8 Best Laravel Hosting Options for Developers

Laravel has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks, powering over 200,000 sites. With its expressive syntax, robust features and vast community, it‘s easy to see why Laravel is a top choice for web developers.

However, while Laravel makes development easier, choosing the right hosting for your Laravel application is crucial. The wrong hosting can lead to slow load times, poor performance, scaling issues and even security vulnerabilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we evaluate the top dedicated Laravel hosting providers across key criteria:

Speed Optimization – Caching, content delivery networks, fast databases and processors
Security – Firewalls, patching, backups, SSL certificates
Reliability – Uptime history, server monitoring, redundancy
Ease of Use – One-click installs, GIT deployments, automation
Scaling – Vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities
Support – Documentation, responsiveness, Laravel expertise
Pricing – Transparent pricing, value for money

We‘ll cover hosts ideal for developers with single apps to agencies managing many large Laravel sites. Let‘s get started!

1. Forge – Powerful Server Management

Laravel Forge is a server management and deployment platform created specifically for Laravel. Over 352,000 sites trust Forge for optimized, automated hosting.

Key Features

  • Instantly create servers on DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS and more
  • Deploy unlimited Laravel apps from GitHub/Bitbucket
  • Collaborate with teams via shareable dashboards
  • Automated patching, backups and horizontal scaling
  • Deploy database, cache and queue clusters
  • Free SSL, monitoring, alerting and more

Forge handles all server configuration like installing Nginx, PHP versions, extensions, Redis etc. so you can focus solely on building your Laravel app.

The user isolation feature segments user accounts for security. Server authentication uses SSH with firewalls enabled by default. Integration is also provided for free Let‘s Encrypt SSL certificates.

In terms of performance, Forge auto-scales your Laravel site both vertically and horizontally to handle traffic spikes. Caching and job queuing improve site speeds as well.

Pricing starts at $12/month for unlimited sites and deployments with full server control. Forge is an excellent hands-off Laravel hosting choice.

2. A2 Hosting – Blazing Fast With Turbo Servers

A2 Hosting has been fine-tuning sites for speed and security since 2001. Their high-performance SwiftServer Platform and Turbo Servers powered by the latest-gen AMD EPYC processors deliver incredible speeds for Laravel.

Key Features

  • Load speeds up to 20X faster than competitor hosting
  • Free migration assistance
  • Turbo Boost – option to upgrade to 2x faster server
  • Developer-optimized stack – PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc
  • Daily/Weekly backup by default + anytime restores
  • Free HackScan protection against hacks, exploits
  • 99.9% uptime commitment

A2 Hosting data centers feature SSD storage, NVMe drivers and up to 40Gbps uplinks for maximizing I/O speeds. CDNs and caching via Memcached and OPcache complement this.

The Perpetual Security suite hardens servers continuously instead of reacting after incidents. Beyond this, A2 monitors network threats and updates firewall rules automatically. Integrated load balancing, DDoS mitigation and brute force protection maintain resilience.

Pricing is very reasonable, starting from $2.99/month. A2 Hosting provides excellent performance, security and support for Laravel.

3. Cloudways – Optimized Application Hosting

Used by 500,000+ sites, Cloudways Laravel hosting deploys your app in one click on top providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS and Google Cloud. Server configuration happens automatically keeping best practices in mind.

Key Features

  • Launch Laravel sites in 60 seconds
  • Leverage Breeze, Redis etc for 300% faster load speeds
  • Seamlessly scale apps without downtime
  • Developer-ready stack – SSH, Git, Composer, CLI
  • Automated daily/weekly backups

By default, Cloudways configures your stack with caching via Memcached/Redis, queue workers, PHP 7.4 and Opcache. Further optimization happens through a custom Nginx configuration, database optimizations and CDNs. Staging environments allow securely testing changes before deploying to production.

Cloudways natively integrates WAF, firewalls, VPN access and real-time monitoring across all applications for security. Integrated auto-healing replaces failed containers rapidly. Automated vertical scaling adapts to traffic spikes smoothly.

Pricing varies based on the underlying IaaS but starts at $10/mo for 1 site. With excellent performance management and scalability, Cloudways is a top Laravel host.

4. Kamatera – High-Performance Cloud Servers

Kamatera offers developer-friendly, high-powered cloud servers purpose-built for Laravel. You can instantly deploy Laravel images and handle unlimited traffic via autoscaling groups.

Key Features

  • Deploy Laravel in under 60 seconds
  • Servers powered by next-gen Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake)
  • 40 Gbps private network; 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Automated horizontal & vertical scaling
  • Global CDN powered by enterprise hardware
  • Security hardening and DDoS protection

Laravel optimization features like Redis caching, database connection pooling, OPcache handling and more run out of the box. Kamatera uses NVMe SSDs capable of 1 million IOPS for database and storage access. This translates into tremendous speed for apps.

Kamatera‘s firewall enables strict access control over traffic while the Anti-DDoS protection maintains availability even under large volumetric attacks. WAF protects applications themselves while SSL and free shared CDN harden delivery.

The managed cloud platform simplifies server administration so developers can work exclusively on the Laravel application instead of infrastructure. 24/7 expert support assists with migration, optimization and building secure, scalable architectures.

Pricing starts at just $4/month for the 1 vCPU plan making Kamatera very affordable.

