12 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2023

Earning free cryptocurrency has never been more accessible thanks to the range of platforms offering opportunities to regular people. With the right strategies, you can accumulate meaningful crypto savings without spending any money. This guide explores the best methods for earning free crypto in 2023.

Play Crypto Games

Crypto games allow you to earn tokens and NFTs for playing. Popular options include:

  • Axie Infinity: Earn SLP tokens for battling Pokémon-style creatures called Axies. The game exploded in 2021, with top players earning over $1,000 per month.
  • CryptoBlades: Battle enemies using warrior NFTs and earn SKILL tokens. At its peak, SKILL traded for over $50 per token.
  • Coin Hunt World: Go on virtual treasure hunts in this geo-location based game to find vaults filled with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Top players can earn up to $100 per week.

The earnings potential for crypto games can be high compared to other options. Just be aware that volatile token prices and high demand for entry can impact long-term returns.

Complete Surveys & Tasks

Taking online surveys hardly sounds exciting, but platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Forthright pay users in crypto for sharing their opinions. Signup bonuses help boost your first cash outs.

Most survey platforms don‘t disclose expected earnings upfront, but between $5-15 per hour seems reasonable based on user reports. Just don‘t expect to get rich taking surveys in your free time.

Use Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets distribute rewards for completing simple actions like viewing ads or playing games. They tend to pay tiny amounts per task, but the payments are 100% free crypto.

Popular faucets for earning Satoshis (small fractions of BTC) include Cointiply, crypto aliens and Allcoins. While you won‘t earn more than a few dollars per month via most faucets, they make good introduction to crypto for beginners.

Check Airdrops

In the crypto world, airdrops refer to free tokens or coins sent to community members by projects trying to bootstrap awareness. Requirements vary, but often you simply need to hold some existing crypto assets or interact with new protocols to qualify.

Airdrops differ from faucets in that they usually pay much larger bonus amounts, with single payouts potentially worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for early participants. Just be aware you‘ll need to do research to find legitimate opportunities versus potential scams.

Earn Crypto Cashback & Rewards

Getting cashback and rewards paid in crypto is an easy way to accumulate free assets for your normal spending. Options include:

  • Crypto.com Visa card – Offers up to 8% back on all purchases, paid in CRO tokens
  • Fold App – Earn Bitcoin back at major retailers like Amazon and Target
  • Lolli – Online shopping cashback paid in Bitcoin
  • Brave browser – Opt-in to view privacy-focused ads and earn BAT tokens

As long as you‘re comfortable using crypto for shopping and bills, these apps let you stock up on free tokens for things you‘d buy anyway.

Lend & Stake Crypto

Lending platforms like Celsius Network and crypto exchanges let you earn interest by depositing your coins. Typical rates range from 3-12% APY depending on the asset and platform.

Similarly, staking coins in supported wallets earns you newly created tokens as a reward for helping secure blockchain networks.

Consider these options as ways to grow your portfolio over time rather than true "free" crypto. But they definitely beat keeping coins idle on an exchange or wallet.

Refer Friends & Earn

Referral and affiliate programs offer strong incentives for promoting crypto services. Examples include:

  • BlockFi – Earn $10 in BTC for each friend who deposits $100+ on the platform
  • Celsius Network – Up to $600 in BTC for qualifying referrals
  • Crypto.com – $25 bonus for each friend who stakes $400+ of CRO tokens

Affiliate links also drive commissions from leading crypto exchanges, wallets, and other products. While outright promotions could be seen as spammy, sharing genuinely useful services with friends is a win-win.

Consider Mining

Crypto mining lets you earn coins by providing computing power to help process blockchain transactions. While profits have dipped with the latest crypto winter, mining can still be viable depending on electricity costs.

Checking a mining calculator helps estimate costs and potential returns based on factors like:

  • Mining hardware – More powerful rigs cost more upfront but earn faster
  • Power rate – Critical for calculating profitability
  • Coin value – Declines reduce earnings unless offset by lower difficulty

Mining doesn‘t quite fit the "free" crypto theme. But with the right configuration, it remains a consistent way to accumulate coins over time.

Maximize Earnings

While any single free crypto platform likely won‘t make you rich, combining several methods maximizes your earnings potential:

  • Complete crypto games, surveys, offers whenever you have spare time
  • Install cashback apps and use for regular spending
  • Stake coins and lend assets supported by platforms you already use
  • Refer friends to legit programs with the best bonuses

Staying active in key crypto communities also helps you discover new earning opportunities early.

Importance of Security

As your portfolio grows, it becomes a more attractive target for hackers. Fortify your holdings from theft by:

  • Using a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger for storage
  • Enabling 2-factor authentication on accounts
  • Keeping recovery phrases somewhere secure offline
  • Practicing general password hygiene

Don‘t let a breach unravel all the time you put into collecting free tokens!

Wrapping Up

Whether you‘re a gamer, spender, learner or all-around crypto enthusiast, opportunities abound for earning free coins and tokens. Combined with smart security practices, you can build meaningful holdings over time without going broke.

Now put your new knowledge to work – your future whale wallet will thank you!