12 Best Employee Advocacy Platforms to Amplify Your Brand Reach

Want to extend your content reach, increase engagement, and drive conversions through social media? Employee advocacy leverages the power of an engaged workforce to amplify brand awareness. According to Social Media Today, content shared by employees receives 561% more engagement on average. With numerous solutions now available, here is an expert overview of the top employee advocacy platforms to empower your brand in 2023.

Why You Need an Employee Activation Platform

Capability Business Impact
Widespread Content Distribution Tap into employee networks for 100x more reach
Increased Engagement Rates Employees drive up to 8x more clicks and 24x more shares
Brand Awareness at Scale Workers interact 20x more on branded content
Credible Outreach 91% trust recommendations from individuals over brands
Lead & Customer Acquisition 30% higher conversion rates attributed to employee referrals
Stronger Employment Brand Highlights company culture to attract top talent

When employees share content they find valuable, it sparks meaningful interactions and advocacy for the brand. The right employee activation platform makes scaling and measuring the impact effortless.

Top 12 Employee Advocacy Solutions

Here are leading options that provide the tools and motivation for next-level brand amplification:


EveryoneSocial is an end-to-end employee advocacy platform focused on enabling brands to tap into the power of their workforce. Some notable capabilities include:

  • Contentlibraries with automation based on interests and goals
  • Audience targeting to reach the right networks
  • Multichannel performance analytics to showcase hard ROI
  • Configurable access controls and admin roles

Customers like Royal Bank of Canada have seen a 4.1x increase in content engagement within 12 months by leveraging EveryoneSocial‘s advocacy workflow tools and engagement tracking.

Hootsuite Amplify

Hootsuite Amplify makes employee advocacy easy through its intuitive social media management platform. Key features include:

  • Integration with popular business chat tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Curated content feed based on follower interests
  • Turnkey campaign management workflows
  • Advanced analytics tracking content ROI across multiple networks

Global non-profit Unicef ran an Instagram employee takeover campaign that generated over 5 million impressions highlighting key initiatives. This exemplifies Amplify‘s flexibility in activating workforce across diverse use cases.


GaggleAMP revolutionizes employee advocacy by integrating AI into content creation and distribution. Notable capabilities:

  • AI Assistant for writing unique yet on-brand messages
  • Localized content translations for global workforces
  • Image tagging for intuitive content discovery
  • Sentiment tracking to optimize engagement

Customers like IBM leverage these innovations to drive higher post quality and relevance – key factors behind advocacy content‘s higher conversion rates.


Sprinklr helps some of the world‘s largest brands create unified customer experiences across channels. Its employee advocacy offering stands out for:

  • Sophisticated content workflow approvals
  • Audience segmentation for targeted messaging
  • Omnichannel performance analytics tied to business goals
  • Seamless integration with broader Sprinklr Experience CXM suite

Microsoft attributed $1 million in additional revenue over 6 months to Sprinklr Advocacy‘s ability to engage employees across global regions and departments.


Socxo provides an integrated advocacy solution comprising:

  • Content recommendation engine to surface relevant assets
  • Omnichannel publishing from a unified inbox
  • Curated UGC feeds enabling employees to share industry news
  • Configurable objectives and analytics tracking ROI

Socxo enabled Randstad to increase content impressions by 195% and reactions by 265% within 12 months by leveraging its machine learning content filtering and simplified scheduling tools.


DrumUp makes employee advocacy accessible through its easy-to-use platform featuring:

  • Streamlined content sharing via mobile apps and browser extensions
  • Granular activity tracking to showcase ROI
  • Automated notifications to sustain engagement
  • Gamification through individual and team leaderboards

By tracking clear business metrics around website visits, lead conversions and job application rates, DrumUp helped Visa achieve a 350% increase in qualified leads over 8 months.


SproutSocial provides a robust advocacy solution embedded within its social media management tools:

  • Audience analytics to create tailored messaging
  • Content approvals enforcing brand safety
  • Scheduling automation for always-on advocacy
  • Advanced analytics with attribution tracking

GrubHub leveraged SproutSocial to help office teams create localized content and engage nearby restaurant partners. This community-building initiative delivered a 36% annual increase in order volume across participating locations.


