5 Best RLCraft Server Hosting Providers for Lag-Free Gameplay

RLCraft completely transforms the Minecraft experience into a hardcore, realistic survival game. With features like temperature, thirst systems, RPG skills and deadly mobs, RLCraft can overwhelm even seasoned Minecraft players.

A good RLCraft server hosting provider is therefore essential for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. Configuring and maintaining your own server for RLCraft can be complex with the multiple mod interactions. Opting for a managed server from a hosting provider allows you to focus on the exciting gameplay while they handle hosting optimally.

In this post I review the 5 best RLCraft server hosting providers in 2023 based on performance benchmarks, customer reviews and key criteria important for RLCraft gameplay.

Why You Need Quality Hosting for RLCraft

Before getting into the top hosts, let‘s understand why RLCraft puts more demands on a Minecraft server and how the right hosting provider can help.

Resource Requirements

With over 120 mods, RLCraft strains server resources much more than vanilla Minecraft servers. Complex mods like weather effects, enhanced enemies and buildings require a higher server RAM, fast CPUs and NVMe storage for smooth performance.

Uptime and Reliability

The hardcore gameplay makes uptime and reliability even more critical. Temporary downtime on the server causes rollbacks or disconnections, which can be extremely frustrating if you lose all progress.

Technical Expertise

Configuring mods, installing updates, taking timely backups etc. requires strong technical skills. A managed server handles it for you.

Quick Support

With complex mod interactions, issues can crop up despite best efforts. Quick troubleshooting and support is key to resolving problems and preventing extended downtime.


Public RLCraft servers need robust DDoS protection to prevent attacks bringing them offline and ruining gameplay for users.

The rest of this post covers top hosts that check all the above boxes and more to deliver a smooth RLCraft hosting experience.

#1 ScalaCube – Best Overall RLCraft Hosting

ScalaCube is my top recommendation among RLCraft server hosts for its excellent performance, security and ease of use.

I have used them for over 3 years for various game servers including RLCraft. Here‘s an overview of their great RLCraft hosting service:



  • Entry-level plan starts at $2.99/GB RAM
  • Highest plan supports up to 64 GB RAM
  • Option for short 1-month contracts

Hardware & Network

  • Premium grade hardware with Intel Xeon CPUs
  • NVMe SSD drives for faster map loading
  • Worldwide data centers with low-latency networks


  • Minimal lag even with high user counts
  • Consistently >99% uptime


  • 24/7 expert support via live chat, email & phone
  • Quick resolution of issues


  • Full FTP access
  • Scheduled auto backups
  • 1-click install & upgrade for RLCraft
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Full server control via Multicraft panel
  • DDoS protection included even for basic plan

For a top-notch RLCraft experience, I highly recommend ScalaCube. Their excellent hosting quality and support provide immense value.

#2 Apex Hosting – Fast Network and Hardware

Apex Hosting has some of the fastest worldwide networks and hardware that deliver great performance for modded servers like RLCraft.

Let‘s look at why they are a great choice:


  • Premium grade AMD & Intel CPUs
  • NVMe SSD storage for fast map loading
  • High memory DDR4 RAM


  • Low latency networks in NA, EU and APAC
  • Carrier-grade bandwidth
  • No less than 1 Gbps uplink per node


  • 24/7 expert support via live chat & tickets
  • Swift troubleshooting

Install & Upgrades

  • 1-click install for >200 modpacks including RLCraft
  • Automatic modpack updates


  • Daily automatic backups of files and database
  • Restore tool to rollback server state

Other Features

  • Intuitive Multicraft control panel
  • FTP access, MySQL database
  • DDoS protection

With excellent infrastructure and features suited for modpacks, Apex Hosting is a top choice for lag-free RLCraft. Pricing starts from $9.49/GB.

#3 BisectHosting – Budget RLCraft Servers

If you are looking for an affordable yet good quality RLCraft server hosting, BisectHosting is a great pick. Despite lower costs, their performance and features match or beat expensive providers.

Let‘s check out the offering:



  • Starts from $3.99/GB RAM
  • Highest plan supports up to 64 GB RAM


  • Intel i9 CPUs & PCIe NVMe SSD storage
  • Worldwide infrastructure in NA, EU and APAC

Network & Performance

  • Carrier-grade network with minimum 1 Gbps uplinks
  • Excellent benchmarks even with high slots and mods


  • 24/7 expert support via live chat & tickets
  • Knowledgeable staff


  • Free basic DDoS protection
  • IP whitelisting

Install & Backup

  • 1-click install for RLCraft and other modpacks
  • Automated daily backups

If you want reliable RLCraft hosting without breaking the bank, BisectHosting is the right fit.

#4 Hosting.de – Top Performance from Germany & Canada

For users in Europe and North America wanting low latency servers nearby, Hosting.de has excellent RLCraft hosting performance from their infrastructure in Germany and Canada.

Here are the hosting highlights:



  • Flagship data centers in Montreal and Nuremberg
  • Low latency for North American & European users

Hardware & Network

  • Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc server CPUs
  • Premium bandwidth and low latency networks


  • 24/7 support via live chat and tickets
  • Qualified IT support staff


  • Easy configuration via Pterodactyl panel
  • Custom JAR support
  • One-click installers for RLCraft & other modpacks


  • DDoS protection included
  • Custom firewall rules

Hosting.de delivers among the best RLCraft hosting performance I have seen from hosts with European and North American locations. Check them out if you want low latency servers near these regions.

#5 Nodecraft – Strong Support and Updates

Nodecraft has a reputation for excellent customer support and keeping modpack servers like RLCraft updated. Their platform is well-optimized for modded Minecraft.


  • Swift 24/7 support via discord & help desk
  • Knowledgeable support staff


  • Constant updates for modded servers
  • Pack creators as part of the team


  • Streamlined CloudPanel dashboard
  • Custom JAR & plugin support
  • Limited but free DDoS protection


  • Strong TFPS scores even for heavy modpacks
  • Consistent uptime

While pricier than alternatives, Nodecraft delivers a smooth experience specifically for heavily modded servers like RLCraft. Support is a strong plus.

Summary: Key Factors for Choosing RLCraft Hosting

To summarize, when picking an RLCraft server host, keep the following factors in mind:

Budget – Look for options fitting your monthly budget needs. Performance often ties strongly to price.

Performance – Prioritize hosts with strong FPS, TPS and uptime metrics from third parties. NVMe storage and premium network links impact this.

Support – Given potential issues with complex mods, responsive 24/7 support is a must. Evaluate reviews and testimonials.

Security – Basic DDoS protection should be table stakes. Additional layers like IP whitelisting help.

Backups – Auto backups by the host protect against data loss. Restore capability is key too.

Ease of Use – An intuitive dashboard or panel simplifies server management without needing deep technical skills.


RLCraft transforms Minecraft into a complex realistic survival experience. Running an RLCraft server is demanding and needs a quality host. The providers discussed here have exceptional infrastructure, security and support tailored to trouble-free RLCraft hosting. I recommend giving these hosts a try for enjoying buttery smooth RLCraft gameplay.

Let me know if you have any other favorite RLCraft hosting providers I should check out!