Boost App Conversions with a Well-Designed Wall of Love

Let‘s face it – with over 5 million apps in the major marketplace stores, standing out feels nearly impossible these days. But apps with excited, vocal user bases willing to spread the word have a built-in advantage over silent competitors.

That‘s where strategically displaying your authentic customer praise comes in.

The Power of Social Proof

Research by Dimension reveals 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more. For apps aiming for organic growth, social proof in the form of verifiable user testimonials can provide that needed trust boost for skeptical visitors.

But it‘s not enough to just have happy users. The impact comes from proudly showcasing their 5-star feedback.

Apps doing this well reap game-changing benefits:

  • 68% increase in conversion rates according to SaleCycle
  • 10-20% lift in referral traffic and shares documented by BrightLocal
  • 31 new reviews monthly gathered on average as reported by users

Still not convinced of the hard ROI? Consider that 87% of buyers read at least 6 reviews before trusting a purchase. You simply must promote evidence that real users love your app to remain competitive.

Best Practices for App Walls of Love

Before diving into the leading software options, let‘s level-set on some universal best practices we recommend when showcasing UGC:

Strategically Position for Impact
Place visitor attention hotspots like homepage banners, modal popups, or scrolling side widgets in locations aligned to business goals like email signup, content unlock, or checkout completion.

Curate Broadly and Refresh Often
Rotate new highlights regularly, spotlight different users over time, and pull from multiple platforms to keep content lively. Prioritize your app‘s happiest power users.

Customize Branding
Match fonts, color schemes, logos, and other elements to aesthetically fit within your app‘s existing website design and pages.

Personalize with Photos
Displaying customer profile pictures and actual screenshots make the endorsements more authentic and relatable.

Allow Sorting + Filtering
Let visitors engage further by sorting reviews by platform, rating, date, etc. If wall is very robust, also allow searching by keywords.

Animate New Entries
Unique animations that highlight the latest reviews feel more lively while catching visitor attention.

Incorporate Multimedia
Intermix text-based tweets and reviews with vivid photos, emoji reactions, badges, and video testimonials for added impact.

Enable Easy Sharing
Empower visitors to spread your app‘s praises wider by adding social sharing buttons connected to unique UGC content permalinks.

Automate + Moderate
Use tools with automated aggregation from major social platforms, duplciate detection, and custom rules to filter out irrelevant or unflattering reviews.

By taking the time to intentionally design and curate your app‘s wall of love, you massively amplify authentic user voices capable of converting new loyal customers. Now let‘s explore tools to make it happen.

5 Top-Notch Software Solutions

All five of of the leading wall of love tools below can help apps tap into social proof. But understanding the strengths of each is key to finding the best fit.

I‘ll cover the core capabilities, use cases, and technical considerations to empower you to make the right choice.

1. Shoutout

Shoutout sits firmly in the "simple yet powerful" category. The pared-down feature set focuses exclusively on aggregating and displaying social testimonials in polished wall format.

Key Strengths

  • Affordable pricing starting at $15/month
  • Easy automated integration with Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  • Simple yet very customizable wall design studio
  • Friendly interface perfect for non-technical users
capabilitY Includes?
Collect In-Tool Testimonials No
Collect Reviews from Other Sites Yes
Video Testimonials No
Advanced Wall Customization Yes
Detailed Performance Analytics No

Ideal For: Early-stage consumer apps, bootstrapped startups prioritizing budget

We love Shoutout for apps wanting a low-cost, low-effort way to start showcasing social proof without added complexity.their templated, drag-and-drop builder experience lets you quickly spotlight your happy users while matching brand style.

For Sean, a young entrepreneur launching his side hustle app Motivated Morning, Shoutout‘s simplicity was the clear winner:

"As a non-technical founder with very little funding, I needed an intuitive platform that could help me showcase my initial user traction on Twitter and Instagram without complicated setup. Shoutout gave me an easy way to continually highlight my biggest fans cheering me on as I continue developing features they request."

2. Testimonial

Testimonial expands capabilities beyond just social aggregration to include in-depth review generation and management.

Key Strengths

  • 360-approach to user testimonials
  • Advanced moderation and duplication detection
  • API access for developers
  • Metrics on performance of specific pieces of UGC
Capability Includes?
Collect In-Tool Testimonials Yes
Collect Reviews from Other Sites Yes
Video Testimonials Yes
Advanced Wall Customization Yes
Detailed Performance Analytics Yes

Ideal For: Marketing-focused B2B apps, integrated product teams

We recommend Testimonial for apps closely tracking user feedback workflows or needing to connect systems. Robust metrics on specific testimonials empower smart content refreshing. Developer API access also enables powerful embedding and custom sharing of UGC across the entire customer journey.

As Anna from software tool Contracts Genius, explains:

"We rely heavily on user feedback to guide our roadmap. Testimonial gave us depth in collecting and analyzing reviews while also letting us showcase excitement over latest features from Twitter right alongside detailed 5-star app store reviews. Flexible API access also meant we could feed curated social proof onto our Pricing page dynamically to alleviate plan selection doubts."

3. Endorsal

Endorsal is purpose-built for one thing only: beautifully displaying customer testimonials in an interactive wall format.

Key Strengths

  • Stunning designs and animations
  • New reviews infinitely load as visitors scroll
  • Easy customization for non-experts
Capability Includes?
Collect In-Tool Testimonials No
Collect Reviews from Other Sites Yes
Video Testimonials Yes
Advanced Wall Customization Yes
Detailed Performance Analytics No

Ideal For: Brand-forward consumer apps wanting high visual impact

We recommend Endorsal specifically for showstopping wall implementations guaranteed to catch visitor eyes. Their everloading content approach uses smart animations to hook scrolling viewers while reinforced social proof messages.

