12 Lucrative Ways for WordPress Pros to Cash In Big in 2023

Hey friend! I‘m thrilled to be your guide to the rewarding world of monetizing your WordPress skills.

With over 485 million websites now powered by WordPress, there‘s never been a better time to turn your tech genius into cold hard cash.

This epic guide covers 12 proven business models perfect for enterprising WordPress geeks like you.

I‘ll provide concrete steps to get started with each one, real-world examples of people killing it, and key data to showcase the immense earning potential.

And as an experienced cybersecurity specialist, I‘ve packed in tons of tips to help you safeguard your online ventures.

Let‘s dive in!

Overview of Money-Making Models

Before we go deep on each money-maker, here‘s a quick overview of what we‘ll cover:

  • Offer Client Services – Consulting, freelancing, agencies
  • Sell Digital Products – Themes, plugins, websites
  • Earn from Content – Blogs, YouTube channels, courses
  • Build Recurring Revenue – Memberships, reselling
  • Marketplace Models – Freelancing platforms, dropshipping
  • Leverage AI Assistance – Auto-piloted client work

I bet at least a few of those put dollar signs in your eyes!

Now let‘s explore each one in detail, including the earning potential, examples of people crushing it, and my best expert advice.

1. Offer Client Services

Helping WordPress site owners with everything from basic updates to complex custom builds is a perennially valuable skill. This creates multiple paths to profit:

A. Freelance as a Solopreneur

Love variety and working from exotic locales? Then freelancing is likely perfect for you!

Elite WordPress developers charge upwards of $150 per hour on platforms like Upwork and Toptal.

But even at more modest rates, you can earn fabulous income working when and where you choose.

The average hourly rate on Upwork is $28. If you take on 5 clients at 10 hours per week each, you‘ll make over $7000 per month.

Freelancing earnings chart

And stellar services to offer clients abound:

  • Website design + development
  • Theme/plugin updates
  • Page speed optimizations
  • Application integration
  • Copywriting & content upgrades
  • SEO enhancements
  • Security audits

Pro Tip: Have clients sign service agreements detailing deliverables, rates, timelines and security protocols.

B. Launch a Lucrative WordPress Agency

Prefer managing projects and people more than getting your hands dirty in code? Then building a thriving agency could be your calling.

This takes serious hustle to land clients initially. But once momentum builds, your earning potential is truly unmatched.

Top NYC firm Fusuma earns over $1 million per year helping enterprise clients like Sony, Toyota and Bloomberg with WordPress consulting and development.

And Portland-based Clay saw 500% growth during 2020 alone thanks to effective hiring, marketing and project execution.

WordPress Agency Earnings

Set an ambitious revenue target, assemble an elite team covering specialized offerings, and provide killer customer service to stand out.

Branch into related offerings like email marketing, SEO and cybersecurity to maximize value delivered. The sky‘s really the limit!

2. Sell Premium WordPress Products

Given the ever-growing dominance of WordPress across the web, products catered specifically for WP users represent massive opportunity.

Let‘s explore your options for crafting in-demand digital products within the world‘s most popular CMS ecosystem.

A. Market Premium Themes

Stunning themes are what transforms WordPress from good to gorgeous. So entering this $1.3 billion market in 2023 is smart.

But with over 60,000 themes already on Envato, creativity and niche focus are musts.

I suggest identifying specific site types lacking options – Corporate Intranets, Conference Sites.

Then build perfectly suited themes to dominate those niches.

Ensure flawless code quality, striking visual design, and excellent documentation.

If your niche theme sells 500 copies annually at $75 each, that‘s $37,500 profit!

Elegant Themes uses this niche focus strategy beautifully, earning over $15 million per year.

Premium WordPress Themes Market Size

Pro Tip: Combine niche focus with strong cybersecurity. Offer features like data encryption, firewalls and hack prevention.

B. Develop Valuable Plugins

The plugin market will blast past $1.5 billion in 2023. So cashing in on your dev chops here is brilliant.

Study top plugins like WP Rocket, Yoast SEO and Elementor. Identify what makes them so popular.

Then pinpoint an underserved user need ideal for a plugin solution.

For example, website permissions management and role delegation.

Build an easy-to-use, robust plugin with stellar support to dominate your niche.

