9 Best Audio Extractors to Rip Sound from Video Files

Have you ever watched a YouTube video with a catchy background song you wanted to save? Or maybe a movie scene with memorable dialogue you wanted to set as a ringtone? Extracting the audio from a video file lets you reuse it creatively. But you need the right tools to do it properly.

In this guide, we‘ll cover the top 9 audio extractors for ripping high-quality sound from videos, based on ease of use, supported formats, and audio quality:

Overview of Top 9 Audio Extractors

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Tool Platform Key Features
Pazera Software Windows Free, 70+ formats, high quality, easy to use
Adobe Premiere Pro Windows/Mac Industry standard editor, third-party assets, social sharing
Wondershare Filmora Windows/Mac Intuitive interface, audio ducking, speed control
Audio Extractor.net Online Supports cloud uploads, MP3/M4A outputs
DVD Audio Extractor Windows/Mac Specialized for DVDs/Blu-Rays, multi-channel capable
Bandicut Windows Trim and cut videos, keep original quality
Audio Converter app iPhone Designed for iOS, extract MP3 from mobile videos
BeeCut Online Intuitive clipping, supports common formats
AudioExtractor.org Online Cloud uploads, format conversion, clipping

Now let‘s look at each of these audio extractors in more detail…

1. Pazera Free Audio Extractor

Platform: Windows

Pazera Free Audio Extractor is an open-source program designed specifically for ripping audio from video files. Some standout features:

  • Supports 70+ audio and video formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, and more
  • Can output to MP3, FLAC, AC3, M4A, and other formats without quality loss
  • Customizable output encoding settings (bitrate, channels, etc.)
  • Splitting and joining capabilities
  • Simple and intuitive interface for beginners

Using Pazera Audio Extractor

Pazera makes extracting audio incredibly simple:

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Add your video file by dragging and dropping it
  3. Select desired output audio format and location to save
  4. Click "Extract" and convert video audio to standalone file

Advanced users can dig into the output settings to customize bitrates, channel layouts, samplerates, and more for their extracted audio.

Why Choose Pazera?

Pazera is one of the most full-featured free audio extractors available. Reviewers praise it for being fast, high-quality, and easy enough for novices to handle. The broad format support and custom encoding settings make it versatile for any project.

For Windows users needing to extract audio from common media files, Pazera is hard to beat – especially given its open-source nature and free price tag.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Platform: Windows, Mac

As the industry leader for video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro naturally offers strong audio extraction capabilities. Although designed for professionals, it has enough automation to allow beginners to extract audio fairly easily.

Standout Adobe Premiere Pro features include:

  • Leverages Adobe‘s Sensei AI for smart workflow automation
  • Plugins and third-party assets enhance functionality
  • Integration with wider Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Export presets for social media platforms
  • Advanced tools like audio ducking, effects, sound libraries

Using Premiere Pro to Extract Audio

Here is one way to extract audio from video clips in Premiere Pro:

  1. Import your video file into your Premiere project
  2. Select the audio track in the timeline and Copy it
  3. Paste the copied audio into a new track
  4. Export just the audio track by selecting Export > Media
  5. Set format to MP3, WAV, or desired audio file type

While there are more complex methods, this covers the basics of ripping audio using Adobe‘s tools while preserving all sound encoding and effects applied.

Why Choose Premiere Pro?

For video professionals already using the Creative Cloud suite, Premiere Pro will feel like second nature. The workflow automation, expansive file format support, and deep integration with other Adobe tools like Audition make it extremely capable.

The licensing model and overkill featureset don‘t make sense for casual users. But YouTubers, social media creators, videographers, and other content producers can extract great results fast thanks to Premier Pro‘s smart interface – especially when customizing output for popular platforms.

3. Wondershare Filmora

Platform: Windows, Mac

Filmora markets itself as "easy video editing software for beginners". But its audio tools still provide all the control you need for high-quality extraction. Useful features include:

  • Modern and intuitive timeline interface
  • Audio ducking to automatically lower background music
  • 100+ music track options built-in
  • Tools to reduce noise, adjust volume
  • Speed up or slow down audio

Using Filmora to Extract Audio

Follow these steps in Filmora:

  1. Import your video clip to the media library
  2. Drag and drop the video on the timeline
  3. Right click the video‘s audio track and select "Detach Audio"
  4. Click the "Export" button and select "Audio" file format
  5. Adjust encoder and output path as needed
  6. Hit "Export" to render audio file

Wondershare keeps the process smooth while allowing customization where required.

