14 Best Bookmark Managers to Save and Revisit Your Links

Browsing the internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We end up collecting hundreds of useful links for articles, videos and resources. But browser bookmarks quickly become disorganized, making it frustrating to refind links when needed. This is where bookmark managers come in extremely handy.

Bookmark managers provide robust tools for saving, organizing, tagging, searching and even collaborating on links. No more endlessly scrolling through your browser bookmarks to try and locate what you need.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of bookmark managers, key features to look for, and review 14 top options to consider integrating into your workflow.

What is a Bookmark Manager and Why Use One?

A bookmark manager is a software tool, usually available as a web application and browser extension, that allows you to collect, store and organize website links and content in one centralized location for later access.

Bookmark managers offer distinct benefits over the simple browser bookmarking system:

  • Organization – Create folders, tags and visual arrangements to keep links orderly rather than a long, cluttered list
  • Search/Filter – Quickly search through bookmarks or filter by folders, tags, text, URL and more
  • Annotations – Add notes and highlights directly on the bookmarked content for future reference
  • Sharing – Collaborate with others by sharing bookmark folders and links
  • Backups – Cloud-based bookmark managers keep backups so links are not lost if pages change or disappear
  • Universal Access – Manage your bookmark library through both browser extensions and mobile apps from any device

With easy organization of critical links, powerful search capabilities and seamless access from anywhere, it’s easy to see why using dedicated bookmark manager software can save huge time and headaches versus browser bookmarks alone.

Key Features to Look for in a Bookmark Manager

When evaluating bookmark managers, there are several key features to keep in mind:

Powerful Organization

The #1 capability any good bookmark manager needs is robust tools for organizing your links. This includes:

  • Folders – Group related bookmarks into logical folders and sub-folders
  • Tags – Assign tags to bookmarks to add additional context and categorization
  • Visual Arrangement – Drag-and-drop interface to visually organize bookmarks how you like

Efficient organization functionality makes re-finding your collected links a breeze.

Intuitive Search and Filters

Once you have bookmarks organized, easily surface what you need through:

  • Search – Global search bookmarks by name, URL, tags, text highlights and more
  • Filters – Filter bookmark list views by folder, tags, date saved and other fields

Advanced search and filters enables drilling into your specific bookmarked needle in the haystack with just a few clicks.

Customization and Collaboration

Additional useful features include:

  • Notes – Add searchable notes to your bookmarks for future reference
  • Highlights – Visually highlight important text passages for easy skimming later
  • Sharing – Share bookmark folders or entire libraries to collaborate with others

Customization and collaboration transforms your personal bookmark manager into a team knowledge base.

Backups and Platform Support

Finally, key additional capabilities involve:

  • Backups – Choose a cloud-based bookmark manager so your data is protected if a bookmarked page is deleted
  • Browser Extensions – Easy saving through browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more
  • Mobile Apps – Manage your links on the go through Android and iOS apps
  • Web Access – Use your bookmark library from any internet-connected device

With data integrity through backups and ubiquitous availability across devices, you’ll always have access to your link library.

Now that we’ve covered why bookmark managers are so useful and what core features to evaluate them on, let’s explore 14 top bookmarking tools to consider integrating into your personal or team workflow…

1. Pocket

Pocket is one of the most full-featured and versatile bookmark managers available with apps for all platforms.

Key Features

  • Browser extension, web portal, iOS app and Android app access
  • Article recommendations based on interests
  • Create collections using tags
  • Organize links with nested subfolders
  • Read saved articles, adjust text size and styling
  • Permanent cloud library backup of links
  • Email links to automatically save to Pocket

Why Pocket Stands Out

  • Available across more platforms than competitors
  • Article text can be read offline in mobile app
  • Audio read-aloud for saved articles
  • Backs up permanent copy of articles if they are ever deleted
  • Browser plugins make saving links super fast

Pocket sets itself apart with offline readability and its vast platform support across Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android and more. It‘s easy one-click browser integration makes saving links frictionless.

