attention and explain concepts clearly.

Some popular examples are:

  • Product demo videos
  • Startup explainer videos
  • Service explainer videos
  • Process flows
  • Video testimonials

What makes explainer videos unique is the ability to simplify complex ideas through characters, storylines and visuals. But creating such videos is not easy without the right know-how.

Challenges When Creating Explainer Videos

Although creative, crafting explainer videos poses many challenges like:

Finding the Right Assets

You need visually appealing 2D/3D assets like animated characters, background images, icons, shapes, typography etc. that gel well. Finding these and animating each asset requires lots of effort.

No Video Templates

Creating scenes, transitions, animations, motion graphics from scratch for introducing/closing, product shots or testimonials requires advanced skills and software tools.

Lip Sync Issues

Perfectly synchronizing voice overs or recorded files with mouth/facial movements of characters can consume hours.

No Background Music/Sounds

Finding the right background scores and sound effects that set the video‘s tone and tempo is difficult.

Time Consuming Production

Keyframing complex animations, enabling motions/actions, adding timings and transitions consumes days even for experienced animators.

This is whereVyond, the online video animation software comes into the picture.

How Vyond Simplifies Video Animation

Vyond Homepage

Vyond is a smart video creation platform built for businesses, startups, marketers,trainers and educators. Using its robust online tools,you can create professional animated videos with ease.

It offers 250+ customizable video templates, 4000+ assets and powerful editing tools to produce stunning videos in minutes without any technical skills.

Let us look at some amazing features of Vyond:

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

Vyond‘s slick interface allows you to easily drag and drop objects like animated characters, props, shapes, text boxes onto the timeline. You can use built-in features like automatic lip-syncing to voiceovers, add motions and build custom paths.

Huge Media Library

An expansive library of 4000+ 2D/3D assets – characters, buildings, interiors, gadgets, accessories. It also offers royalty-free backgrounds, icons, shapes and 750,000 images. You also get access to your previously uploaded files.

Professional Video Templates

Vyond provides 250+ ready-made video templates for all categories – marketing, eLearning, internal communication, tutorials, etc tailored for different industries. You can easily customize these to create unique videos.

Natural Voice Conversion Technology

Vyond utilizes state-of-the-art AI voice conversion technology that converts text into spoken speech with 47 natural sounding human voices across different language choices..

Animated Typography

Make your messages standout by adding stylish animated text effects like fades, wipes, bounces, slides from Vyond‘s type animation collection library.

Detailed Analytics

Vyond provides detailed video engagement analytics on views, drop-offs, social shares, devices and more. You can use these insights to tweak your video content.

Formats & Integration Options

Seamlessly download your videos in different resolutions/aspect ratios up to 4K quality. You can embed them into landing pages, LMS platforms, websites, social channels and auto optimize for mobile.

Excited to try out Vyond? Let us see step-by-step how easy it is to create videos.

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Videos in Vyond

Vyond Interface

The image above shows the Vyond video editor dashboard with all key modules highlighted. Follow along the steps below to create your first animation video.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Based on the video concept, browse through 250+ storyboard templates across industries and select one closest to your needs. Customize it easily later.

Step 2: Customize Scenes

Each template contains multiple scenes. Customize each scene with colors, backgrounds, props. Replace character images with relevant ones from the 4000+ media library.

Step 3: Animate Characters

Make your videos dynamic by adding motions and actions to characters in each scene through Vyond‘s intuitive drag-and-drop animation widgets..

Step 4: Add Voice Over or Text-to-Speech

Use Vyond‘s AI-enabled text-to-speech engine to convert scripts into natural voice overs. Pick from 47 realistic human voices. Alternatively record your own voice over.

Step 5: Add Background Score

Set the right mood for your video by adding suitable royalty-free background music or sound effects from Vyond‘s stock media collection.

Step 6: Include Animated Text

Make your message standout by adding animated text captions, quotes and titles from Vyond‘s stylish type animation library.

Step 7: Preview & Download

Preview your video at any stage directly within Vyond for instant feedback. Make changes if needed. Download the final video file in your desired resolution and aspect ratio.

That‘s it! You have created your first stellar animated video. Now publish this across your website, social channels and ads to maximize views and engagement.

Vyond Pricing Plans

Vyond offers 4 pricing tiers suitable for any need – personal projects, freelancers, agencies and enterprises:

Vyond Pricing

Let us look at the key details:


The Basic plan at $24/mo allows creating up to 3 videos with resolutions up to 720p using Vyond‘s key features. Suitable for new users.


Plus at $59/mo supports unlimited videos at 1080p resolution. Ideal for freelancers, startups and marketing teams looking for additional storage, assets and tech support. Best value.


Priced at $119/mo, the Pro plan offers 4K resolution videos, premium features and more cloud storage for mid to large sized business requirements with account managers.


For huge volume needs, dedicated account managers and premium onboarding. Contact Vyond sales.

They offer 25% off on annual rates. 30-day free trial available to experiment.

Top Vyond Alternatives To Consider

Although Vyond is extremely capable, here are some other options worth checking out:

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

The veteran tool from Adobe to create web animations, games, apps and cartoons through an advanced timeline interface and coding tools. From $20.99/mo. Lots of learning needed.



Browser-based animation video maker for business and educational videos. Offers free version with watermarks. Paid plans from $19/mo. Template and asset focussed.



Cloud-based video creation platform focussed on template customization. Has limited free version. Paid plans from $9/mo. Intuitive but less flexible.

Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. We suggest trying out Vyond‘s free trial first to ascertain if it meets your video animation needs well.

It offers the right mix of ease-of-use through templatized scenes while keeping customizations flexible through its rich library of assets, motions and integrated editing tools.


We learned the immense value of videos and explainer video animations in boosting business growth and conversions through storytelling. While creating engaging videos has a learning curve, online tools like Vyond make it possible within minutes through its well-designed templated approach.

With over 250 customization video templates catering to diverse verticals, 4000+ editable assets and powerful integrated editing tools, Vyond streamlines animated video creation for marketers without the need for any technical expertise.

We walked through the 7 key steps to create a professional video within Vyond through its intuitive browser-based editor. And explored the various pricing plans it offers to suit personal, SMB and enterprise video needs.

We also looked at viable alternatives like Adobe Animate, PowToon and Renderforest. Each platform has its own pros and cons. New users will benefit the most from Vyond‘s balance of simplicity via templates and ability to deeply customize through assets and editing functionalities.

So go ahead and try Vyond today with its forever free tier or 25% annual discount plans. Let your unique brand stories come alive and boost audience engagement right away!