11 Cyber Security Podcasts to Stay Ahead of Digital Threats in 2023

Cyber threats are growing more sophisticated every year. From nation-state hackers to cyber criminals, attackers are finding new vulnerabilities and devising clever social engineering schemes. Just look at the ransomware epidemic plaguing organizations across every industry.

As a cybersecurity professional, you need to diligently expand your knowledge if you hope to defend against these digital risks. But between your existing workload and personal obligations, finding time can be a challenge.

That‘s where cybersecurity podcasts come in handy! Podcasts allow you to learn on the go while commuting, exercising, or tackling household chores. The diverse selection of shows cover the latest threats actors, defensive tactics, policy developments, and more.

I‘ve compiled this list of the 11 best cybersecurity podcasts that will quickly strengthen your expertise. For each one, I share:

  • A overview
  • Notable details like hosts, awards won, episode length
  • Key topics covered
  • Where you can listen

Let‘s dive in!

1. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries dramatizes true stories from the dark side of the internet. From hackers breaking into banks to NSA agents tapping undersea cables, host Jack Rhysider reveals the shocking tales behind some of the world‘s biggest cyber attacks.

Launched: 2017
Host: Jack Rhysider
Length: 30-90 minutes
Notable awards:

  • Best Technology Podcast (2020)
  • Best Security Podcast (2019)

Key topics: Data breaches, hacking stories, cyber espionage, online scams

"It was 2 AM on a Monday and I‘m sound asleep. Out of nowhere I hear this loud bang in my apartment. I jump out of bed in complete fear having no idea what it could be."

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2. Smashing Security

For a humorous take on the latest security news, tune into Smashing Security. Hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, this award-winning podcast delivers insightful analysis with a heavy dose of witty banter.

Launched: 2016
Hosts: Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault
Length: 30-60 minutes
Notable awards:

  • Best Security Podcast (2018, 2019, 2023)
  • Most Entertaining Security Podcast (2022, 2023)

Key topics: Data breaches, software vulnerabilities, security awareness, social engineering schemes

"Think of us as the Holmes and Watson of cybersecurity. Except that we don‘t solve crimes. We just chat about them and make bad jokes."

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3. CyberWire Daily

If you want a quick daily rundown of the latest security news, CyberWire Daily is for you. Veteran journalist Dave Bittner condenses the top cybersecurity stories into 15 to 30-minute episodes. Recent headlines have covered the breach exposing Mark Zuckerberg‘s personal data as well as the leaking of sensitive European Parliament documents.

Launched: 2015
Host: Dave Bittner
Length: 15-30 minutes
Key topics: Data breaches, new hacking techniques, cyber policy news

"Major software and services outages last week raise questions about the stability of cloud platforms. Ransomware continues to pose problems for local governments and school districts."

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4. Cybersecurity Today

If you‘re looking for a podcast that covers emerging cyber threats affecting businesses, Cybersecurity Today is a leading choice. Host Howard Solomon summarizes the latest data breaches, vulnerability disclosures, regulatory changes, and risk management best practices. Episodes are concise at around 5 minutes.

Launched: 2018
Host: Howard Solomon
Length: ~5 minutes
Key topics: Data breaches, software vulnerabilities, risk management tips

"A warning about gift card scams on social media. And why looking forward instead of backward improves an organization‘s cybersecurity defense."

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CYBER offers an edgy insider‘s take on hacking and cyber warfare. Motherboard journalists team up with industry experts to demystify topics like ransomware, disinformation campaigns, encrypted messaging, and more. If you want raw analysis of recent cyber events, this Vice podcast delivers.

Launched: 2018
Host: Matthew Gault
Length: 35-60 minutes
Key topics: Cyber crime operations, data privacy, encryption

"This week on CYBER we take a look inside the secretIVE and weirdly boring world of private intelligence firms."

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6. Malicious Life

Malicious Life reveals the shocking true stories behind infamous cyber attacks and hacking groups. Host Ran Levi interviews hackers, journalists, and officials to get the full scoop on hacks you likely haven‘t heard, like the KGB plot to sabotage IBM mainframes. If you enjoy learning the hidden histories that shaped modern cyber crime, this podcast delivers.

Launched: 2017
Host: Ran Levi
Length: 30-60 minutes
Key topics: Cyber history, hacking stories, malware operations

"In the late 1980s a small group of hackers completely immobilized one of the largest phone companies in the US for nearly a full day."

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7. Daily StormCast

Want bite-sized cybersecurity news? The Daily StormCast from SANS keeps episodes around 5 minutes long so you can cram the latest threats and vulnerabilities into a short break. Host Johannes Ullrich also shares practical tips for InfoSec professionals along the way.

Launched: 2009
Host: Johannes B. Ullrich
Length: ~5 minutes
Key topics: Newly discovered threats, software vulnerabilities, security tips

"A widespread WordPress plugin vulnerability is being exploited to take over sites. Also, be careful with QR codes."

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8. The Cybersecurity Law Report

To stay on top of legal developments related to data privacy, cyber warfare, and technology policies across the globe, tune into The Cybersecurity Law Report. Host Stewart Baker interviews attorneys and industry experts on headline court cases, new regulations, pending bills in Congress, and more to decode the complex legal landscape.

Launched: 2021
Host: Stewart Baker
Length: 20-40 minutes
Key topics: Cyber laws, policy news, data regulations

"A wrong turn while hiking near the Nevada National Security Site leads to felony charges for a Dutch tourist. We explain why wandering into the wrong canyon can mean big legal trouble."

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9. Cyber Security Sauna

If you enjoy lively roundtable discussions about cyber trends, news, and career advice, check out Cyber Security Sauna. Host Joshua Motta invites a rotating panel of security leaders spanning academia, startups, non-profits, and government agencies. Recent episodes have covered nation-state threats, diversity in tech, and the cyber skills shortage with organizations like the Department of Homeland Security.

Launched: 2019
Hosts: Joshua Motta + guests
Length: 45-60 minutes
Key topics: Career advice, cyber policy, threat intelligence

"The panels featured on the Cyber Security Sauna Podcast represent the diversity of thought leadership happening across all sectors of the community."

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10. Cyber Risk Management

Executives balancing digital threats with business growth strategies will appreciate the Cyber Risk Management podcast. Security veterans Kip Boyle and Jake Bernstein decode complicated security concepts into straightforward terms while sharing best practices for governance, compliance, architecture, and more.

Launched: 2018
Hosts: Kip Boyle, Jake Bernstein
Length: 30-45 minutes
Key topics: Risk management, leadership advice, security operations

"Rather than thinking of cybersecurity as locking down assets, think about maximizing opportunity. Reframe the conversation to empower business."

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11. Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

The Privacy, Security, and OSINT Show offers an investigative look into cyber threats, online privacy, surveillance systems, and open-source intelligence tactics. Host Michael Bazzell has over 25+ years conducting background investigations, penetration testing, and forensic analysis. If you want an unconventional perspective, his episodes challenge conventional thinking through fascinating thought experiments.

Launched: 2018
Host: Michael Bazzell
Length: 60-120 minutes
Key topics: Online privacy tools, surveillance technologies, threat hunting tactics

"How can you realistically expect privacy when every thought you communicate gets logged, every step tracked, a DNA reference exists for life as you know it, and six corporations follow your every move?"

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