8 Best VPNs for Business to Safeguard Your Network and Your Data

Cyber threats have reached pandemic proportions today, with a business falling prey every 11 seconds in 2022. And 60% of victimized SMBs fold within 6 months after an attack. With over $2 trillion in cumulative losses anticipated globally by 2024, it‘s clear that the stakes have never been higher.

And these alarming stats probably haven‘t surprised you one bit. Because you already wake up every morning worrying if your systems are the next target. Whether it‘s compromised client data, locked files through ransomware or outright IP theft, the implications can quickly spiral out of control.

This is why a virtual private network (VPN) is no longer an option but an imperative to securing your digital assets proactively. Still feel VPNs are overhyped? Let‘s delve deeper into what they actually offer:

What is a VPN & How Does it Safeguard Your Data?

At its core, a VPN enables secure, encrypted access from any device to your company servers hosted privately or even in the cloud. By disguising your network identity via virtual IP addresses, VPNs allow remote connections without exposing internal infrastructure publicly.

They envelop data transfer between systems in an encrypted tunnel protected by protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec or Wireguard so no external party can decipher contents. Here‘s what this process entails:

VPNs provide many critical security advantages:

  • End-to-end data encryption to prevent snooping
  • Anonymized access masking user identities
  • Circumventing censorship and geo-blocks

However slower speeds from added overheads and accessing unauthorized content illegally are downsides to consider too.

Clearly, the pros heavily outweigh the cons for any business handling valuable IP or customer data. Now let‘s examine why VPN protection must be a top priority for your organization.

Why Should Your Business Care About VPNs?

You may already know the obvious perks of anonymity and restricted content access VPNs confer. But they now offer much deeper, indispensable data safety needed to sustain operations.

Thwart Data Breaches & Leaks

With over 90% of data thefts involving misused access credentials in 2022, VPNs provide a vital safeguard through granular access controls. Multi-factor authentication coupled with device-based access policies minimize insider risks tremendously.

And even if your cloud apps get compromised externally, encrypted VPN channels ensure valuable IP like source code, design documents and API keys remain protected.

Combat Ransomware & Malware

The global damage from ransomware is projected to cost businesses a staggering $30 billion annually by 2023. And when strikes cripple operations, having secured backups accessible only via VPNs serves as an insurance policy to minimize downtimes.

Likewise, malware sneaking through emails and infected sites is blocked effectively using VPN filtering by destination IP or domain. This ensures rogue code doesn‘t propagate laterally to access protected directories.

Enable Secure Remote Access

Enabling staff to work from home or travel securely has become paramount after COVID-19 disruptions. VPNs facilitate this flexibly while restricting access to confidential data from unmanaged endpoints vulnerable to theft.

Granular configurations also limit high-risk activities like using public Wi-Fi or foreign networks for sensitive transactions.

Clearly VPNs have become indispensable to guaranteeing business continuity. But what makes solutions tailored to enterprises stand apart when compared to consumer alternatives?

How Commercial VPNs Differ from Consumer Ones

While standalone VPN tools promise baseline privacy, only robust implementations designed for businesses can deliver:

Custom Network Configurations

Business VPNs provide dedicated servers or IP pools to build secure overlay networks catering to specialized needs. With customized access rules, this facilitates isolation of apps containing regulated data.

Integrations with Existing Security Stack

Aligning with your established protocols like secure web gateways for traffic filtering or SIEM systems for consolidated monitoring is easier. APIs also support automation for provisioning or revocation via existing IAM platforms.

Granular Usage Insights

Central dashboards help administrators analyze traffic volumes across locations or track activity spikes indicative of infiltration bids. Detailed audit trails enhance accountability while diagnosing problems quicker.

Stringent Compliance Controls

Maintaining access logs, system backups or isolation of duties aid compliance with regulations like HIPAA and SOX. Periodic third-party audits also validate security standard adherence effortlessly.

Higher Reliability & Uptime

With 24/7 monitoring, failover infrastructure, and expert assistance, disruptions get mitigated faster sans business impact. But consumer VPNs often struggle here with limited scale or resources.

Clearly, enterprise-grade VPN services outweigh generic tools concerning advanced security protections crucial for long term viability. Now let‘s examine the 10 leading platforms that deliver these comprehensively while optimizing TCO.

Ranking the Top 10 Business VPN Solutions

Selecting the right VPN to secure your company involves careful evaluation across various aspects:

We‘ve applied these key criteria exhaustively to identify the 10 top contenders for 2023:

  1. NordVPN Teams
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Hotspot Shield Business
  5. Avast SecureLine VPN
  6. Cisco AnyConnect
  7. Perimeter 81
  8. zScaler Private Access
  9. Pulse Secure
  10. FortiVPN

Evaluating individual capabilities exhaustively is beyond this article‘s scope. Instead, let‘s analyze the top 2 contenders concerning crucial aspects to simplify your buying choice:

NordVPN Teams


With independent audits validating zero-log claims and RAM-only servers, NordVPN Teams aces privacy needs. Features like DNS leak prevention, customizable firewall rules and AD integration strengthen protections further.


