7 Thoughtful Employee Gifting Platforms for a Happier Workplace

Employee recognition goes a long way. Appreciative workplaces that celebrate wins large and small through thoughtful gifting see productivity rise by an average of 31% (1). But for leaders, finding diverse, meaningful gifts across their whole organization can be daunting.

That‘s why forward-thinking companies have turned to tailored online corporate gifting platforms. These services centralize and customize gifts – from perk boxes to gift cards to experiences – to make recognition seamless.

Join me today as we explore the top gifting platforms for creating happier, more engaged workforces. I‘ll provide real-world examples and statistics to showcase how properly personalized gifts can pay dividends.

7 Employee Gifting Services for Workplace Recognition

Here are seven top-rated corporate gifting platforms on the market:

1. Snappy

Snappy gifts employees:

  • Accessibly priced presents across interests ($10-$100 range)
  • Thank you e-cards for personalization
  • Trending gifts curated by in-house stylists
  • Seamless integrations (Amazon, Best Buy)
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly platform

92% of employees state recognition helps them feel happier at work (2). Snappy‘s broad gift selection and stylist expertise cater to diverse preferences.

2. SnackNation

SnackNation provides:

  • Tailored monthly snack boxes
  • 500+ healthy snack and beverage options
  • Curation based on dietary needs and tastes
  • Streamlined ordering/delivery
  • Branded containers and messaging

SnackNation not only fuels employees‘ bodies but also forges connections. Shared snacks promote community. And who doesn‘t love snacks?

3. Goody

Goody focuses on:

  • Physical and digital rewards
  • Expertly designed gift cards
  • Curation algorithms to match gifts
  • Scheduling for automated delivery
  • Gift exchanges and upgrades

Goody ships over 1 million gifts per year. algoritihm-driven gift suggestions make recognition efficient yet personal.

4. Baudville

Baudville gifts employees:

  • Awards, incentives and travel perks
  • Corporate apparel, meals, events access
  • Custom catalogs and gifting consultants
  • Easy ordering/shipping logistics
  • Budget-friendly options ($15+)

With dedication gifts starting at $15, Baudville proves recognition can be accessible for any company. Though small, when gifts connect to an employee‘s unique passions, the gesture resonates profoundly.

5. Blueboard

Blueboard awards unforgettable adventures like:

  • Culinary classes
  • Racecar driving
  • Glassblowing workshops
  • Luxury hotel stays
  • Wine tastings

98% of Blueboard recipients say experiential gifts positively impacted job satisfaction (3). Escaping day-to-day routines forges inspirational memories.

6. Giftogram

Key Giftogram features:

  • Digital gift cards from $10 to $500
  • Custom catalogs and designer templates
  • Bulk sending capabilities
  • Integration with recognition software
  • Hundreds of top-brand merchants

Giftogram reports a 4.7/5 star satisfaction rating. Empowering employees to choose ideal gifts themselves takes the guesswork out of recognition.

7. Swag

Swag offers:

  • Customizable gift boxes
  • 400K+ merch options
  • Promotional items like apparel, drinkware, office gear
  • Curated collections
  • Concierge support

Who doesn‘t love surprise boxes? Unique merch makes employees feel special while promoting brand spirit.

The Power of Truly Tailored Gifting

Mass-distributed gifts often miss the mark. But when companies utilize data and insights to deeply personalize experiences, recognition resonates on a whole new level.

Consider how Blueboard and Giftogram incorporate recipient choice through curated adventures and gift cards. Or how SnackNation and SwagBox enable custom-branded packages catering to unique tastes.

Even small touches like adding a personal note or selecting particular flavors make employees feel visible as individuals. And visible employees deliver better performance by 20-30% (4).

Platforms build gifting profiles and harness organizational data to recommend the perfect budget-conscious gifts. Plus you benefit from volume discounts and consolidated analytics. It‘s a win all-around!

Ensuring Ethical, Inclusive Gift-Giving

Corporations must establish guardrails as they adopt gifting cultures:

Guidelines include:

  • Gifting consistently across high-performing employees rather than playing obvious favorites

  • Keeping recognition performance-focused rather than showering gifts on leaders

  • Spending reasonably so employees don‘t feel pressured to match extravagant gestures

  • Giving group gifts to build community without alienating singular employees

  • Keeping gifts professional in nature with organizational ties


  • Survey staff to determine comfortable gift types and price points

  • Check for cultural gift-giving norms among global employees

  • Ensure accessibility from disabilities to dietary restrictions

  • Spotlight diverse role models from underrepresented groups

Following best practices rooted in inclusion and ethical standards helps gifting programs flourish.

The Proof Is in the Pudding: Gifting Drives Results

It‘s time to stop seeing recognition programs and "feel-good" initiatives as merely nice-to-have. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 81% of employees feel more motivated and productive when their work is valued (5).

  • Organizations with strong recognition see 31% higher productivity (1).

  • Highly recognized employees demonstrate 125% less turnover risk (6).

  • Enterprise gifting programs see 7X higher ROI compared to cash bonuses or gift cards (7).

After all, professional employee happiness interlinks directly with engagement, innovation, and collaboration. Forward-thinking leaders invest in culture first.

Online gifting platforms make recognition seamless at scale while still feeling tailored. They centralize data to provide whole-person insights and curate specialty gifts in one dashboard.

So embrace workplace gifting done right. Surprise and delight your employees at every career milestone. Together from one big happy (and highly productive) family!

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