8 Best Online Sticky Notes for Easy Team Collaboration

Online sticky notes have become invaluable tools for teams that need to collaborate remotely. By providing a shared digital space to capture ideas, notes, and comments, online sticky notes facilitate better communication, brainstorming, and transparency than traditional paper sticky notes.

In this article, we‘ll highlight the top 8 online sticky note tools for seamless team collaboration and explain how to choose the right one for your needs.

What Are Online Sticky Notes and How Do They Help Teams?

Online sticky notes replicate the flexibility of physical sticky notes in a digital space accessible by distributed teams across locations and devices. They provide the following benefits:

  • Easy sharing of ideas – Anyone can add a virtual sticky note to share an idea that is immediately visible to the team. This facilitates rapid, unfiltered idea generation.

  • Visual organization – Online notes can be moved, grouped, voted on and more, allowing teams to visually organize information.

  • Task and project management – Sticky notes can represent tasks, features, user stories, or tickets, which makes online whiteboards great for agile workflows.

  • Remote brainstorming – Distributed teams can add ideas simultaneously as virtual sticky notes on an online whiteboard for enhanced remote collaboration.

  • Accessibility – Team members can view, edit, add to sticky notes anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Essentially, online sticky notes give remote and hybrid teams superpowers that physical sticky notes simply cannot provide. Next, let‘s look at the top tools available.

Top 8 Online Sticky Notes Tools

1. Miro

Miro offers exceptional online sticky notes capabilities along with an infinite online whiteboard space to organize your stickies. With a free plan available supporting unlimited members, Miro is a top choice for teams on a budget.

Key features:

  • Pre-made sticky note templates
  • Ability to add images, attachments, comments
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Whiteboard with infinite canvas
  • Free version available


MURAL focuses on enhancing team collaboration with digital workspaces and virtual sticky notes. It‘s trusted by big enterprises like IBM but also has plans for smaller teams.

Key features:

  • Timers and voting on sticky notes
  • Ability to filter and search notes
  • Workspace templates for agile ceremonies
  • Integrates with 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • Packages for teams of all sizes

3. Lucidspark

Lucidspark makes virtual collaboration incredibly easy and intuitive with its online sticky notes. It‘s one of the simplest whiteboarding solutions to get started with.

Key features:

  • Bulk upload sticky notes from Excel/CSV
  • Easy commenting and marking up stickies
  • Quickly organize stickies into groups
  • Integrates with Google Workspace and Office 365
  • 14-day free trial

4. Stickies

Stickies provides exceptional flexibility for distributed teams to create, edit, organize and vote on virtual sticky notes in real-time.

Key features:

  • Easy creation, voting, and sorting of sticky notes
  • Upvote stickies to identify popular ideas
  • One-click copy and paste
  • Board templates for common workshops
  • Free 30-day trial

5. Hoylu

Hoylu offers seamless brainstorming with virtual sticky notes that can be easily dragged, resized, voted on, and edited by remote teams.

Key features:

  • Easy editing and organizing of sticky notes
  • Ability to vote, tag, and filter stickies
  • Custom boards and templates
  • Integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Free 30-day trial

6. IdeaFlip

IdeaFlip provides an infinite online whiteboard where teams can add colorful virtual sticky notes and collaborate in real-time.

Key features

  • Intuitive sticky notes in many colors
  • Drawings mode to visually represent ideas
  • Public and private boards
  • Custom categories for organizing stickies
  • Free version with limited features

7. Weje

Weje is an online collaboration platform with boards, charts and virtual sticky notes for task and project management.

Key features:

  • Task management templates like Kanban board
  • Charts for brainstorming and analysis
  • Comments and mentions on sticky notes
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows
  • Generous free plan

8. CardBoardIt

CardBoardIt focuses on Agile-friendly online sticky notes tailored to needs of product and engineering teams.