5. Servebolt – High Performance Laravel Hosting

Servebolt optimizes WordPress sites for speed with Google PageSpeed scores exceeding 99/100. This unparalleled performance extends to Laravel hosting with Nginx-powered servers fine-tuned for security and caching.

Key Features

  • Full-page cache – delivers static content faster
  • Google PageSpeed scores of 99+
  • Atomic deploys – update code without downtime
  • SSH access and Git push deployments
  • Free migration services up to 2 hours
  • 99.9% uptime with 10x redundancy guarantee

Servebolt enhances Laravel performance by caching content at the server level before PHP execution. This avoids unnecessary processing and database loads. The CDN caches static assets while the database cache handles DB queries.

Laravel environment configuration happens automatically on Servebolt. Just connect your Git repo for streamlined deployment. You get complete access via SSH and SFTP to customize further.

Up to 10 redundant copies of your site across availability zones ensure extreme resilience. 24×7 hands-on monitoring, DDoS protection, managed firewalls and HTTPS maintain security.

Servebolt pricing provides great value including features like atomic deploys and partial caching. It‘s a reliable, high-speed Laravel hosting option.

6. fortrabbit – Hassle-Free Laravel Hosting

fortrabbit focuses exclusively on PHP hosting optimized for Laravel and WordPress. One-command Git push deploys and SSH access provide flexibility while fortrabbit handles configuration, scaling and updates for simplicity.

Key Features

  • Deploys code through Git push
  • Automatic resolving of dependencies
  • SSH access and SSH Tunnel support
  • Vertical scaling of applications
  • Server monitoring and alerts
  • On-demand backups & restores
  • Memcache for speed

The platform runs PHP 7.4+ by default with Composer, Redis, MariaDB and all necessary extensions for Laravel development. Configuration happens through ENV variables allowing flexibility.

Database caching accelerates performance by minimizing requests. Additionally, Redis provides an in-memory data store for session handling and queuing. fortscript allows running custom deployment scripts as well.

All infrastructure remains transparent to developers. Scalability is excellent – scale server resources up or down rapidly based on live traffic. Free daily off-site backups secure data while built-in monitoring notifies about errors.

fortrabbit doesn‘t offer a free plan but provides affordable Laravel hosting for lean teams. Setup and configuration are very quick.

7. ServerPilot – Optimized Multi-App Hosting

ServerPilot makes managing Linux servers for hosting Laravel incredibly simple. You retain full control of the underlying VPS (from DigitalOcean, Vultr etc) while ServerPilot handles tedious server administration tasks.

Key Features

  • Fully managed servers with one-click PHP/Laravel
  • Automated scaling, security hardening
  • Host unlimited apps – each runs isolated
  • Real-time app monitoring
  • Developer-ready stacks – Nginx, PHP-FPM
  • Free migrations; $0 hosting for non-profits

After connecting your VPS, ServerPilot installs and configures the entire stack – Nginx, PHP versions, OPcache, Redis etc keeping Laravel best practices in mind throughout. One-click SSL deployment and free migrations lower onboarding friction.

Built-in monitoring tracks metrics for uptime, performance, traffic etc allowing preventive scaling. Each app runs isolated with its own domains and SSL certificates for security. Detailed access logs provide audit trails.

Pricing clocks in at just $10/month for hosting up to 10 applications simultaneously. Server Pilot reduces server overhead for developers significantly.

8. FastComet – High Performance Cloud Hosting

FastComet optimizes cloud servers on top of industry-leading Dell hardware combined with enterprise-grade SSDs for speed. An extensive 300% caching layer accelerates Laravel apps further.

Key Features

  • Deploy and optimize cloud servers rapidly
  • Powerful control panel for easy management
  • Daily automated backups & anytime restores
  • Free migration support by FastComet
  • DDoS protection and bot filtering
  • Quick cloning of existing setups
  • 9 global data center locations

CPU and bandwidth resource isolation prevents noisy neighbors from impacting performance. Caching happens at the server and database layers for 3x faster content delivery.

For security, full isolation protects accounts while the FastGuard suite detects and blocks various threats. Enforcing TLS, filtering traffic and monitoring attacks maintains resilience. Regular kernel updates harden vulnerabilities.

Administration ease is excellent – scale resources, reboot servers or check metrics via the intuitive cPanel. Launch separate staging environments for testing. 24/7 enterprise-grade support assists with migrations and optimization.

FastComet provides transparent, affordable pricing for blazing fast managed servers ideal for hosting Laravel at scale.

Summary – Best Laravel Hosting Services

Choosing optimized Laravel hosting with robust caching, strong security protections and one-click deployment considerably accelerates application development.

Here is an overview of the top Laravel hosting services:

  • Forge – Server management platform tailored for Laravel
  • A2 Hosting – Blazing fast specialized Laravel cloud hosting
  • Cloudways – Managed containers for one-click Laravel deployment
  • Kamatera – Instant high performance cloud servers
  • Servebolt – Optimized speed via intelligent caching
  • fortrabbit – Hassle-free hosting with git push deploys
  • ServerPilot – Auto-configuration multi-app server management
  • FastComet – Highly scalable cloud hosting

Make sure to evaluate options across key criteria instead of choosing hosts randomly. With a robust foundation, you can dedicate more time towards creating amazing applications powered by Laravel.