19 Best Electric Scooters for Your Daily Commute

Over the last decade, electric scooters have rapidly risen from novelty gadget to one of the most popular forms of microtransportation.

Across European and American city centers, you’ll find thousands of locals opting to hop on compact electric kick scooters versus cars to run daily errands or get to work. Sales of electric scooters now outpaces both traditional bicycles and electric bikes in many urban areas.

Several factors have fueled mass adoption of electric kick scooters:

  • Lower Costs – Far cheaper to buy and run than a car
  • Zero Emissions – No direct pollution like gas vehicles
  • Convenience – Quickly cuts through urban traffic congestion
  • Compact Size – Easy to store in tiny apartments or stash in public transit
  • Fun Riding! – Zipping along brings smiles versus dreary commutes!

For city residents, adopting electric scooters often removes their need to even own a car saving hugely on expenses while reducing environmental footprint.

While estimates vary widely, most analysts project sustained growth ahead globally for e-scooters given increasing urbanization and city support for micro-mobility infrastructure.

Surging Popularity of Electric Scooters

Shared fleets of electric scooters operated by companies like Bird and Lime that can be rented on-demand first debuted in Santa Monica, California back in 2017.

And rider adoption literally exploded 10X year over year…

Year U.S. E-Scooter Rides
2017 190,000
2018 38,500,000
2019 176,000,000

Based on data from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), nearly 176 million electric scooter rides were taken across the United States in 2019.

And that growth continued climbing despite the 2020 pandemic slowdown. For example, Between 2019 and 2021, ridership on Bird‘s platform alone rose 220%.

Several bike and scooter sharing companies have now gone public or been acquired at multi-billion dollar valuations, underscoring massive growth potential ahead.

Benefits of Commuting via Electric Scooters

Here‘s why electric scooters are winning over metropolitan area commuters:

Save Time

Nimble electric scooters are unencumbered by congested traffic, parking spot searches or rental logistics. Just grab and go where needed when needed.

Save Money

Between lower purchase costs, practically zero fueling costs and no insurance/registration fees, relying on electric scooters or bikes for local transportation is vastly cheaper than using a car.

For example, driving 15,000 miles per year in a typical 2021 crossover SUV like a Honda CRV racked up $6,442 in total cost of ownership annually per AAA estimates.

Versus an electric scooter topping out around $100-150 per year even with periodic battery replacements factored in.

Lower Environmental Impact

Studies by researchers at North Carolina State University found electric scooters produced significantly less greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile than conventional vehicles with more than 90% energy savings.

Fun Way to Explore!

Unlike mind-numbing drives stuck in standstill traffic, catching fresh air zipping along bike lanes makes getting from point A to B more enjoyable.

How to Select the Best Electric Scooter

With literally hundreds of models now on the market boasting an array features, it can prove daunting to identify what combination best matches your needs and budget.

Let‘s break down they key considerations when choosing an electric kick scooter for reliable daily commuting…

Motor Power

Electric scooter motors typically range from 250W to 500W, with higher power resulting in faster acceleration/top speeds but at the cost of quicker battery drain. Around 350-500W offers a good blend for commuting use cases.

Battery Range

Balance battery range needs with opportunities to recharge during your day. Luckily range has vastly improved recently with many electric scooters now easily covering 15-30 miles before needing a recharge.


Air filled tires better absorb imperfections but present puncture risks versus zero maintenance solid tires. Models featuring both options balance ride smoothness and handling.


Look for scooters with reliable front and rear braking systems (e.g. regenerative, disc or eABS) as stopping safely is critical. Avoid relying solely on foot braking.

Weight Capacity

Ensure your electric scooter‘s stated weight capacity provides 20%+ buffer above your current weight after accounting for any regular cargo carried.


Nice to have extras like LED head/taillights, kickstands, Bluetooth mobile apps and charge gauges enhance overall safety and utility but drive up costs.


Upfront sticker prices span widely from $200 to $2000+. Carefully weigh total lifespan usage and your financial means when investing.

Top Electric Scooter Performance Benchmarks

To help compare options, here‘s how some of the latest 2022 model electric kick scooters stack up across key performance criteria:

Model Weight Motor Range Top Speed Hill Grade Tires Price
Unagi E500 23 lbs 500W 15 mi 20 mph 15% Solid $840
Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 30 lbs 600W 25 mi 20 mph 20% Air filled $799
Segway Ninebot 36 lbs 350W 28 mi 18 mph 20% Air filled $769
Apollo Explore 54 lbs 800W 31 mi 25 mph 30% Solid $1099
Kaabo Mantis 52 lbs 1000W 40 mi 31 mph 30% Air filled $1449

While the above covers many of the most popular models, hundreds of options exist across the lightweight commuter, high performance and off-roading categories.