Why Choose Filmora?

For personal users wanting to extract audio from common media files, Filmora hits a sweet spot. Unlike paid professional suites, it avoids over-complication. But it includes more advanced controls than free/online alternatives if needed.

The modern interface and audio-centric tools like volume envelopes, ducking, normalization, and timeline editing should satisfy both novice and power users. It can capably handle extraction projects while remaining easy and intuitive.

4. AudioExtractor.net

Platform: Online

This slick web-based application focuses solely on making audio extraction easy. As an online converter, it works on any device and avoids installing any software.

Key features:

  • Upload videos up to 500MB in size
  • Extract audio in MP3, M4A, or other formats
  • Support for cloud storage imports (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
  • Clip/trim audio by adjusting start/end points
  • Batch process multiple video files

Using AudioExtractor.net

Being online-only, AudioExtractor.net delivers speed and convenience:

  1. Go to the AudioExtractor.net homepage
  2. Click "Choose file" or cloud storage icon to add a video
  3. Select the output audio format from options
  4. Click "Extract Audio" and wait for file to process
  5. Download the extracted audio file to your computer

No fussing with complex settings or codecs – great for less tech-savvy users.

Why Choose AudioExtractor.net?

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy way to extract audio from an online video. AudioExtractor.net removes headaches by automating the process into 3 simple steps accessible from any web browser.

For education or business settings with shared computers, going the online route avoids installing software locally. The interface simplifies extraction for less technical users as well. Just upload your file and AudioExtractor.net handles the heavy lifting!

5. DVD Audio Extractor

Platforms: Windows, Mac

As the name implies, DVD Audio Extractor specializes in ripping audio from DVD and BluRay disc media. Beyond that core purpose, it offers excellent format support and encoding options.

Key traits:

  • Extract audio from DVD-Video, DVD-Audio discs
  • Convert audio streams to common files types
  • Preview tracks in real-time before extraction
  • Adjust audio codec, channels, bitrate, sampling
  • Multi-core CPU acceleration
  • Batch extraction queue

Using DVD Audio Extractor

Follow these main steps when extracting with this tool:

  1. Insert target DVD/BluRay disc into computer‘s optical drive
  2. Open DVD Audio Extractor and click "Open Disc"
  3. Browse available audio streams and pick desired track
  4. Select output format from MP3, FLAC, AC3, DTS etc.
  5. Tweak encoder settings as needed and queue extraction
  6. Check resulting audio file meeting expectations

It smoothly automates the extraction process while still providing configurable settings for power users.

Why Choose DVD Audio Extractor?

For DVD collectors or cinephiles wanting to access disc-based media audio outside the living room, this specialized extractor shines. It bypasses needing to rip full DVD video files before processing just the audio portion you want.

The batch processing and format/codec controls also make it handy for digitizing personal media libraries. If you want to enjoy DVD music on a smartphone or back up BluRay concert films to MP3, DVD Audio Extractor is purpose-built for the task.

6. Bandicut Video Cutter

Platform: Windows

Whereas most audio extractors just focus on audio conversion, Bandicut integrates it directly into a video editor. This allows slicing clips and removing unwanted content before export.

Useful features include:

  • Extract audio tracks from video files
  • Keep original video quality
  • Trim/split clips with precision
  • Simple timeline editing
  • Export video or audio

Bandicut performs well for quick extraction projects. But the video editing features provide added flexibility for more complex tasks.

Using Bandicut Audio Extractor

Here‘s an overview of extracting audio with Bandicut:

  1. Import target video file into Bandicut‘s media library
  2. Drag clip onto timeline editor interface
  3. Adjust trim points using clip handles if needed
  4. Go to Tool > Extract Audio and pick MP3 format
  5. Configure encoder quality settings
  6. Click "Extract" and export new audio file

It takes just seconds while allowing inspection of media clips first – very handy!

Why Choose Bandicut?

Bandicut bridges the gap between basic audio rippers and fully-featured video editors. The integration helps when you want to do some quick trimming or splicing before extracting audio.

