11 Best Tech Podcasts on Spotify and Apple Right Now

Technology podcasts have exploded in popularity over recent years. As tech continues to transform every aspect of our lives, people are hungry to learn about the latest innovations, understand emerging technologies, and hear insights from thought leaders across the industry.

Tech podcasts are the perfect medium to satisfy this curiosity. They deliver focused, episodic content that entertains as much as it educates. You can listen anytime, anywhere – whether commuting, traveling, or just kicking back.

But with hundreds of tech podcasts now available, it can be a challenge finding the very best ones worth your time. This article spotlights 11 fantastic tech podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts that are top-notch in terms of production quality, knowledgeable hosts, relevant topics, and engaging discussion.

What Makes a Great Tech Podcast?

Before jumping into the podcast recommendations, it‘s helpful to understand what sets the cream of the crop apart when it comes to tech podcasts. Here are some hallmarks of truly exceptional shows:

Knowledgeable Hosts: Having competent, credible hosts is crucial. They should have technology backgrounds or experience working in the industry. Their commentary should come across as informed and authoritative – not amateurish.

Relevant Topics: With the accelerated pace of progress in tech, choosing timely, relevant issues to analyze each episode is key to attracting listeners. The best podcasts have their finger on the pulse of the latest developments.

High Production Values: Top-notch production quality with clear audio makes a big difference in improving the listener experience and professionalism of the podcast.

Regular Release Cadence: Ideally, episodes should come out weekly or a couple of times per month. This gives fans something fresh to look forward to on a consistent basis.

Engaging Discussion: While info-rich content is important, the very best podcasts also entertain with comedic moments, debates, interviews, and other interactive elements that demanding listeners appreciate.

Using criteria like this, let‘s look at 11 fantastic tech podcasts worthy of being in heavy rotation for any connoisseur of great audio content.

1. Accidental Tech Podcast

Veteran Apple commentators Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa host this popular podcast that often focuses on Apple technology, but also explores related topics like programming, AI, security, and design. The insightful commentary comes from their own experiences working in software and product development. There‘s an easygoing but smart vibe with lots of insightful discussion and occasional debates between the knowledgeable hosts.

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2. Darknet Diaries

This fascinating podcast created and hosted by information security professional Jack Rhysider delves deep into true stories about hacking, cyber crime, and online privacy issues. Tales from the dark side of the internet reveal password heists, tech exploits, and vulnerabilities in an engaging narrative style. It both entertains and educates with a slick production.

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3. Land of the Giants

Launched by the Vox Media Podcast Network, Land of the Giants analyzes the evolution and business insights of prominent tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple and Facebook. Hosts Alex Kantrowitz and Shirin Ghaffary use interviews, reporting and analysis to reveal how tech giants gained their power and what emerging threats they face today.

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4. Linear Digressions

Machine learning and data science are demystified in this entertaining podcast hosted by data scientists Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe. Conversational banter mixed with solid explanations around topics like neural networks, big data infrastructure and statistics help technologists and laymen appreciate applications of data science. Recent episodes have focused how AI may automate white collar jobs.

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5. Software Engineering Daily

Hosted by Jeff Meyerson, Software Engineering Daily features daily interviews with software developers and technologists covering a wide range of topics like app development, cybersecurity, AI, AR/VR, open source, big data, and self-driving cars. The deep-dive conversations illuminate detailed aspects of software engineering. It‘s a top pick for devs looking to stay on top of news and breakthroughs.

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6. Mostly AI

Futurist, educator and podcaster Sam Charrington examines the evolution of AI and its potential impacts on society through interviews with researchers, executives, investors and thinkers. Episodes tackle society‘s AI anxiety around job losses plus opportunities to leverage AI responsibly. Sam‘s questioning draws out surprising perspectives from sharp guests.

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7. Reply All

While not purely a technology podcast, Reply All dissects how the digital world intersects our human lives in surprising ways. Hosts Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi unveil gripping real-life mysteries – hacking cases, online scam artists, cringe-worthy social media fails and crazy cell phone bills. Well-produced story segments will resonate with anyone puzzled by today‘s tech-infused world.

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8. Talk Python To Me

Veteran developer Michael Kennedy hosts insightful hour-long conversations with special guest Python programmers about their experiences, highlighting best practices and top-of-mind issues like security, testing and code readability. Kennedy draws out wise recommendations useful to novice developers and expert coders alike working with Python.

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9. AI Podcast

Machine learning practitioner Lex Fridman focuses his deep-dive AI podcast on longer interviews with leading minds in artificial intelligence like Yoshua Bengio, Andrew Ng and Demis Hassabis. He delves into philosophical issues around topics like consciousness, automation, human meaning and the future of civilization. Fridman‘s MIT research background allows super smart conversations.

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10. Coding Blocks Podcast

Software developers looking to stay sharp will find the Coding Blocks podcast essential listening. Hosts Michael Outlaw, Joe Zack and Ethan Arrowood break down newsy developer topics like variable scoping, SOLID design principles, regular expressions, microservices and more. Approachable banter mixed with clear explanations help coders expand their skills.

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11. The Changelog

This open source focused podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo attracts software engineers and developers interested in hearing release announcements and interviews straight from open source maintainers themselves. Recent episodes have focused on Linux, Javascript frameworks and open source funding.

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While this list highlights eleven awesome tech podcasts to check out, there are certainly many other great shows out there worth exploring like TWiT, Waveform, Clockwise and TechStuff.

Podcasts continue to surge as a pivotal way developers, entrepreneurs, and technologists quench their curiosity for the blistering pace of technology innovation across industries.

Whether keeping up with the latest programming languages, AI breakthroughs, cybersecurity threats, or tech career advice – these podcasts deliver fantastic value. So plug in and get listening!