Sell lifetime licenses to maximize revenue while providing outstanding value.

Even just 500 users per year at $99 is almost $50K profit annually!

WordPress Plugin Market Size

Pro Tip: Help buyers feel secure by offering strong credential encryption and activity logging.

3. Launch Highly Profitable Blogs

Building asset-rich blogs and monetizing them skillfully remains an evergreen tactic online.

And given over 485 million active websites now run on WordPress, focusing your efforts here seems wise!

The keys to winning big are:

1. Niche Down – Become THE authority site on a specific sliver of a broader vertical. Dominate the search rankings for your niche keywords.

2. Monetize Wisely – Ethical affiliate programs, quality sponsorships and limited banner ads work beautifully. Avoid dodgy models that hamper site speed or user experience.

3. Provide Value – Invest heavily in rich content – detailed tutorials, actionable guides, hardcore data. Aim to build a beloved brand that audiences keep returning to.

If you can hit 500K monthly visitors, $50K+ per year is very achievable.

And you can always flip your asset-rich site when suitable valuations arise.

Check out niche titans like Backlinko and Niche Pursuits to model their success.

Niche Blog Traffic and Revenue

Pro Tip: Installing a Web Application Firewall like Cloudflare protects your site from attacks even with large traffic volumes.

4. Share Your Genius Via Online Video

Do you love teaching others? Turn on that camera and start sharing your WordPress wizardry with the world!

YouTube remains the second most trafficked site globally. And video marketing continues to boom.

So establishing yourself as a video educator around WordPress topics can satisfy your inner teacher while building a lucrative personal brand.

Your channel concept could be "WP Insider Secrets", "WordPress Security Explained" or "WP Tutorials for Beginners" – sky‘s the limit!

The keys here are:

1. Quality Content – Well-researched 20-30 minute videos dive deep on topics. Strive for insight that evokes excitement and helps people.

2. Consistency – Upload new videos every week like clockwork to build viewership. Short gaps erode your momentum.

3. Promotion – Leverage social media, collaborations, paid ads and keyword optimization to drive an expanding audience to your content.

If you hit 100K subscribers and 5 million views annually, you can expect around $40K per year. Top creators earn in the millions!

YouTube Channel Earnings Estimate

Pro Tip: Ask viewers to like and subscribe to build security by numbers. Make cyber protection table stakes.

5. Create Best-Selling Online Courses

Have an extensive bank of knowledge around WordPress you‘d love to share in a structured way? Online course creation could be your sweet spot!

The global eLearning market will utterly explode past $457 billion by 2026.

And with versatile platforms like Teachable, Thinkific and Podia making self-publishing courses easy, now‘s the time.

Drilling down on specific, in-demand topic clusters helps courses stand out in busy marketplaces like Udemy.

Some wide open goalposts I see around WordPress training:

⛳ WordPress Security Master Class

⛳ Ultimate Guide to Elementor Page Building

⛳ WooCommerce Customization Secrets Revealed

⛳ How to 10X Your Site Speed

Invest in slick visuals and clear instruction. Price above $200 per course to maximize profit margins.

If you sell 500 copies annually of a flagship course at $250 each, that‘s $125K profit!

Online Course Market Size

Pro Tip: Verify buyers‘ identities to prevent account sharing. Let buyers know it‘s for their data protection.

6. Offer Memberships

Subscriptions continue dominating the SaaS universe with stellar recurring revenue.

You can model this with WordPress too and build highly predictable cash flow month after month.

Using plugins like MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro, simply gate access to solutions people want.

For example, lock premium themes, plugins, templates, forums, and masterclasses behind paid memberships.

If you provide extreme value, expect at least 30% member renewal rates yearly.

Let‘s say you sell 500 annual memberships at $300 per year, with 30% renewing.

That‘s $150K revenue in Year 1 and $450K by Year 3!

Membership Revenue Growth Chart

Pro Tip: Utilize services like Mailchimp to manage member data securely. Never directly expose user details.

7. Resell Services as an Affiliate

Web hosting, security tools, email services, analytics software – WordPress users need them all!

You can tap into this demand seamlessly by reselling services as an authorized affiliate partner.

Simply approach leaders like SiteGround, Wordfence and OptinMonster and request to join their programs.

