Best ELD Compliance Solutions For Fleet Owners & Operators

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have become an essential piece of technology for commercial truck and bus fleets to improve compliance and safety. With federal ELD mandates now in effect, selecting the right ELD solution is crucial for fleet owners and managers. This comprehensive guide examines the top ELD compliance systems and provides key factors to consider.

What are ELDs and Why are They Important?

ELD systems automatically track and record a commercial vehicle‘s operation, specifically capturing data on hours driven to ensure compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Instead of paper logbooks, ELDs monitor in real-time and sync data on driving time, location, miles driven, engine diagnostics and more.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires most commercial fleet vehicles manufactured after 2000 to adopt certified, FMCSA-registered ELDs. Compliance aims to increase safety by preventing driver fatigue from excessive hours. It also creates transparency and accuracy for fleet management and regulatory reporting.

Choosing a robust ELD system goes beyond just meeting compliance. Leading solutions also enhance fleet oversight, efficiency, maintenance and more. This allows managers to optimize assets while keeping drivers safe on roads.

Top ELD Compliance Solutions for Fleets

Solution Key Features
KeepTruckin ELD AI-powered compliance monitoring; integrated dashcams & workflows
Samsara ELD Integrates with sensors & cameras; customizable workflows
Verizon Connect Reveal ELD Intuitive software; driver scorecards; accident reconstruction
EROAD Ehubo ELD Fixed and expandable in-cab display options
Platform Science ELD Enterprise telematics platform; transportation app marketplace
Trimble ELD Part of full enterprise management suite; dual Bluetooth connectivity
Geotab ELD Open platform integrates with apps & databases; oil & gas field management

These industry-leading solutions deliver robust ELD capabilities along with integrated telematics and fleet optimization tools. Most provide user-friendly apps and admin portals for both fleet managers and drivers. Hardware options range from small in-cab displays and plug-ins to integrated on-board computers.

Key purchasing factors go beyond ELD specs to also include flexibility, scalability, integration, cybersecurity and ease of use. Understanding fleet workflows is also critical during evaluation. Ongoing costs likewise need evaluation as some ELD providers charge monthly software subscription fees versus just the upfront hardware investment.

We‘ll next dive into detailed overviews of the top ELD systems.

KeepTruckin ELD Solution

KeepTruckin provides an AI-powered fleet management platform built around ELD compliance monitoring. Its modern, user-friendly apps and cloud architecture make KeepTruckin easy to implement across enterprise operations.

The KeepTruckin ELD plugs directly into a vehicle‘s OBD-II port for simple, do-it-yourself installation. It automatically captures driving events, GPS tracking, engine diagnostics and other performance metrics accessible on the web or mobile. The ELD monitors driver Hours of Service (HOS) and notifies them of breaks, hour limits and more in real time.

Integrated compliance tools like IFTA reporting, vehicle inspection checklists, and driver safety training help fleet managers oversee DOT regulations. Additional smart dashcams, workflow automations and sensor integrations give managers enhanced visibility while promising drivers added safety support.

KeepTruckin also uses AI pattern learning to flag potential compliance issues or risky driver behaviors for preventative intervention. Its open APIs likewise allow connections to external fleet programs. Pricing starts at $20 per vehicle monthly for ELD compliance up to $60 monthly per vehicle for the full suite.

Key Features:

  • Certified, self-install ELD plug with OBDII connectivity
  • Real-time HOS and DVIR monitoring
  • AI pattern learning for compliance insights
  • e-log auditing and reporting
  • Asset tracking and geofencing
  • Integrated cab-facing and road-facing smart cameras
  • Driver safety training content
  • Fleets up to unlimited size

Samsara ELD Solutions

Samsara delivers complete sensor systems combining ELD capabilities, dash cams, and IoT fleet integration. Its open cloud architecture allows customized workflows and supports integrations across transportation operations.