It contrasts with web converters only allowing start/end point selections. The timeline editor and multi-clip support give Bandicut more polish for common extraction needs. Yet it avoids being overly complex for users just wanting to get audio from video sources.

7. Audio Converter (iOS)

Platform: iPhone

This slick mobile app makes it simple to extract audio from videos stored on an iPhone or iPad. Making it easy to save audio from iOS footage to use elsewhere.

Beneficial features:

  • Designed specifically for iOS
  • Extract MP3 from mobile videos
  • Support for M4V, MOV, MP4 files
  • Output audio to device storage or cloud
  • Trim audio clips
  • Batch extract audio from multiple files

Using Audio Converter App

The touch-friendly interface helps guide mobile users:

  1. Download and install Audio Converter iOS app
  2. Access Photos and select target video
  3. Pick MP3 or other output audio format
  4. Adjust trim/clip points if desired
  5. Tap "Convert" and save extracted audio to Files
  6. Locate created audio file to share or use

While simple, it delivers core extraction abilities iOS users need built for iPad/iPhone screens.

Why Choose Audio Converter?

The biggest perk comes from mobility. Using a native app allows easily saving audio from videos recorded on iPhones to reuse anywhere. Way better than needing a desktop computer for the task!

It also outperforms browser-based mobile sites lacking device integration. The batch processing and format options help Audio Converter pull useful audio from multiple videos after iOS shoots.

8. BeeCut Online

Platform: Online

BeeCut offers a handy web-based extractor accessible from desktop or mobile browsers without software installs. The minimal but polished interface makes it inviting for less technical users.

Notable features include:

  • Upload videos up to 1 GB
  • Trim/clip extraction ranges
  • Maintain original audio quality
  • Direct format conversion to MP3
  • Share extracted audio online
  • Completely free to use

Using BeeCut Online

The browser-based BeeCut smoothly guides users:

  1. Go to BeeCut site and click Extract Audio tab
  2. Upload your video file when prompted
  3. Adjust start/stop points of the audio clip wanted
  4. Download extracted audio or convert directly to MP3
  5. Share link to clipped audio with others if desired

Straightforward web app flow requiring no account creation.

Why Choose BeeCut?

Sometimes you just need a quick way to grab audio from an online video – without wanting full video editor power. BeeCut solves that nicely with an intuitive browser-based extractor app accessible from any device.

The direct MP3 conversion abilities and cloud storage integration also help it stand out as versatile option for casual audio extraction needs.

9. AudioExtractor.org

Platform: Online

Sharing similarities to BeeCut, this web tool also makes it easy to rip audio without local software installs. The focus remains on simplicity.

Notable features:

  • Process clips under 500 MB
  • Trim using intuitive clip sliders
  • Extract MP3 and other formats
  • Support downloading to Dropbox
  • Clip sharing and embeddings
  • Handy mobile support

Using AudioExtractor.org

As another browser-based application, it follows convenient steps:

  1. Navigate to AudioExtractor.org site
  2. Upload your video from device storage
  3. Adjust clip sliders to target specific segment
  4. Select output format like MP3, ACC etc.
  5. Download extracted audio clip
  6. Share publicly if desired

Fairly minimal but effective for quick extractions.

Why Choose AudioExtractor.org?

Like BeeCut, the online nature of AudioExtractor.org appeals for extracting audio without local installs. It works across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android without compatibility issues.

The tools simplify isolating precise audio segments needed. Support for cloud storage imports and exports also help. For easy, quick extraction from common files, AudioExtractor.org covers the basics well.

Concluding Thoughts

Extracting quality audio from video sources gives creative freedom to reuse it. Whether grabbing music from concert footage or making custom ringtones from movies, the right audio extraction tools unlock possibilities.

Based on extensive testing and research, we recommend:

  • Pazera for an open-source Windows program packing helpful settings
  • Premiere Pro for professionals using Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Wondershare Filmora for straightforward and intuitive desktop extraction
  • AudioExtractor.net to easily extract audio with no software installed

Matching your comfort level, budget, and goals to the audio extractor capabilities proves important. Hopefully these overviews give clarity for finding your best solution!

We invite readers to share their own favorite audio extractors if we overlooked any notables. Feel free to ask any questions in comments too.