15 Best Quiz Builder Tools to Supercharge Audience Engagement

Engaging your audience is crucial for every website owner. But with increasingly short attention spans and an overload of content, capturing your visitors‘ interest is no easy feat.

This is where interactive quizzes come in handy!

Quizzes are a fun, engaging way for your audience to directly interact with your brand. They not only grab attention but also provide valuable insights into your customers‘ preferences, pain points, and interests.

In this post, we‘ll explore the 15 best quiz builder platforms to help you boost engagement.

Why Quizzes Work

Before jumping into the tools, let‘s first understand why quizzes are so effective for engagement:

πŸš€ They grab attention – Quizzes spark curiosity and get your visitors actively participating instead of passively consuming content.

🧠 Boost memory and recall – Taking a quiz improves the retention of information. Gamifying content leads to higher recall.

πŸ”ŽProvide insights – The data collected from quizzes gives you valuable customer insights to optimize your marketing.

🀝 Builds relationships – Quizzes allow you to directly interact with your audience and build a connection.

πŸ’° Generate leads – Many quiz platforms let you offer incentives to capture visitor emails and convert quiz-takers into leads.

πŸ“ˆ Increase virality – Encouraging social shares allows your quizzes to spread across various channels through word-of-mouth.

Clearly, quizzes check a lot of boxes when it comes to engaging and converting your website visitors.

Now let‘s explore some powerful quiz software to create fun, interactive experiences.

15 Best Quiz Makers and Tools

1. Typeform

Typeform is one of the most popular dedicated quiz builder platforms out there.


Some standout features include:

  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive
  • Conversational interfaces
  • Pre-made templates for various quiz types
  • Logic jumps to direct user flow based on responses
  • Integrations with over 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • Detailed analytics on quiz performance

Pricing starts at $35 per month for the Pro plan.

Overall, Typeform offers a slick platform tailored specifically for quizzes and surveys. Their engaging interfaces lead to higher completion rates.

2. Qualaroo

Qualaroo focuses on website surveys and NPS questionnaires.


Here are some notable aspects:

  • Trigger surveys via various events like time on site, scrolling percentage etc.
  • Comes withprebuilt NPS and CSAT templates
  • Lets you target surveys to specific segments
  • Easy to embed and customize surveys
  • Detailed reports on question response rates, drop offs etc

Pricing starts at $63 per month. They offer a forever free plan for up to 500 responses a month.

If website surveys are your main need, Qualaroo makes the process dead simple.

3. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a powerful, enterprise-grade survey builder for both quizzes as well as more complex surveys.


Some key highlights:

  • Mobile-first conversational interfaces
  • Skip logic that changes questions based on responses
  • Powerful conditional logic for complex surveys
  • Real-time survey insights
  • Highly customizable with templates, branding, themes etc

Pricing is on the higher side, starting at $780 per year. They offer a 14-day free trial.

For advanced surveys, especially for research and academia, SurveySparrow is a leading choice.

4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is another research-focused survey tool similar to SurveySparrow.


Some core features:

  • Create simple and complex surveys with advanced logic
  • Targeted distribution to select respondents
  • Real-time dashboard with survey metrics
  • Auto text analysis of open-ended questions using NLP
  • Powerful integration capabilities

Pricing starts at $1,500 per year for the starter plan.

For enterprise users especially in market research space, Qualtrics provides advanced capabilities.

5. Wisp Forms

Wisp Forms is a WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys right within your website.

Wisp Forms

Why Wisp stands out:

  • Seamlessly integrate quizzes/surveys into WordPress sites
  • User friendly form builder requiring no coding
  • Conditional logic to customize question flow
  • Quickly create popups and fly-in forms to boost conversions
  • Connect to CRMs like Mailchimp, HubSpot directly from the plugin

Pricing starts at $99 per year for the starter plan.

For WordPress sites, Wisp Forms strikes the right balance of easy quiz building with flexible customization.

6. Playbuzz

Playbuzz specializes in highly engaging interactive content like quizzes, lists and more.


Why Playbuzz stands out:

  • Tons of templates across various interactive formats
  • Vibrant designs tailored for social engagement
  • Detailed analytics on content performance
  • Options to monetize via sponsored items and lead generation
  • Seamless integration with websites

Pricing starts at $99 per month for the Pro plan.

If you want to quickly create fun, lively quizzes for social channels, Playbuzz is a leading choice.

7. QuizMaker

QuizMaker is a dedicated quiz platform to create shareable quizzes for engagement.


Why QuizMaker stands out:

  • Intuitive drag and drop builder
  • Detailed quiz analytics and lead capture options
  • Easy social sharing and embedding
  • Fully customizable design themes
  • Multilingual quizzes

Pricing starts at $23/month for basic plan.

For a platform focused solely on quizzes, QuizMaker hits the sweet spot between ease of use and customization options.

8. qzzr

qzzr lets you make interactive and fun quizzes in minutes.


Standout aspects of qzzr:

  • Premade templates for quick customization
  • Detailed audience analytics and reports
  • Easy integration via shareable links, embed codes etc
  • Options to switch languages based on geo-location
  • Choice of access rules like invite-only, password-protection etc

The basic plan is free while paid plans start at $9 per month.

qzzr makes quiz building accessible even for non-techies with their easy templatized approach.