As Donna from meal planning app Dinner Deciders shared:

"Our app‘s success hinges completely on word-of-mouth referrals. I tested multiple wall solutions, but Endorsal‘s live animations and seamless loading of vibrant customer pictures as you scroll performed best at converting signups during our free trial promotion."

4. Breeview

Breeview features robust walls but also aims to provide an end-to-end solution for collecting and managing customer testimonials.

Key Strengths

  • Centralized hub to generate, curate, display UGC
  • Proactive review gathering email campaigns
  • Powerful filtering, moderation and duplication management
  • Affordable starter pricing at $22/month
Capability Includes?
Collect In-Tool Testimonials Yes
Collect Reviews from Other Sites Yes
Video Testimonials Yes
Advanced Wall Customization Yes
Detailed Performance Analytics Yes

Ideal For: Ecommerce apps, consumer apps lacking structured feedback workflows

We love Breeview for retail and mobile commerce apps not yet maximizing user generated content opportunities. Smart workflows auto-generate new written and video reviews from happy customers identified through triggers like purchases.

As Kyle from mobile thrifting app Secondhand Savvy explains:

"I sell vintage and used goods through my app, which inherently come with more qualms from buyers. Showcasing funny unboxing videos and reactions from past shoppers has been invaluable at overcoming product condition objections. Breeview makes it simple to gather and combine this UGC gold alongside aggregated reviews from Google to highlight why customers love finding hidden secondhand gems through my app."

5. Testimoni

Rounding out our list, Testimoni offers a niche focus on gathering visual and video testimonials at scale by converting customers into brand advocates.

Key Strengths

  • Video-first approach ideal for certain apps
  • Excellent review gathering capabilities
  • Seamless CMS integrations
  • Generous free plan available
Capability Includes?
Collect In-Tool Testimonials Yes
Collect Reviews from Other Sites No
Video Testimonials Yes
Advanced Wall Customization Yes
Detailed Performance Analytics No

Ideal For: Viral lifestyle and entertainment apps

We recommend Testimoni specifically for next-generation mobile apps with highly visual user engagement. For apps in categories like live streaming, augmented reality, social sharing that dominance video consumption, Testimoni provides the right toolset.

As Michael from popular self-care app Momentology tells us:

"My app went viral on TikTok from funny reaction videos of Gen Z users trying our mindfulness activities. I needed to embed this authentic community excitement to fuel further growth. Testimoni made it simple to gather similar video reactions at scale directly from my core app. Rotating their laughing faces and smiling comments in a wall on our homepage validates we created something special."

No matter your app type, Testimoni can become an essential asset in your social proof arsenal alongside other tools in this list.

Expanding Possibilities with Walls of Love

While the main benefit of effectively displaying positive user testimonials is increased conversions, additional creative applications exist too.

Contests & User Rewards

Spotlight participation in your latest app giveaway or user reward program by featuring contest winner reactions and entry submissions.

Pre-Launch Teasers

Strategically leak a few beta user reviews to build anticipation and validation around an unreleased app revamp or upcoming major feature.

Social Ambassadors & Influencers

Make VIP power users and brand advocates feel special by permanently showcasing their app feedback in priority first-slot wall placements.

Get creative with walls of love to drive desired business outcomes beyond standard conversion and referral targets. The social proof content itself can become interactive content used to generate leads and power entirely new initiatives.

Tracking Performance & Setting Goals

An advantage of using robust tools like Testimonial and Breeview lies in leveraging built-in analytics for optimizing your app‘s user generated content approach over time.

But even without fancy dashboards, basic metrics around wall performance can prove insightful:

  • Scrolled Depth: percentage of visitors scrolling past 25/50/75% of wall content
  • Refresh Frequency: number of new testimonials rotated in per week/month
  • Referral Traffic: track clicks from wall spotlighted reviews back to original poster
  • Reviews Gathered: monitor monthly volume trends across collection channels
  • Shares Achieved: count social amplifications of wall content

Consider setting basic benchmarks, then monitor lifts across these areas when launching new featuring campaigns or creatively repurposing existing testimonials elsewhere.

Ongoing refinement empowers impact maximization from the vocal user advocacy your app worked hard to earn. Don‘t leave this free growth channel underutilized!

Seamless Technical Embedding

Most apps desire walls of love directly embedded within existing websites, apps, and digital touchpoints rather than only as standalone pages.

The inclusion options differ across tools but generally involve simple copy-paste install of HTML, Javascript or CSS snippets. Some additionally offer embed via site-specific app markets and plugins.

For example, Shoutout enables 1-click integration on:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Webflow
  • …plus any web platform allowing CSS/iframes

This flexibility means adding a lively social wall showcase anywhere your app visitors engage. For native iOS and Android apps specifically, remote snippet embedding generally works via the embedded browser SDK components.

Give Your App the Spotlight It Deserves

While standing out from the millions of apps in the major stores feels daunting, you hold an incredible growth lever through credible social proof content direct from your user community.

By prominently displaying the authentic customer love only your app elicits, you massively expand organic reach and referral traffic. Visitors see real people just like them happily enjoying your product – and convert more consistently as a result.

The 5 leading tools explored all streamline spotlighting your fans, though differ in terms of pricing, capabilities, and use case alignments.

Now pick the option resonating most – and start creating app evangelists! Continually celebrating your users gives them another reason to fall more in love while attracting new ones into the fold.