Sociabble makes employee advocacy accessible and impactful through:

  • Curated UGC feeds from industry sources
  • AI recommendations personalized to content preferences
  • Omnichannel engagement analytics
  • Integrations with internal communications tools

Global manufacturing leader Saint Gobain attributes a 200% increase in content reach to Sociabble‘s AI content personalization and consolidated analytics dashboard providing clear ROI measurement.


EveryoneSocial is an industry leader helping companies leverage their workforce to drive measurable business impact. Notable features include:

  • Video content creation tools
  • Tailored content digests to re-engage employees
  • Anonymous mode encouraging casual advocacy
  • Direct integrations with popular HR suites

Customers like TechTarget have achieved 2x more website traffic by leveraging EveryoneSocial‘s focus on content quality and built-in amplification scoring to optimize posting times and engagement tactics.

ClearView Social

ClearView Social provides intuitive technology to simplify employee advocacy:

  • AI Writing Assistant for drafting posts
  • Ideal timing recommendations
  • Chrome extension for easy content sharing
  • Curated RSS feeds and digest options
  • Leaderboards driving participation through motivation

Global digital agency OMD implemented Clearview to increase workforce collaboration and access to marketing resources. By leveraging guidance around optimal posting times, employees have been able to double their average click through rates.


DSMN8 delivers an integrated portal covering all aspects of employee advocacy:

  • Content recommendation workflows
  • Configurable objectives and detailed analytics
  • Post scheduling integrated with chat apps
  • Sentiment tracking to refine content strategy
  • Options to showcase top advocates

Kitchen appliances leader Wolseley implemented DSMN8 to unify its employee engagement initiatives across continents. Leveraging the platform‘s robust localization and tracking capabilities had enabled Wolseley to create 700 localized content assets engaging 14 languages globally.


Oktopost focuses on enabling stellar employee advocacy programs specifically in B2B environments:

  • Content personalization based on individual interests
  • Lead and deal tracking attributing pipeline influence
  • Salesforce integration for transparency into conversions
  • Exclusive toolkits to educate employee ambassadors

Clients like Siemens leverage Oktopost‘s sales focus to amplify thought leadership while monitoring employee impact on tangible pipeline metrics like demo requests influenced and deals won. Over 6 months, Siemens recorded a 15% increase in sales qualified leads from advocate posts.

Key Capabilities to Evaluate

Function Things to Consider
Content Curation Pre-approved libraries, digests, RSS feeds, UGC options
Targeting & Personalization Filters for interests, goals, locations etc.
Sharing Workflows Browser extensions, chat integrations, scheduling
Performance Analytics Chad metrics, sentiment indexing, goal tracking
Motivational Tools Leaderboards, points systems, rewards programs
Technology Integrations HR suites, marketing stacks, business data sources
Administration Controls Content approvals, access roles, usage policies

Activating Deskless and Frontline Employees

Driving advocacy across field employees who don‘t use corporate devices poses unique challenges. Here are some best practices:

  • Multi-channel Content Delivery: Email newsletters, digital signage, printed flyers to ensure accessibility
  • Bite-sized Content: Easily consumable assets compatible with mobile
  • Gamification: Reward programs tracking online and offline sharing
  • Localized Messaging: Community building around locations
  • Tracking Impact: Surveys and special codes to collect advocacy metrics

The key is maintaining top-down support while giving local teams flexibility in execution based on what best resonates with their function.

The Future of Employee Advocacy

Emerging employee advocacy focuses on quality over quantity through trends like:

  • User Generated Content: Employees sharing own experiences centric to brand values
  • Video: Creative clips that give insider perspective authentically
  • Conversational: Sparking 2-way interactions beyond one-off sharing

Look for platforms advancing innovations in areas like personalized video content, chat-based workflows and UGC stabilization at scale.

The bottom line is that brands can no longer afford untapped potential of their greatest asset – engaged workforces. Use the guide above to identify the right mix of technology, content and motivation to maximize workforce advocacy. Feel free to connect with me if you need any specific recommendations suited to your brand‘s unique requirements.