Best Domain Blacklist Monitoring Tools to Bolster Email Deliverability and Reputation

Having your domain placed on an email blacklist can wreak havoc on deliverability and reputation. According to research, nearly 30% of legitimate email gets blocked due to overly aggressive filtering. Fortunately, there are tools that empower you to monitor domain blacklists and take prompt action if issues arise.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 domain blacklist monitoring services to help safeguard your sender score, improve inbox placement, and protect your domain reputation.

Why Domain Blacklist Monitoring Matters

First, let‘s briefly discuss why actively monitoring domain blacklists is so crucial for email marketers and companies relying on consistent email deliverability.

  • Prevent blocked or bounced emails – Getting placed on a blacklist can lead to messages being bounced or filtered to the spam folder.
  • Maintain sender reputation – Suspicious activity can hurt your domain‘s trust and sender score calculated by ISPs.
  • Avoid lost revenue – Inability to reach the inbox means losing out on conversions, clicks, and revenue.
  • Get alerted to issues faster – Monitoring enables you to detect problems early and request delisting.
  • Understand the root cause – Diagnosing the reason for blacklisting helps prevent repeat offenses.

Now let‘s get into the top domain blacklist monitoring tools.

1. AuthControl

AuthControl protects senders at scale by monitoring over 100 DNS blacklists. This includes maintaining whitelists and identifying issues before they escalate. They offer plans for personal use to enterprises.

Key Features

  • 100+ DNS blacklist monitoring
  • Auto-removal request assistance
  • Custom whitelist management
  • Simple setup and alerts
  • Supports multiple domains & IPs


  • Free plan – 1 domain, 1 IP, basic features
  • Pro plan – $9/month – 5 domains, 3 IPs
  • Business plan – $49/month – 25 domains, 5 IPs
  • Enterprise pricing – Customized quote

Overall, AuthControl makes it effortless to safeguard email reputation across any number of domains with their blacklist monitoring and delisting assistance. Learn more here.

2. MXGuarddog

MXGuarddog empowers SMTP server owners to detect email security issues through continuous monitoring. This includes checking 60+ DNS-based blacklists every 12 minutes.

Key Features

  • 60+ major DNSBLs monitored
  • International spam trap monitoring
  • Comprehensive email security audits
  • Detailed diagnostics & reporting
  • Affordable plans for everyone


  • Free – Monitor 1 IP
  • Plus – $9/month – 5 IPs
  • Premium – $49/month – 20 IPs
  • Enterprise pricing – Customized quote

MXGuarddog is designed for constant, proactive monitoring across DNSBLs, spam traps, and other Signals to catch issues before blacklists ever come into play. Learn more here.

3. SpamCop Monitor

SpamCop maintains information on spam sources collected from a global network of sensors. Their monitor tool checks your domain in real-time against their database for any listings.

Key Features

  • Real-time blacklist lookup
  • Information on delisting policies
  • IP & domain search options
  • Free to use with no registration

SpamCop Monitor provides free, instant checks against one of the most widely used DNSBLs. However, it lacks automation and expanded DNSBL coverage. Access it here.

4. IsNotSpam

IsNotSpam‘s blacklist monitoring checks your domain‘s global reputation against over 100 DNS blocklists. The sleek dashboard provides visibility into your standings.

Key Features

  • 100+ DNSBL checking
  • Email alerts for new listings
  • Auto-removal request help
  • Verification seals for clean domains
  • 30-day free trial


  • Freelancer – $4.99/month
  • Business – $9.99/month
  • Premium – $19.99/month

IsNotSpam provides comprehensive DNSBL monitoring coupled with extensive support content to guide you through any potential delisting processes. Try it free for 30 days.

5. DNSStuff Blacklist Check

DNSStuff‘s blacklist monitoring scans your domain against over 30 public DNSBLs. The tool also cross-references connected IPs against related blacklists.

Key Features

  • 30+ DNSBL checks
  • Related IP checks
  • WHOIS data lookups
  • Free to use

DNSStuff provides a completely free and convenient way to perform a one-off blacklist check. However, it lacks automation, a dashboard, or delisting help. Use it here.