2. Raindrop.io

Raindrop.io marries simple intuitive interface with effective link management capabilities for personal or team use cases.

Key Features

  • Saves links, articles, social media posts, images
  • Folder hierarchy for nested organization
  • Search/filter bookmarks
  • Annotate bookmarks with highlights and notes
  • Share collections with others
  • Permanent backup of bookmarked data

Why Raindrop Stands Out

  • Very simple and visually intuitive UX
  • Handy annotations feature
  • Team collaboration capabilities
  • Ensures links permanence if deleted
  • Keyboard shortcuts for efficiency

For those desiring a streamlined but fully-featured bookmarking tool, Raindrop.io hits all the right notes.

3. Dewey

If your digital life centers around Twitter, Dewey provides specialized bookmarking to easily save, organize and share tweets.

Key Features

  • Bookmark individual tweets
  • Annotate tweets with notes
  • Curate tweet collections around topics
  • Export tweet bookmarks

Why Dewey Stands Out

  • Purpose-built for effective Twitter bookmarking
  • Rescue old Tweet bookmarks from your profile
  • Share curated Tweet collections easily
  • Helps increase Twitter follower numbers

For Twitter power users, Dewey is perfect for finally getting control over your favorite tweets and building an audience.

4. Diigo

Diigo pioneered social bookmarking capabilities paired with effective organization and collaboration features.

Key Features

  • Browser extension and web app access
  • Organize with lists and groups
  • Annotate bookmarks with sticky notes
  • Highlight bookmark text passages

Why Diigo Stands Out

  • OG social bookmarking platform with 13+ years perfecting features
  • Community of millions of users finding and sharing links
  • Excellent balance of personal and social tools
  • The best highlights and annotations capabilities

Diigo strikes an ideal balance between personalized bookmark organization and discovery through social sharing. Notes and highlighting expertise is unmatched.

5. Booky.io

Booky.io provides a streamlined bookmark manager focusing on simplicity while still enabling intuitive organization.

Key Features

  • Simple, fast bookmarking
  • Browser extension, web app and desktop app access
  • Organize bookmarks visually
  • Private encrypted access

Why Booky Stands Out

  • Excellet simplified UX without superfluous bells and whistles
  • Works across all major platforms
  • Very customizable to your preferences
  • Zero tracking with fully encrypted data

When you want capable bookmarking without complexity, Booky.io nails it with platform availability paired with data privacy.

6. Bookmark Ninja

Bookmark Ninja enhances bookmark portability across devices while adding clever modes to arrange your links.

Key Features

  • Simple graphical interface
  • Support major browsers
  • Multiple display modes like grid, list, quick access
  • Import/export bookmark functionality

Why Bookmark Ninja Stands Out

  • Excellent simplicity while still being effective
  • Access and sync bookmarks everywhere
  • Assortment of useful display modes to arrange links
  • Dark mode and other theme customizations

Bookmark Ninja makes it effortless to access your organized links from any device in a variety of innovative arrangements.

7. GGather

GGather strikes a nice balance between simplicity and customizability for visually bookmarking websites.

Key Features

  • User-friendly design
  • Multiple display density modes
  • Easy drag-and-drop sorting
  • Search bookmarks
  • Shorten lengthy bookmark URLs

Why GGather Stands Out

  • Extremely simple, intuitive UX
  • Choices in how bookmarks are displayed
  • Edit URLs for brevity
  • Accessible team plans

For straight-forward, visually focused bookmark management, GGather hits the spot with simplicity through design.

8. Papaly

Papaly enables fully customizable social bookmarking by letting you tweak just about every display setting.

Key Features

  • Support bookmarks from range of web apps
  • Completely customizable display
  • Drag-and-drop arrange bookmarks
  • Public and private settings for sharing

Why Papaly Stands Out

  • Highly flexible display adjustments
  • Innovative card-based view
  • Ask questions to community
  • Simple moving of bookmarks

If you wish fine-tune bookmark displaying to suit your exact preferences, Papaly is sure to please.