Samsara provides both light-duty and heavy-duty ELD options. The small AI Dash Cam plugs into a vehicle‘s OBD-II port and contains an integrated camera to capture critical driving events, accidents, risky behaviors and more. It automatically syncs with Samsara‘s ELD software for DVIR, compliance and other reports.

For advanced telematics, the AI Dual Facing Dash Cam contains cab-facing and road-facing cameras along with additional sensors to collect richer data. Samsara also supports third-party sensors like temperature monitors, tire pressure systems, fuel monitors and more. Customers can build tailored applications and alerts on the Samsara cloud platform.

Samsara offers transparent ELD pricing at $55 per vehicle monthly with discounts for annual contracts. Support packages are also available. Overall, Samsara provides a highly flexible, scalable platform for customizing fleet oversight around ELD mandates.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-play ELD devices with built-in dashcams
  • Open IoT platform for sensors, apps & reporting
  • HOS, DVIR, maintenance workflows
  • AI dash cam incident capture
  • Benchmarking & exception-based alerts
  • GPS tracking & geofencing

Verizon Connect Reveal ELD

Verizon Connect Reveal is an integrated ELD solution that combines compliance management, driver workflow and vehicle analytics tools. It aims to help fleets improve oversight while reducing operating costs and liability risk.

At the foundation lies Verizon Connect‘s certified ELD system with capabilties for HOS logging, DVIR inspections, IFTA reporting and more. Reveal‘s intuitive, web-based interface and mobile app makes it simple for both fleet administrators and drivers to access information.

Robust GPS insights, vehicle diagnostics, and driver scorecards give managers added visibility into day-to-day commercial vehicle activity beyond just compliance data. Integrated sensors can also collect data on fuel consumption, idle time, acceleration, temperature and more.

Add-on dashcams allow video capture of critical driving events and accidents. Reveal also offers an AI-powered accident reconstruction service to protect fleets from false claims. Pricing starts at $35 per vehicle monthly plus one-time hardware expenses.

Key Features

  • FMCSA-registered ELD
  • Intuitive web dashboard
  • Engine connectivity for diagnostics
  • Asset tracking and geofencing
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Accident reconstruction tools
  • Open APIs and third-party integrations


As a global provider of fleet optimization and regulatory compliance tools, EROAD delivers an advanced, secure ELD ecosystem. Its solutions aim to enhance safety, sustainability and profitability for commercial fleets.

The EROAD ELD connects directly to a vehicle via OBDII or JBUS interfaces for automated data capture. Its Ehubo hardware options include flexible display mounts or more permanant installs depending on fleet needs. The displays provide both drivers and administrators with access to critical compliance insights in real time.

Ehubo automatically tracks location, mileage, fuel usage, engine diagnostics and driver behavior metrics. It monitors driving time for HOS compliance and gives proactive alerts as drivers approach their limits. Customizable DVIR checklists also facilitate vehicle inspections.

EROAD‘s user-friendly Depot software allows both fleet managers and drivers to access information via the web or mobile apps. Additional analytics tools give better visibility into fleet utilization trends while the platform‘s open APIs enable integrations.

Key Features

  • FMCSA-certified ELD
  • Fixed cab-mounted displays or BYOD options
  • Engine connectivity for diagnostics
  • HOS monitoring & compliance alerts
  • Custom workflows and reporting
  • GPS location tracking
  • Driver safety tools & analytics

Platform Science ELD

Platform Science transforms fleet operations through its enterprise IoT platform. Its certified ELD integrates seamlessly with the platform‘s compliance tools, telematics capabilities and app development suite.

The Platform Science 100 ELD plugs directly into a truck‘s OBD II port for automated on-road data capture. It tracks location, mileage, fuel usage along with driver hours for HOS and DVIR insights. The platform then standardizes and contextualizes the data for actionable analytics.

Fleet and driver smartphone apps give access to compliance alerts, vehicle inspection workflows, messaging tools and automation triggers. The platform also enables IT administrators to build custom fleet apps on top of Platform Science‘s mobility software suite.