Over 5200 servers across 60 countries assure global coverage with impressive 95% uptime SLA. But lacking physical ownership of infrastructure is a constraint.


Intuitive policies configuration with handy presets makes setup straightforward. Responsive 24/7 customer assistance also smoothens troubleshooting.


Very reasonable for capabilities offered, with plans starting at $9/user/month billed annually. Free trials allow thorough testing before committing.



With trusted no-log certifications, 256-bit AES encryption and leak protection across apps, ExpressVPN delivers reliably. Optional password manager and threat intelligence integrations further bolster safety.


160 global locations assured with unlimited bandwidth and top 98% consistency scores through external tests. But detailed technicaldisclosures are still lacking.


Convenient application dashboard providing usage insights aids administrators. Setup is also very intuitive across various OS and router firmware options.


Higher than nearest rivals with plans from $9.36/month billed yearly. However, the premium for best-in-class speeds and reliability still makes it worthwhile for most.

Hopefully this head-to-head comparison provides additional context to pick the ideal VPN aligning with your operational objectives. Do account for specific compliance needs like data residency regulations in certain geographies while deciding.

Now that you‘ve locked in on a provider, what next steps ensure smooth deployments across the corporate network?

Setting Up Business VPNs Right

To maximize VPN effectiveness while optimizing costs, adopt these prudent practices:

Phase Rollouts Thoughtfully

Prioritize coverage for public-facing apps handling customer data, followed by internal tools accessible remotely. This focuses investments on mitigating maximum risks first.

Test Extensively Pre-Launch

Validate functionality, connectivity speeds and overhead across locations using trial licenses before committing extensively. Fine-tune filtered web categories to strike an ideal balance too.

Analyze Traffic Baselines

Document pre-VPN volumes by app, location and time to effectively spot anomalies post-activation indicating potential breaches.

Promote Internal Adoption

Encourage employees towards secure connectivity habits through periodic training campaigns focused on cyber risks. Incentivize VPN usage adherence by making it mandatory for remote access and back it up with monitoring.

Follow these pragmatic steps to optimize value even while scaling installations conservatively. But this is only half the journey done. How do you now guarantee long term network integrity?

Fortifying Your Defenses Through VPN Best Practices

While VPNs offer a robust first line of defense, a multi-layered approach is essential given the exponentially evolving threat landscape.

Integrate with WAF and NGFW

Web application firewalls filter ingress traffic while stopping malicious payloads reaching web servers. Next-gen firewalls strengthen overarching network-level controls across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Expand Attack Surface Monitoring

Deploy beacon technologies identifying maliciouspayloads in encrypted traffic along with deception tools for early breach alerts. Feed insights into your SIEM for better correlation.

Architect Zero Trust Access

Isolate publicly accessed apps via proxy-based access instead of traditional VPN connectivity to reduce risks. Authenticate identity and intent before granting least privileged access to specific apps only.

Backup Sensitive Data

Ensure frequent backups of confidential directories and databases most prone to ransomware attacks. Test restores periodically while storing copies offline across distributed media.

While demanding significant investments, these measures provide a layered defense model for round-the-clock business continuity. Companies like Zscaler specialize in offerings that reduce your total cost of ownership here substantially.

Now let‘s address some common strategic concerns around VPN solutions:

Expert FAQs

Here are additional perspectives to help tackle key decision-making dilemmas:

What‘s preferable for small businesses on tight budgets – free or commercial VPN solutions?

Opt for commercial ones despite higher upfront costs. They provide better uptime, scalability and compliance support essential for growth. For example, even basic CyberGhost plans start under $3/month but still beat most freemium options hands-down.

Can VPN usage itself pose legal risks with remote staff misusing anonymity to access illegal content?

Reputed services like NordVPN allow reasonable personal use without compromising laws. Businesses can also implement layered filtering via proxies or firewalls along with monitoring staff activity.

How can VPN reliability risks from server failures or ISP outages be mitigated?

Opt for providers like Hotspot Shield offering 100% uptime SLAs backed by failover infrastructure. Multi-carrier exit points also overcome localized carriers disruptions automatically.

What steps can supplement VPN protection against emerging threats like supply chain attacks?

Enforce least privilege access minimization through micro-segmentation and zero trust networks to isolate risks. Additionally, deploy deception tools on localized servers to catch advanced threats that evade typical monitoring.

Hopefully these guideposts help accelerate your VPN zero-trust journey on a pragmatic yet resolute note!


Ransomware and data theft have debilitated enterprises far too often now. And conventional security tools are no match for the road warriors of the dark web. This is why a VPN has become as vital as electricity to power up your operations securely.

But the window for action is shrinking rapidly. So use this guide to align with leading platforms that deliver robust connectivity plus enrichment through global threat intelligence.

Still, technology investments must also target budget efficiencies while guaranteeing continuity and compliance. So take calibrated steps when rolling out while scaling security layers based on exposure.

With carefully mapped protocols leveraging providers like NordVPN Teams or Zscaler, you can rest easy while threats mushroom globally. Your operations remain shielded – now that‘s true business nirvana!

Stay secure out there!