15 Best Email Archiving Software Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Email is one of the most widely used methods of communication in business and personal contexts. The high volume of emails sent and received daily makes it impractical to store all these communications long-term in live mail servers. This is where email archiving comes in.

What is Email Archiving?

Email archiving involves systematically capturing and storing email messages and attachments for future reference and retrieval. The archived data is stored outside the primary mail server in a separate storage system.

There are several reasons why organizations and individuals should be archiving business and personal emails:

Benefits of Email Archiving

  • Frees up storage space on mail servers
  • Facilitates eDiscovery for legal requirements
  • Streamlines regulatory compliance
  • Enables data analytics for historical trends
  • Provides insurance against data loss
  • Allows searching through archived mail
  • Boosts productivity by decluttering inboxes

To leverage these benefits, you need a dedicated email archiving solution that takes care of capturing, indexing, storing and retrieving your email data reliably.

This guide covers the top 15 email archiving software tools to help you find the right fit for your needs:

Best Email Archiving Software Comparison

Software Starting Price Storage Options Search Capabilities Compliance Standards
ArcTitan $3 per user/month Cloud-based Fast search with queries and filters GDPR, HIPAA etc.
Mimecast Custom quote Cloud archive Keyword, date range filters SEC 17a-4, FINRA etc.
MailStore Home Free Files/Cloud drives Boolean operators, wildcards etc. n/a
Email Archive Pro $360 per year Cloud or on-premise Tags, AI-search GDPR, SOX etc.
Barracuda $4 per user/month Public/Private cloud Boolean, proximity search SEC 17a-4, HIPAA etc.
Jatheon Custom quote On-premise Boolean, pattern search SEC 17a-4, GDPR etc.
Quest $20 per user/year On-premise/Hybrid Keyword, metadata search Various compliance standards
Libraesva $3 per user/month Cloud SaaS Intelligent search UI GDPR, SEC 17a-4 etc.
N-Able $2 per seat/month Cloud archive Quick keyword search HIPAA, SOC2 etc.
Smarsh Custom quote Cloud/On-premise Tags, AI-assisted search FINRA, MiFID II etc.
MailMeter $6 per user/month Cloud/On-premise/Hybrid Advanced search operators GDPR, ISO etc.
Arcserve Custom quote Public/Private cloud Advanced search functionality Various standards
Cryoserve Custom quote Cloud SaaS/On-premise Quick search operators HIPAA, GLBA etc.
Intradyn $3 per seat/month Cloud Boolean operators, filters GDPR, SEC 17a-4 etc.
MicroFocus Call for pricing Cloud/On-premise/Hybrid Keyword, boolean, pattern search Various regulations

Now let‘s look at an in-depth review of each email archiving software solution:


Pricing: Starts at $3 per user/month


  • Fast search with advanced query options
  • Cloud-based unlimited storage
  • Lightning fast search even for large archives
  • Reduces mail server storage by up to 75%

Best For: All sizes of organizations looking for a secure cloud archive with powerful eDiscovery capabilities.

ArcTitan is a full-featured cloud email archiving service that offers convenient unlimited storage for your email data…


Pricing: Custom quotes


  • Minimizes email infrastructure costs
  • Encrypted archive for security
  • Outlook add-in for easy access
  • Native Office 365 integration

Best For: Larger enterprises that want a cost-effective and robust cloud archiving solution…

MailStore Home

Pricing: Free


  • Consolidates archives from multiple email sources
  • Allows backups to local drives or cloud
  • Easy search even in large archives
  • Can export emails in standard formats

Best For: Individuals and microbusinesses that want a simple free email archiving solution…

Email Archive Pro

Pricing: $360 per year


  • One-click email and folder archiving
  • Outlook addon for easy archive access
  • GDPR-ready with export features
  • AI search finds emails intelligently

Best For: Solopreneurs and small teams that want an affordable email archive with intelligent search.

Email Archive Pro makes it extremely simple to archive important business emails at the click of a button…


Pricing: Starts at $4 per user/month


  • Reduces email server storage costs significantly
  • Automated retention policies based on keywords
  • Powerful legal hold for eDiscovery requests
  • Simple flat-fee predictable pricing

Best For: Growing enterprises that want an affordable, full-featured cloud archiving solution…


Pricing: Custom quotes


  • On-premise deployment for total data control
  • Usage analytics for historical email trends
  • Automated data retention rules
  • Fully auditable chain of custody

Best For: Regulated industries like healthcare and banking that prefer keeping archives on-premise…


Pricing: Starts at $20 per user/year


  • Reduces email server storage load substantially
  • Easy legal holds for eDiscovery
  • Automates migration of PST files
  • Allows archiving of social media data