Key features:

  • Create user story maps with sticky note cards
  • Great for sprint planning and retrospectives
  • Attach files and images to stickies
  • Integrates with Jira, Trello and more
  • Free 14-day trial

Key Criteria for Choosing Online Sticky Notes

When selecting virtual sticky notes, consider aspects like:

Integrations – If you use apps like Jira, Trello, etc. choose sticky notes that integrate with them. Miro, MURAL and Lucidspark offer abundant integrations.

Templates – Pre-made templates allow creating boards for sprint planning, retrospectives etc. in minutes. Miro provides exceptional templates.

Ease of use – Intuitive sticky notes that allow adding, editing, moving stickies with minimum clicks maximize adoption. Lucidspark is very user-friendly.

Accessibility – Sticky notes accessible on all devices ensure anytime access for distributed teams. Hoylu offers great platform support.

Security – Evaluate permission controls, authentication protocols before choosing sticky notes, especially for sensitive data.

Pricing – Miro, Weje and IdeaFlip have generous free tiers while MURAL and Lucidspark offer free trials to test features. Choose plans aligned to your budget and team size.

Prioritize criteria that best meets your team‘s needs. For most teams, ease of use, accessibility and reasonable pricing are good starting points.

Key Use Cases for Online Sticky Notes

Beyond brainstorming, virtual sticky notes improve remote collaboration across many use cases:

Sprint planning – Stickies effectively capture user stories for planning sprints in agile workflows

Retrospectives – Facilitate retrospectives by adding action items, suggestions on virtual stickies

Task management – Stickies representing tasks can be moved across Kanban board columns as work progresses

Note taking – Collaboratively take meeting and call notes on stickies

Visual mapping – Map out a process or workflow using color coded sticky notes and connectors

Gathering feedback – Add user research findings, customer quotes on separate stickies to spot trends

Planning meetings – Design creative agendas with sessions represented by sticky notes

Essentially, online sticky notes enhance many collaborative activities done by high-performance agile and product teams.

Key Advantages of Online Sticky Notes

Compared to physical sticky notes, online stickies provide immense advantages:

  • Accessibility – Access notes from anywhere, any device unlike location-dependent physical sticky notes

  • Real-time visibility – Updates are visible to the team in real-time, enhancing transparency

  • Searchability – Quickly search for sticky notes by titles or content which is impossible with paper notes

  • Revision history – Review or restore previous versions of sticky notes, enabling experimentation

  • Unlimited scale – Add unlimited virtual sticky notes unlike finite physical sticky note pads

  • Environmentally friendly – Online sticky notes save paper, storage space and waste

  • Cost efficiency – Digital stickies incur just a software subscription cost versus ongoing physical supply expenses

Clearly, online sticky notes overpower paper sticky notes across factors like accessibility, scale, visibility and sustainability.

Top Collaboration Tools That Offer Sticky Notes

Many popular collaboration tools also provide effective online sticky functionality:

  • Microsoft Whiteboard – Canvas with virtual sticky notes for Office 365/Teams users
  • Stormboard – Online whiteboarding plus sticky notes with 5 users free
  • Conceptboard – Visually collaborate via virtual sticky notes and whiteboards
  • Bluescape – Infinite digital canvas with virtual sticky notes

Evaluate these options if your team already uses these tools daily. However standalone tools like Miro, MURAL and Lucidspark offer richer sticky note capabilities.

Summarizing the Best Online Sticky Note Tools

Virtual sticky notes have become a digital workplace necessity for distributed teams to capture information, ideas, and to-dos in a highly visual collaborative format. They enable transparency, spur creativity and bring structure to remote work.

Tools like Miro, Lucidspark and MURAL lead the pack with excellent infinite canvases, sticky notes capabilities and templates for common team workshops. Their integration ecosystem, accessibility across devices and generous free tiers or trials make them easy choices to get started.

On the other hand, Stickies makes collaborating with virtual sticky notes incredibly simple with rapid note creation, voting, and sorting capabilities.

Evaluate all options against criteria like ease of use, integrations required, budget and team size before choosing the right online sticky note platform for your distributed teams. With real-time creation, editing and organizing of virtual sticky notes, teams can replicate the fluidity of in-person collaboration while enjoying benefits like unlimited scale, multi-device access and lower costs.