9. CarryLink

CarryLink makes bookmark portability, organization and collaboration easy across all your devices.

Key Features

  • Apps for every major platform
  • Import bookmarks from various browsers
  • Edit long URL links
  • Encrypted backups

Why CarryLink Stands Out

  • Total device and browser integration
  • Shorten URLs for readability
  • End-to-end encryption protecting data
  • Scan QR codes to access bookmarks

For seamlessly accessing your bookmark library anywhere through any app, CarryLink delivers flexibility and security.

10. Lasso

Lasso adds the unique element of capturing screenshots alongside traditional bookmark management.

Key Features

  • Bookmark links and save screenshots
  • Multiple display view options
  • Team folder sharing integrated with Slack
  • Simple, intuitive design

Why Lasso Stands Out

  • Extra capability to save screenshots
  • Designed for easy team collaboraton
  • Lean and user-friendly UX
  • Chrome extension for simple saving

If capturing screenshots alongside bookmarks is valuable, Lasso uniquely bridges this gap with effective execution.

11. Pinlist

Pinlist focuses its straightforward bookmarking specialty on speedy saving shareable links and notes.

Key Features

  • Rapid bookmarking ability
  • Leave notes on bookmarks
  • Pin favorite bookmark shortcuts
  • Search and sort bookmarks
  • Share bookmarks and notes

Why Pinlist Stands Out

  • Extra quick bookmarking capability
  • Annotate with notes
  • Easily access key bookmarks
  • Offers free and paid plans

When easy rapid bookmarking is a priority, Pinlist removes all complexity focusing only on speedily saving and finding vital links.

12. OneKeep

OneKeep concentrates its effective link management on import, export and broken link detection.

Key Features

  • Folder hierarchy organization
  • Import and export links
  • Detect and remove broken links
  • View browsing history

Why OneKeep Stands Out

  • Specialized robust import and export
  • Ensures bookmark library link integrity
  • Check browsing histories

If importing, syncing and maintaining your bookmark catalogue across devices is critical, OneKeep delivers specialized support more than competitors.

13. Knowies

Knowies styles itself as your last ever social bookmarking web app with extensive features.

Key Features

  • Slick modern interface
  • Browser extensions and web app access
  • Rich organization functionality
  • Community link sharing and discovery

Why Knowies Stands Out

  • Sleek UI design updated continually
  • Balances personalized and social
  • Integrates bookmarking fully across devices
  • Developed features based on user feedback

For those wanting community social bookmarking without sacrificing organizational tools, Knowies provides the complete package.

14. Wakelet

Wakelet enables capturing more than just links by creating visual collections blending content.

Key Features

  • Grab links, Tweets, videos, images
  • Create visually compelling collections
  • Fully free model
  • Classrooms for collaboration

Why Wakelet Stands Out

  • Unique support for varied media types
  • Produce magazine-style visual collections
  • Completely free offering
  • Special access for educators

If you desire creating rich media collections beyond just standard links, Wakelet delivers delightful integration of disparate content.

Conclusion – Enhance Your Productivity with a Bookmark Manager

Bookmark managers provide invaluable productivity and organization boosting your browsing endeavors. Core benefits include:

  • Saving Time – Rapidly refind useful links vs browsing messy browser bookmarks
  • Organization – Logical folders, tagging and arrangement
  • Enhanced Sharing – Collaborate with teams accessing shared resource links
  • Universal Access – Manage your link library from any device easily

The above 14 bookmarking tools each cater to different preferences and use cases. Choose the one aligning best with your needs.

Those desiring the most seamless ubiquitous access should consider Pocket or Raindrop.io. If collaborating with teams, Diigo and Lasso excel here. Dewey singularly focuses Twitter centric use.

Whatever your bookmarking needs entail, employing a dedicated tool lifts an enormous burden off browser bookmarking alone. Give one of these feature-packed bookmark managers a try today!