14 Best AI and Machine Learning Podcasts to Keep You Updated

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly evolving fields, with new developments happening daily. To stay current, podcasts offer a convenient way to learn about the latest AI/ML news, innovations, and applications while on the go.

As AI/ML adoption grows across industries – forecasts predict the global ML market will top $300 billion by 2028 – demand for knowledge about these technologies continues rising. Podcasts meet this need, with AI/ML focused shows drawing millions of curious listeners each month.

This article spotlights 14 of the best AI and machine learning podcasts that technologists, business leaders, students, and others should tune into.

Data Skeptic

Since 2014, Data Skeptic has aimed to make sense of data science, statistics, AI, ML and related topics. Host Kyle Polich interviews leading researchers and practitioners on subjects aligned to each season‘s theme – previous focuses include natural language processing, advertising technology, automation and more. With millions of downloads under its belt, Data Skeptic remains a respected source for keeping up with AI/ML.

The TWIML AI Podcast

Formerly “This Week in Machine Learning & AI,” The TWIML AI Podcast features host Sam Charrington engaging renowned experts across AI, ML, NLP, analytics and additional areas of computer science. Conversations provide technical yet accessible analysis on developments in these fields, support for professionals, and insights applicable to real world applications. Listen online or via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

Learning Machines 101

True to its name, Learning Machines 101 covers AI/ML fundamentals in an understandable way. Host Richard Golden explores everyday devices and systems powered by AI – from banking fraud detection to product recommendations to voice recognition – examining their origins and functionality. For easily digestible explanations of core AI/ML concepts, this podcast hits the mark. Access it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.

The Talking Machines

Conducting enlightening discussions with machine learning luminaries, The Talking Machines offers valuable perspective on new developments and trends. Neil Lawrence and Katherine Gorman co-host, releasing weekly episodes unpacking the latest ML news – recent topics range from computer vision systems to ML workflow tools and beyond. Tune in via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other major platforms.

Data Science at Home

Since 2015, Data Science at Home has delivered engaging episodes on core data science, AI and ML topics. Host Dr. Francesco Gadaleta, a University of Leuven graduate and Amethix researcher, explores conceptual and practical dimensions including AI ethics, quantum ML, ML ops and more through solo episodes and interviews with field leaders. Find this top-rated show on all major platforms.

Brain Inspired

For those interested specifically in the intersection of neuroscience and AI, Brain Inspired offers fascinating perspective. Neuroscientist host Paul Middlebrooks and guests discuss areas such as the differences between machine and biological learning, AI’s potential to advance brain research, theories of consciousness and other intellectually stimulating subjects. Tune in through the show’s website or Apple Podcasts.

Lex Fridman Podcast

An acclaimed researcher himself focused on human-AI interaction, MIT scientist Lex Fridman hosts in-depth conversations about AI and related fields with pioneers like DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, philosopher Nick Bostrom and other renowned thinkers. The podcast elicits expert opinions on intelligence, consciousness, ethics and more while exploring new frontiers where technology and science meet. Find episodes on Spotify, Apple and other platforms.

The Radical AI Podcast

True to its name, The Radical AI Podcast offers unfiltered insight from diverse voices on leading issues in AI ethics and governance. From algorithmic bias mitigation to AI policy directions, journalists Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie “Jess” Smith engage researchers, practitioners and affected communities in discussions essential for steering technology’s responsible development. Available on iTunes, Spotify and more.

The AI Podcast

Veteran tech reporter Noah Kravitz serves as guide through the myriad ways AI is transforming industries in The AI Podcast. Kravitz talks with leaders across sectors using AI to advance their respective fields, whether wildlife conservation, materials science, astrophysics or otherwise, about emerging applications and opportunities. With nearly 3.5 million listens and summaries shared online, it’s a reliable source for AI innovation news.

The AI in Business Podcast

Geared towards executives and professionals navigating AI adoption, The AI in Business Podcast outlines best practices and use cases from top technology and research firms. Hosted by AI analyst Daniel Faggella, episodes feature interviews with leaders using AI for tasks like process automation, predictive analytics, computer vision and more to solve problems within their organizations and industries. Tune in through Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and others.

Data Crunch Podcast

For digestible and engaging commentary on AI and big data developments, Data Crunch Podcast is a stellar option. With insights on everything from quantum machine learning to AI in construction and education, hosts Colin West, Van Ginkel and Remi Gould make sense of complex topics at the intersection of emerging tech and analytics. Find episodes on the show’s site, Spotify or other podcast platforms.

AI With AI, A CNA Podcast

Offering a national security perspective, <a href=https://www.cna.org/our-media/podcasts/ai-with-ai" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">AI With AI, A CNA Podcast explores military applications and implications of AI with leaders in the defense realm. From autonomous weapons to AI strategy in the Space Force and more, hosts Andy Ilachinski and David Broyles guide listeners through thought-provoking discussions available on CNA’s website.

Last Week in AI

For rapid-fire updates on the week’s top AI news – think research releases, product launches, policy moves and more – Last Week in AI offers recaps and analysis in 30 minutes or less. The podcast comes from AI media outlet Skynet Today, delivering digestible audio reporting on need-to-know developments at the intersection of AI, machine learning, data science and adjacent technologies. Stream episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.

Making Data Simple

Making Data Simple features IBM data science leader Martin Heller in discussion with fellow experts across industries about AI adoption and implications. Whether examining skills needed to succeed with AI or outlining use cases, episodes aim to advance professional understanding of how AI and advanced analytics can create business and societal value. Tune in via Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

Staying current with AI and machine learning best practices, ethical considerations, and real-world applications is crucial for technologists and business decision makers alike in navigating this fast-changing landscape. Podcasts offer an easy way to soak up knowledge on the go from some of the top minds shaping the AI/ML sphere.

The shows highlighted here represent a sample of the many great options available covering everything from core concepts to bleeding edge advances. Whether keeping tabs on the latest ideas or focused on practical integration, these podcasts deliver.

For additional recommendations on helpful AI/ML learning resources, check out guides to the best AI courses and data science courses online. Stay curious!