An expanding app marketplace allows integration of third-party programs as well. Unique tools for fleet maintenance, automated payroll, warehouse automation and cargo capacity optimization demonstrate the platform‘s extensive capabilities beyond mandatory ELD.

Key Features

  • Plug-and-play FMCSA-registered ELD
  • Fleet management mobile apps
  • Automated payroll integrations
  • Custom app development platform
  • Third-party app marketplace
  • Open APIs and SDKs
  • Asset tracking and diagnostics

Trimble ELD Solution

Trimble Transportation is an established leader in enterprise transportation management solutions. Its SmartHub platform serves as an intelligent hub integrating data streams from vehicles and back-office software systems.

As part of Trimble‘s compliance suite, its ELD automatically captures data on driver hours, vehicle diagnostics, fuel usage, location and more. This supplies managers and administrators with insights needed for DVIR, IFTA reporting and HOS adherence.

Trimble ELD features flexible mounting in a vehicle‘s cab along with dual Bluetooth connectivity. This allows integration of peripheral devices like printers or tablets. Additional truck sensors can connect over CAN bus. Remote software updates also ensure the ELD stays compliant as regulations evolve.

The SmartHub web interface seamlessly integrates ELD functionality with other fleet optimization modules for maintenance, asset tracking, dispatching and more. Custom workflow configuration promotes efficient exception management triggered by data insights. Trimble‘s modern, reliable architecture scales from small fleets up to nationwide enterprises.

Key Features

  • Plug-in ELD with flexible mounting
  • Dual Bluetooth support
  • Remote compliance updates
  • Contextualized, interactive data
  • Open APIs for integrations
  • Part of SmartHub ecosystem

Geotab Drive ELD

Geotab is an industry leader in IoT and connected vehicle platforms. Its solutions equip managers with integrated tools and data to improve fleet safety, compliance sustainability and productivity.

Geotab GO plug-and-play vehicle devices capture ELD data and connect to Drive software for unified insights. The ELD automatically records driving time, mileage, location, engine diagnostics and analytics for HOS compliance.

In-cab mobile apps give both administrators and drivers access to hours status, DVIR inspections, messaging and integration with peripheral devices like printers. Geotab‘s open platform also allows API integration with other transportation management software for optimized workflows.

Geotab specializes in scalability with customizable solutions fitting fleets from a few vehicles up to tens of thousands. Its dashboard provides intelligent visibility into all vehicle data and events. Additional analytics tools calculate statistics like MPG, idling time, aggressively accelerations and more to assess driver behavior.

Pricing is customized based on fleet size and needs but packages start around $35 per vehicle monthly after hardware expenses. Geotab provides one of the most robust, enterprise-grade ELD ecosystems for optimized commercial transport.

Key Features

  • Automatic ELD logs
  • Engine connectivity
  • Asset tracking & geofencing
  • Open platform & APIs
  • Driver safety & behavior analytics
  • Rulesets for US & Canada
  • Custom reporting

Buying Considerations for ELD Systems

While core ELD capabilities like HOS tracking remain table stakes, choosing the right solution depends greatly on an organization‘s size, resources and requirements:

Total Costs
Upfront hardware, monthly fees & scale pricing matter greatly. Don‘t forget related expenses like installation, training and compliance support.

IT Infrastructure
Assess integration with existing fleet software, management capacity and cybersecurity needs.

Customization Options
Configurable rules, automations & integrations allow tailored systems vs. one-size-fits-all offerings.

Driver adoption requires simplicity while managers need accessible yet powerful insights.

Support Availability
No solution is perfect so having access to setup assistance, troubleshooting services & ongoing training is key, especially during compliance audits.


ELD compliance represents a milestone in modernizing commercial transportation for improved safety and oversight. Choosing the right ELD technologies now allows organizations to also build more efficient, integrated systems generating value for years to come.