Best For: Enterprise IT teams that want greater control with an on-premise email archive aligned to company retention policies…


Pricing: Starts at $3 per user/month


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Outlook add-in for quick access
  • Automated ingestion from mail servers
  • GDPR-ready with export tools

Best For: Growing companies that want an easy-to-use cloud-based email archiving solution…


Pricing: Starts at $2 per seat/month


  • Affordable pricing for MSPs
  • Centralized dashboard across client sites
  • Direct API access capabilities
  • Storage dashboard to track usage

Best For: MSPs and IT service providers looking to offer a white-label email archiving service to clients…


Pricing: Custom quotes


  • Unified archiving across communication channels
  • Market-leading chain of custody
  • Advanced analytics for historical insights
  • End-to-end encryption for security

Best For: Heavily regulated enterprise firms needing centralized archiving encompassing email, IM, social media and mobile messaging…


Pricing: Starts at $6 per user/month


  • Deployment flexibility across models
  • Automated ingestion from mail servers
  • Access controls allow self-service access
  • DSAR and audit reporting

Best For: Organizations wanting archiving with controls allowing selective user access…


Pricing: Custom quotes


  • Unifies archives across email platforms
  • Legal hold support for eDiscovery
  • Automated retention rules
  • Usage dashboard and alerts

Best For: Enterprise IT environments with disparate mail platforms (Exchange, Office 365, G Suite etc.) needing centralized compliance archiving…


Pricing: Custom quotes


  • Encrypted archive for security
  • File analysis for early warning
  • Dark data remediation features
  • Access controls by content types

Best For: Organizations wanting deep analysis around risky unstructured data like emails…


Pricing: Starts at $3 per seat/month


  • Affordable simple email archiving
  • Automated sync from mail servers
  • Legal hold support
  • Usage analytics reporting

Best For: Growing companies needing affordable email archiving aligned to compliance needs…


Pricing: Call for pricing


  • Unifies siloed archives organization-wide
  • Retains full message fidelity natively
  • Automated policies to move data across tiers
  • Over 500 file type conversions

Best For: Heavily regulated global enterprises needing to unify archives from across the organization…

Choosing the Best Email Archiving Software

With the wide range of solutions available, selecting the ideal email archiving tool for your specific needs can appear challenging.

Here is a checklist of key factors to consider when evaluating solutions:

Business Size

Opt for affordable tools like MailStore for smaller teams, while enterprises need more advanced solutions like MicroFocus.

Email Volume

The number of mailboxes and overall volume of email data to be archived daily impacts storage needs.

On-premise vs SaaS

Assess whether you want to manage archives internally on-premise or prefer a secure cloud-based Software-as-a-Service option.

Search Functionality

The ability to quickly retrieve emails later relies heavily on the search and filters offered.

Compliance Mandates

Regulated industries have strict archival rules like SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, GDPR etc. that solutions must enable.

Support Availability

Look for responsive customer support via phone, email and ticketing options in case of usage questions.

By carefully factoring in these criteria against business objectives, you can determine the best email retention and archiving solution matching your needs and budget.

Getting the Most from Your Email Archiving Software

Once you have deployed your email archiving solution, here are tips to maximize value:

  • Take time to properly setup policies, retention rules, search permissions etc.

  • Train employees on appropriately tagging or sending emails for archiving

  • Test search efficiency to ensure emails can be quickly retrieved

  • Monitor your archive index and storage costs

  • Keep the software updated and maintain system health

  • Leverage reporting to showcase ROI to leadership

Following best practices around usage and administration of your email archiving system lets you reap the benefits over the long haul.

The Future of Email Archiving

As email continues to be a mission-critical communication tool at organizations worldwide, email archiving will keep evolving with technology innovations:

  • Expanded integration with cloud collaboration apps beyond email

  • Increased automation of capture, classification and retention processes through AI

  • Enhanced analytics providing visibility into historical communication data trends

  • New security models like blockchain-backed immutable proof of email authenticity

By selecting a modern scalable solution, your email data capture and preservation strategies can stay ahead of the curve.

Final Thoughts

Email archiving is a pivotal capability for businesses and regulated entities today for ensuring information availability and compliance. Choosing the right archiving solution saves time by letting you focus on unlocking value from email data rather than just storing it reactively.

This guide has aimed to equip you with an independent and unbiased expert perspective on all key facets of email archiving systems currently available.

As next steps, I recommend shortlisting solutions matching your functional and budget needs for trials before making an informed buying decision. Reach out in case any questions come up during your evaluation process.