6. IPVoid Blacklist Check

IPVoid allows you to check the reputation of IP addresses and domains through their blacklist monitoring tool. It scans across over 40 public DNSBLs and blocklists.

Key Features

  • 40+ DNSBL checks
  • Reputation overview
  • Related metadata lookups
  • Free to use

Like DNSStuff‘s tool, IPVoid delivers free, quick blacklist monitoring but doesn‘t include automation or assist with delisting. Access it here.

7. BlacklistAlert

BlacklistAlert helps detect email blocks through real-time monitoring across 70+ DNSBLs with instant alerts for reputational issues.

Key Features

  • 70+ DNSBL monitoring
  • Instant email alerts
  • International coverage
  • 30-day free trial


  • Free – 5 IPs monitored
  • Plus – $3/month – 20 IPs
  • Business – $8/month – 50 IPs

For automated, real-time monitoring against the most comprehensive list of DNSBLs, BlacklistAlert is a reliable choice. Get started here.

8. AnalyzeBlacklist

AnalyzeBlacklist checks domains, IPs, URLs, and hashes against over 125 public blacklists. The slick interface provides reputational insights and information to guide removal.

Key Features

  • 125+ blacklist monitoring
  • Broad input options
  • WHOIS & metadata lookups
  • Free to use

With extensive blacklist coverage, AnalyzeBlacklist is one of the most robust single checks available for free. However, it still lacks automation capabilities. Use it here.

9. MultiRBL

MultiRBL allows you to perform a one-time lookup against over 200 DNSBLs to identify any listings tied to your domain, IP, or email.

Key Features

  • 200+ DNSBL checks
  • Broad input options
  • Related metadata lookups
  • Free to use

For a truly expansive one-off check, MultiRBL leverages one of the largest DNSBL databases with no registration required. However, it shares the same limitations around automation as other free tools. Check it out here.

10. BlazePort Domain Blacklist

BlazePort‘s domain blacklist monitoring checks your domain‘s global reputation against over 125 public DNSBLs with useful reputation reports.

Key Features

  • 125+ DNSBL checks
  • Domain reputation rating
  • Listing removal guides
  • Related lookups & reports
  • Free to use

BlazePort provides one of the most robust single checks while also equipping you with the knowledge to address issues if discovered. Yet it still requires manual use versus automated monitoring. Access it here.

Bonus: Building Your Own DNSBL Monitoring

If you have more technical expertise, you can leverage services like MXGuarddog and AuthControl to extract DNSBL data through an API and feed it into your custom dashboard or monitoring system.

However, for most use cases, leaning on specialized tools as discussed will provide the best experience balancing capabilities, convenience, and affordability.

5 FAQs About Domain Blacklist Monitoring

Here are answers to five frequently asked questions about domain blacklist monitoring tools.

1. How often should I check domain blacklists?

Ideally, you should have continuous, real-time monitoring configured across the core DNSBLs affecting deliverability for your region or industry.

2. What happens if my domain gets blacklisted?

Getting placed on a blacklist can lead to increased spam folder delivery, blocked messages, bounced emails, and reputation damage if not addressed promptly.

3. How do I get removed from an email blacklist?

Every blacklist has its own delisting process. In most cases, you‘ll need to identify and resolve the reason for listing, whether that was spam complaints, malware issues, lack of authentication, or otherwise.

4. Can individuals use DNSBL monitoring services?

Absolutely. Many providers offer plans tailored towards personal use cases, side projects, freelancers, and small business owners.

5. What are some free blacklist check options?

SpamCop Monitor, DNSStuff, IPVoid, AnalyzeBlacklist, MultiRBL, and BlazePort all offer free blacklists checks rather than full-fledged monitoring systems.

Protect Your Email Reputation and Deliverability

Hopefully this guide has illuminated some excellent services to monitor domain blacklists and safeguard your sender score. Detecting and addressing listings quickly is crucial for reliable inbox delivery.

The best approach depends on your use case, technical needs, and budget. Yet services like AuthControl, MXGuarddog, and BlacklistAlert provide robust capabilities to keep your IP and domain reputation intact. Through vigilance, you can confidently send marketing and transactional emails without deliverability headaches.