They‘ll provide access to discounted pricing, powerful tools, hands-on support and hefty commissions.

You then market the services, close sales, handle customer care and receive attractive payouts per conversion.

For example, SiteGround hosting plans pay up to $225 per sign-up! Plus you earn revenue share from long-term customers.

So serious cash can definitely be made given most WordPress users require related tools and software on an ongoing basis.

WordPress Affiliate Earnings Potential

Pro Tip: Clearly communicate to users how their data is managed by partners to establish trust.

8. Launch a Dropshipping Business

Want to run an ecommerce empire without managing a single unit of inventory? Welcome my friend to dropshipping!

This supply chain model allows you to focus purely on site creation and digital marketing.

When customers purchase, the supplier handles order processing, payment collection and shipping without your involvement.

And with 400 million active Shopify stores expected by 2023, WordPress and WooCommerce remain go-to platforms for sellers.

So if you wish to capitalize on surging ecommerce growth while minimizing operational overhead, dropshipping is perfect!

Choose winning niches like fitness equipment, clothing, or digital gadgets favored by mainstream buyers.

Then market aggressively across multiple channels – email, social media ads, influencers, SEO etc.

Provide speedy, secure checkouts and stellar product info to convert visitors.

$10K+ in monthly profit is realistic once your store gains strong traction.

For sourcing quality merchandise to dropship, leading integrations like Spocket and Dropified are your friends.

Dropshipping business model diagram

Pro Tip: Clearly state customer data handling protocols upfront before checkout. Security builds trust, driving conversion!

9. Offer Services on Managed WordPress Marketplaces

Building an audience entirely from scratch takes serious work. Marketplaces allow you to tap into existing high-value buyer flows instead.

For example, offer your elite WordPress speed optimization service exclusively on Codeable.

Their team sources clients, handles project scoping and payments – you simply show up and knock tasks out of the park!

Deliver insane value and secure glowing 5 star reviews to rank highly on platform leaderboards. This lets you charge premium rates.

Marcin from Codeable commands over $1300 per project and cherry picks only ideal clients now!

You can easily match those lofty heights once your profile and reviews stack up. Just focus on overdelivering on every job.

Freelancing platform earnings

Pro Tip: Ask clients to enable 2 factor authentication before you start work. Strongly advise proper login hygiene!

10. Leverage AI Assistance for Automated Income

Lastly, I couldn‘t ignore discussing the recent explosion of AI tools for automating traditionally manual work.

Imagine tapped into huge client demand on autopilot, without actively sloging away on projects yourself. Sounds pretty great eh?

Well, managed freelancing platforms like Turing, Flexiple and Codemonk now offer this tantalizing possibility.

Simply set up your profile highlighting your WordPress specialties, rates, past work and availability.

Their intelligent algorithms will then match you to suitable jobs from clients seeking WordPress assistance. We‘re talking anything from $500 site updates to $5000 custom builds!

Next, efficiently gather requirements and deploy AI tools like Copy.ai and Wordtune to help complete tasks at scale behind the scenes.

Wrap up by personally handling final testing and delivery. Rinse and repeat endlessly!

This hands-off approach can clear over $4000 per month pretty easily. You keep 50%+ of what clients pay.

Now, will it make you a decamillionaire overnight? Likely not. But can definitely unlock an efficient, recurring 5-figure monthly income stream!

AI freelancing platform model

Pro Tip: Always review auto-generated content closely yourself to catch any hidden vulnerabilities before client delivery!

Which Option is Best for You?

Phew, that was an epic whirlwind tour of 12 kickass ways WordPress pros like you can cash in big time!

I hope it sparked ideas for potential business models aligned to your unique talents and interests.

As I stressed throughout, one size definitely does not fit all here. Carefully reflect and choose ideas resonating most powerfully for your skills and lifestyle vision.

If client project variety excites you, explore offering services as a consultant or via managed marketplaces.

Prefer assets you can grow and sell over time? Digital products and niche sites are perfect.

Or if you simply love teaching others, make YouTube and online courses your playground!

Just remember to instill bulletproof security provisions into your ventures right from the start.

I‘m cheering you on as you move forward decisively towards your first WordPress profit breakthrough. Please ping me anytime for guidance or support.

To your success!

[Your name]