9. Charles Quiz

As the name suggests, Charles Quiz offers a powerful quiz builder along with audience engagement capabilities.

Charles Quiz

Why Charles Quiz stands out:

  • Interactive quiz widgets for increased recall
  • Detailed analytics on audience responses
  • Lead capture integrations with major platforms
  • Option for gated access to website content
  • Choice of access rules and permissions

Pricing is customized based on your needs.

For capability-rich quizzes combined with analytics, Charles Quiz is worth exploring.

10. QuizBreaker

Next on our list of quiz software platforms is QuizBreaker.


Why QuizBreaker stands out:

  • 1000+ premade quiz templates
  • Quick customization for tailoring to your needs
  • Detailed analytics on quiz performance
  • Tools for lead capture and email list building
  • Easy distribution through shareable links and embeds

Plans start at $33 per month annually for 500 leads/month plan.

For easy access to premade quizzes combined with analytics, Quizbreaker is a nifty tool.

11. Quibblo

Quibblo focuses on quizzes and online polls for fan communities.


Why Quibblo stands out:

  • Highly shareable polls and quizzes
  • Option to crowdsource quiz questions from fans
  • Detailed analytics for your quizzes and polls
  • Browser extensions for easy quiz-making
  • Active user community for inspiration

The basic plan is free while paid plans start at $9 per month.

For community engagement in fan domains like gaming, anime etc, Quibblo can be very effective.

12. Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative is a unique hybrid platform combining elements of surveys, interactive content and questionnaires.

Murmur Creative

Why Murmur Creative stands out:

  • Build a wide range of experiences from fun quizzes to complex market surveys
  • Custom coding for advanced questionnaire logic and personalization
  • AI powered text and voice capabilities
  • AR integration for visually stunning interactions
  • Integrates with platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce etc

Pricing starts at $249 per month annually for startup plan.

For advanced interactive and immersive experiences, Murmur Creative offers cutting edge capabilities.

13. Poll Everywhere

As the name suggests, Poll Everywhere enables you to easily create polls, quizzes and Q&As across channels.

Poll Everywhere

Why Poll Everywhere stands out:

  • Real-time participation during presentations, events etc
  • Interactive webinar polls and quizzes
  • Option to launch polls via chatbots
  • Integrate polling widgets into third-party platforms
  • Audience Q&A screens for event engagement

Pricing starts at $384 per year for basic plan.

For audience interaction during live events and webinars, Poll Everywhere offers versatile capabilities.

14. Woobox

Woobox provides a suite of tools for contests, quizzes, coupons and more.


Why Woobox stands out:

  • Premade templates for quick customization
  • Suite covers quizzes, contests, coupons etc
  • Easy distribution via website embeds and social promotion
  • Real-time leaderboards and notifications to drive participation
  • Detailed analytics across their engagement tools

Pricing starts at $299 per month annually. They offer a 30-day free trial.

For multi-channel engagement campaigns, Woobox provides a powerful customizable package.

15. Vyond

Last on our list of quiz software platforms is Vyond which specializes in custom animated video content.

Although not a traditional quiz tool, Vyond allows you to create fun video-based quizzes and interactive content that really grabs viewer attention.

It provides an integrated solution covering:


  • Animated video creation platform
  • Customizable templates
  • Interactive elements like quizzes, branching stories etc
  • Built-in hosting and distribution
  • Analytics on video performance

Pricing plans suiting individual creators start at $39 per month annually.

For brands invested in online video, Vyond unlocks creative interactive formats like video quizzes to engage audiences.

Tips for Creating Effective Quizzes

Now that we‘ve covered the top quiz software options, let‘s go over some tips to create compelling quizzes:

πŸ“Œ Choose the Right Quiz Type

First decide what the goal of your quiz is. Some popular options:

  • Lead generation quizzes that capture emails in return for results
  • Assessment quizzes that test skills, knowledge etc
  • Personality or ‘Which X are you‘ type viral quizzes
  • Trivia quizzes for entertainment that may boost brand affinity

πŸ“Œ Structure Questions Strategically

Thoroughly plan quiz questions and structure them effectively:

  • Start easy, get progressively tougher questions
  • Use a mix of open-ended, MCQs, true-false type questions
  • Limit overall number of questions (10-15 is ideal)
  • Group related questions into segments

πŸ“Œ Make Taking the Quiz Irresistible

Psychological β€œtricks” to boost participation:

  • Give tasty rewards – eBooks, coupon codes etc
  • Spark curiosity with the topic or results
  • Leverage FOMO with limited time accessibility

πŸ“Œ Promote Your Quiz Extensively

Get the word across both organically and via ads:

  • Social posts are a must – encourage shares
  • Email campaigns informing visitors about the quiz
  • Retargeting ads focused on your website visitors
  • Influencer collaborations to expand reach

Quiz Software: The Bottom Line

Interactive quizzes provide an exciting way for deeper engagement with your audience. They not only capture attention, but provide insights while also generating leads.

Choosing the right quiz platform is crucial based on your specific needs and use case.

This list of 15 quiz makers covers the spectrum from beginner friendly tools like Typeform and qzzr to advanced platforms like Qualtrics and SurveySparrow.

So go ahead, get quizzing and supercharge your audience engagement!