Recommended Electric Scooters

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best selling electric kick scooter models winning over daily commuters…

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric KickScooter

name="Segway Ninebot MAX"
"Range: 40 Miles",
"Top Speed: 18 MPH",
"Motor: 350W",
"Tires: 10‘‘ Pneumatic",
"Weight Limit: 220 lbs",
"Brakes: Regenerative + Disc",
"Extras: Cruise Control, Mobile App"
] pros=[
"Nearly 30 mile maximum range",
"Comfortable self-healing tires",
"Powerful speeds up to 18 mph",
"High quality durable components"
] cons=[
"Not the most compact when folded"
] amazonLink="https://amzn.to/3FdTL1A">

The award winning Segway Ninebot MAX has emerged as one of most popular electric scooter models for commuting distances thanks to its long battery range reaching 40 miles along with a consistent reputation for quality across core components like motors, batteries and tires.

While priced higher than basic electric scooter models, the integrated cruise control, app-enabled security features and powerful 350W motor propelling speeds nearly 20 mph makes it well worth the investment for daily use.

Given the beating scooters take, properly inflated self-healing tires and high durability of materials really matters for this application. And the Ninebot MAX delivers peace of mind its well constructed to last thousands of miles.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

name="Hiboy S2 Pro"
"Range: 25 Miles",
"Top Speed: 19 MPH",
"Motor: 500W",
"Tires: 10‘‘ Solid",
"Weight Limit: 250 lbs",
"Brakes: Disc + Foot",
"Extras: Cruise Control, App"
] pros=[
"Powerful 500W motor",
"25 mile range eliminates frequent recharging",
"Mobile app allows speed customization",
"Supports heavier riders up to 250 lbs"
] cons=[
"Lacks suspension – less comfortable ride"
] amazonLink="https://amzn.to/3jBcGTE">

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter provides a number of great features for commuters starting with its powerful 500 watt motor enabling 19mph top speeds even tackling moderate inclines.

While lacking any shock absorption, its 10 inch solid tires requires zero maintenance while supporting heavier riders up to 250 pounds.

One handy extra is the Hiboy integrated mobile app allowing riders to customize performance settings like acceleration rate and braking distance to your preferences.

Overall the S2 Pro offers versatile performance and convenience at a very wallet friendly price point.

Unagi Model One

name="Unagi Model One"
"Range: 15 Miles",
"Top Speed: 20 MPH",
"Motor: 500W Dual",
"Tires: Solid Rubber",
"Weight Limit: 275 lbs",
"Brakes: Regenerative + Disc + Foot",
"Extras: Front + Rear Lights"
] pros=[
"Innovative lightweight magnesium alloy frame",
"Lights and reflectors for visibility ",
"Nimble acceleration and handling",
"Fully water resistant"
] cons=[
"Shorter range and lack of suspension vs premium models"

Built using an innovative lightweight magnesium alloy offering a superior strength to weight ratio, the Unagi Model One scooter clocks in at a featherlight 23 pounds making it easy to carry anywhere.

Unagi scooters stands out from a usability perspective offering handy integrated front + rear led lights along with reflectors that automatically activate for improved visibility and safety.

With its dual 250 watt motors enabling zippy 15mph acceleration and speeds topping 20+ mph, the Unagi Model One excels navigating crowded urban streets thanks to exceptional maneuverability and control.

Electric Scooter Accessories

While some electric scooter models cater more to recreation, choosing one for reliable daily commuting requires ensuring adequate safety protections beyond just a basic helmet.

Here are some key gear recommendations for safeguarding key body parts:

Lightweight Street Helmet

While helmets add awkward bulk, new options from thousand.com and others offer lightweight low profile protection perfect for e-scootering. Cool designs also help overcome the ungainly aesthetic.

Elbow + Knee Pads

It‘s not if but when you‘ll take an ugly spill, so having gear protecting joints from hits against pavement makes sense. Hard shell knee pads handle tumbles at faster speeds well.

Reflective Wrist + Ankle Bands

Increase visibility to vehicles and pedestrians by equipping reflective wrist straps and LED illuminated bands around lower legs that grab attention.

Fingerless Cycling Gloves

Protect palms from becoming hamburger in falls while keeping fingers free. Well padded lightweight gloves ward off worst case injury.

Expert Electric Scooter Tips

Here’s advice from experienced e-scooter riders on navigating urban landscapes safely:

Assume Cars Don‘t See You

Ride ultra defensively watching for sudden vehicle turns or doors swinging open rather than expecting drivers see and yield for you.

Use Bike Lanes Whenever Possible

Keep to designated bike lanes on roads and avoid busy streets lacking space for scooters.

Learn Emergency Foot Braking

Practice emergency stops using your foot against the rear tire to steadily skid to slower speeds. It‘s an essential skill all riders should learn.

Gear Up

Broken bones or road rash hurts. Always wear safety gear like kneepads, gloves, elbow pads no matter how dorky looking. Because getting there in one piece beats style.

Get a Hardened Lock

Scooter theft runs rampant across cities. Use toughest lock you can find like the Kryptonite New York to deter thieves.

I hope this guide has helped identify the ideal electric scooter for reliably getting around your city! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ride on!