17 AI Product Photography Tools For Your eCommerce Store

Ecommerce product photography is crucial for sales and conversions, with 83% of online shoppers saying images strongly influence buying decisions. However, conventional product shoots come with many pain points.

AI-powered product image generators streamline photography at a fraction of the cost and effort. This guide explores the top tools helping over 25,000 brands create stunning product visuals through automation.

Key Benefits of AI Product Photography

AI product photography solutions offer immense value, including:

1. Cost and time savings – No need for expensive gear or professional photographers. Entire shoots done in minutes.

2. Mass personalization – Analyze customer data to generate tailored, high-converting images.

3. Brand consistency – Maintain consistent quality, angles and branding across thousands of SKUs.

4. Limitless creativity – Endless variations with backgrounds, styles, compositions etc.

5. Scalability – Generate hundreds of product images in no time, while retaining quality.

6. Risk reduction – No more damages from physical product handling and transportation.

7. Quicker time-to-market – Shoot and launch products faster without photoshoots.

Top 17 AI Product Photography Solutions

1. Booth AI

Booth AI creates pro-quality lifestyle and product images from text prompts within seconds. Simply describe the model, pose, clothing, background etc. and BoothAI generates photorealistic images for your brand.

Key Features

  • Text-to-image generation
  • Option to upload product sample images
  • Browser extension for easy access
  • Bulk image creation
  • Custom brand models and scenes
  • Transparent backgrounds


Free trial. Subscription plans start at $16 per month.

2. Unbound

Unbound is a powerful AI image generator focused on ecommerce product photography. Upload your product images and it creates high-def photos with any background of your choice.

Key Features

  • Single image upload needed
  • Fully customizable backgrounds
  • Bulk high-quality image creation
  • Auto background removal
  • Custom brand themes and textures
  • Multi-platform exporting


Free trial. Subscription plans start at $25 per month.

3. Magic Studio

Magic Studio helps you transform basic product shots into captivating images with smart editing tools and effects.offers 40 free credits.

Key Features

  • Photo editing options like lighting, shadows etc.
  • Background removal and replacement
  • 40 free photo edits
  • Batch image processing
  • Download in JPG, PNG formats
  • Social media and ad templates


Free trial. Paid plans start at $15 per month.

4. Photo AI

PhotoAI generates photorealistic product imagery from text prompts within minutes. Describe your product, background, model attributes etc. and PhotoAI renders high-quality lifestyle photos.

Key Features

  • Text-to-image product visualization
  • Options to refine and edit AI images
  • Bulk high-resolution image outputs
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Support for JPG, PNG, WebP, AVIF formats
  • Secure cloud storage


Free trial. Subscription plans start at $14 per month.

Tips for Choosing the Right AI Tool

Picking the ideal AI product photography platform from the many options can be confusing. Here are 5 tips to help decide:

1. Output quality – Assess real image samples for details, clarity and branding consistency.

2. Customization – Look for style options, image filters, full control over backgrounds, models, props etc.

3. Use case match – See if the tool matches your product types, content needs and output formats.

4. Scalability – CheckReviews and case studies to verify the platform‘s reliability for large volumes.

5. Budget fit – Make sure the pricing aligns with your workflow requirements and business scale.


AI product photography solutions finally make high-quality digital product catalogs attainable for companies of any size. With minimal effort and investment, these intelligent platforms generate the visual assets crucial for differentiation and conversions in 2023‘s hypercompetitive ecommerce landscape.

This guide should help identify the best product image generator for your unique brand needs and objectives. We hope it paves the way for impactful, creative yet cost-efficient photography that propels your online sales to new heights.