12 Best Intranet Software Tools for Seamless Internal Communication

Effective intranet software is crucial for enabling seamless communication, collaboration and engagement across distributed teams in an organization. With employees working from anywhere, it has become vital to invest in digital workplace technology that helps bring people together.

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of 12 top-rated intranet platforms on the market based on critical factors like features, customizability, integrations, pricing, and more.

What is Intranet Software?

An intranet software refers to an internal communications and collaboration platform used within an organization. It essentially creates a private and secure digital workspace to enable the following:

  • Centralized access to company information and resources
  • Seamless communication through announcements, newsfeeds, forums etc.
  • Efficient collaboration via document sharing, task management, calendars etc.
  • Enhanced employee engagement through surveys, recognition, social features etc.
  • Streamlined workflows and processes

Unlike an organization‘s public website, an intranet software is only accessible to internal employees and authorized users.

Benefits of Using Intranet Software

Implementing an intranet solution offers numerous benefits:

  • Breaks down information silos
  • Promotes transparency and trust
  • Enables quick sharing of updates
  • Reduces email overload
  • Boosts productivity and efficiency
  • Improves cross-departmental collaboration
  • Enhances employee onboarding and training
  • Increases employee engagement

With a powerful intranet software, organizations can build an engaging digital workplace that connects distributed teams and remote employees.

Key Features of Intranet Software

When evaluating intranet platforms, here are some must-have features to look for:

  • Communication Tools – Newsfeeds, announcements, discussions forums, polls, surveys etc.
  • Document Management – Upload, organize, share, edit files
  • Knowledge Base – Centralized wiki for documenting information
  • Employee Directory – Interactive org charts and profiles
  • Communities & Groups – Dedicated spaces for teams and projects
  • Mobile Access – Intuitive mobile experience across devices
  • Work Management Tools – Tasks, calendars, project collaboration features
  • Analytics – Track usage metrics and engagement
  • Customization – Tailor the platform to your brand
  • Security– Role-based access, data encryption, permission controls etc.
  • 3rd Party Integrations– Software ecosystem connectivity

The right intranet software must check all the boxes when it comes to essential functionalities while also being intuitive and user-friendly.

Top 12 Intranet Platforms

Based on market research and customer reviews, here are the 12 best intranet software tools:

1. Workplace from Meta


Workplace leverages familiar social media concepts to create an engaging intranet experience powered by features like:

  • News Feed for announcements and updates
  • Groups to foster team collaboration
  • Live video streaming capabilities
  • Powerful analytics around engagement and trends
  • Seamless integration with email, calendars, Office 365, Slack, Zoom and more

Pricing: Starts from $4 per user/month

2. Simpplr


Simpplr provides an AI-driven intranet that delivers customized content to each employee. Key features include:

  • Personalized platform experience
  • Robust document management capabilities
  • Community forums to facilitate discussions
  • Measurable ROI through in-depth analytics
  • Seamless integration with G Suite, Microsoft 365, Tableau, Zoom, and more

Pricing: Get a custom quote

3. Unily


Unily creates a connected digital workplace with features like:

  • Personalized newsfeeds
  • Discussions forums and activity streams
  • Deep SharePoint, Office 365 and HR integrations
  • Customizable theming and branding
  • Built-in employee engagement surveys

Pricing: Quote-based pricing

4. Interact


Interact intranet empowers employees with:

  • Announcements, news stories, blogs
  • Robust work and community spaces capabilities
  • Built-in surveys with advanced analytics
  • Flexible theming and styling options
  • 200+ third party integrations

Pricing: Get a custom quote

5. eXo Platform


eXo Platform focuses on seamless team collaboration through:

  • Project workspaces and community spaces
  • Real-time communications via chat and forums
  • Interactive calendars and events management
  • Add-on marketplace with 100+ apps
  • Mobile experience across devices

Pricing: Free community version, paid plans start from $5 per user/month

6. Axero


Axero creates the modern, social intranet with:

  • Feature-packed employee profiles and directories
  • Robust workspaces for teams and projects
  • Measure ROI through in-depth analytics
  • Built-in tools like wikis, blogs, forums etc.
  • Deep G Suite and Office 365 integrations

Pricing: Starts from $2,000 per month

7. Claromentis


Claromentis focuses on delightful UX through:

  • Customizable widgets and apps
  • Drag and drop design experience
  • Interactive org charts
  • Workspaces for teams and projects
  • Built-in employee recognition capabilities

Pricing: Starts from $1.50 per user/month

8. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 provides a free intranet bundled with other collaboration tools:

  • Robust work management capabilities
  • Built-in CRM and HR tools
  • Website builder to quickly build internal sites
  • 1GB free storage per user
  • Mobile apps across iOS and Android

Pricing: Free version available, paid plans from $99 per month

9. Staffbase


Staffbase excels at targeted communication through:

  • Audience targeting and segmentation capabilities
  • Multi-channel notifications
  • Localization support in 35+ languages
  • Detailed analytics around KPIs
  • White labeling options

Pricing: Get a custom quote

10. Jostle


Jostle drives employee engagement through:

  • Conversation streams bringing people together
  • Multimedia content creation capabilities
  • Surveys and pulse feedback features
  • Built-in recognition and rewards programs
  • Accessible across all devices and platforms

Pricing: Quote-based pricing

11. Igloo


Igloo focuses on culture and connectivity via:

  • Communities to foster team collaboration
  • Digital signage capabilities
  • Interactive employee profiles and directories
  • Built-in file sharing powered by Google Drive
  • Customizable theming and styling

Pricing: Starts from $3 per user/month

12. Sprinklr


Sprinklr helps unify the employee experience through:

  • Omnichannel delivery spanning email, mobile, portals etc.
  • Seamless integration across Microsoft, Slack, Workday and more
  • Unified analytics powered by AI
  • Built-in automation to streamline workflows
  • Flexible case management capabilities

Pricing: Get a custom quote

Key Considerations for Intranet Software

Below are some key factors to evaluate when selecting intranet software:

  • Ease of use and onboarding
  • Mobile and cross-device accessibility
  • Customization and theming flexibility
  • Security protocols and permissions
  • Scalability to support growing teams
  • Third-party integrations with existing stack
  • Ongoing customer support and training
  • Pricing model aligning with budget

Prioritize must-have features, long-term vision requirements and ease of adoption when making a decision.

Getting the Most from Your Intranet Software

To drive extensive usage and engagement, here are some best practices:

  • Involve teams in requirements gathering and solution design
  • Provide extensive training and support
  • Incentivize usage by integrating with HR systems
  • Highlight business impact and wins
  • Continuously gather feedback and refine experience

Positioning the intranet as a digital workplace rather than an imposing IT system is key to user adoption.


An intranet software serves as the foundation for enabling seamless communication, team collaboration and enhancing the employee experience. With powerful solutions like Workplace, Simpplr and Unily, organizations can provide the tools and environment for distributed teams across locations to stay productive and engaged.

Evaluating options based on business priorities, user experience and long-term product vision is advisable for optimal outcomes. Intranet software delivers immense value but needs executive sponsorship and a clear change management plan centered around employee adoption.