11 Best FLV to MP3 Video Converter Tools

With video platforms like YouTube and Facebook increasingly favoring the efficient FLV format for streaming video content, users often want to extract just the audio from these Flash video files. Converting FLV files to the popular MP3 audio format enables you to listen to the audio tracks conveniently on any device without the need for the entire video file.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover 11 top options for converting your FLV videos to MP3. Whether you need a quick online converter or a more full-featured desktop app, there is sure to be a solution here to meet your audio conversion needs.

Why Convert FLV to MP3?

Here are some of the top reasons you may want to use an FLV to MP3 converter tool:

  • Save storage space by removing unneeded video streams from FLV files
  • Extract just the audio track from videos to listen to anywhere
  • Create audio-only versions of FLV files to use in presentations, playlists or podcasts
  • Remove vocals or isolate instrumental tracks for remixing audio projects
  • Enhance overall audio quality during the export process

Key Benefits of FLV to MP3 Converters

Specialized tools that handle FLV to MP3 conversion offer a number of advantages including:

  • Speed – Fast export process thanks to optimization for audio extractions
  • Simplicity – Easy to use interfaces require minimal technical skill
  • Format Compatibility – Support all common FLV codecs and handle MP3 exports without issues
  • Batch Processing – Convert multiple FLV files to MP3 simultaneously
  • Additional Editing – Trim, crop and tweak audio parameters before exporting
  • Free Options – Leading online tools convert without limits at no cost

11 Best FLV to MP3 Converters

Now let‘s take a closer look at 11 top options for handling FLV to MP3 audio conversions smoothly and efficiently:

1. Convertio

Convertio is a popular free online conversion platform allowing fast and unlimited file format changes. It fully supports going from FLV video source files to high quality 320kbps MP3 exports.

Some key features include:

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Over 200 supported input and output formats
  • File size limits up to 50GB
  • Convert from Dropbox, Google Drive or local files
  • Detailed conversion status updates
  • Advanced audio configuration options

From an ease of use perspective, Convertio scores very highly thanks to the simplified conversion workflow requiring just a few clicks. It has very fast processing servers that can convert FLV to MP3 files under a minute.

As Convertio operates fully online through the cloud, it works universally on any device through the web browser without needing to install any desktop software.

2. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a versatile high-speed media conversion application for Windows and Mac. It makes light work of even large FLV video files, exporting them losslessly to MP3 while keeping file sizes reasonable.

Standout features include:

  • Level-3 GPU and Multi-core CPU acceleration
  • 47x faster conversions without quality loss
  • Detailed audio codec selections like AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Audio normalization, channel editing and more
  • 4K/HD video editing and downloading
  • Screen recording and DVD burning capabilities

The extensive format compatibility supporting over 370 input and output file types is a major asset. But it is the unrivaled conversion speeds made possible by full hardware acceleration that really makes VideoProc a top choice for demanding audio/video projects.

Advanced users will also appreciate the granular audio and video parameter controls for each conversion, enabling full customization of quality and file size.

3. Veed

Veed markets itself as a "free online video editor" but it actually works great for straightforward FLV to MP3 conversions too. The easy drag and drop workflow is similar to Convertio but with a more modern interface.

Usage is very intuitive with conversions requiring just a few clicks. Simply add your FLV file, choose MP3 on the right panel, adjust any output settings, and export. Unlimited conversions and downloads are free without even needing to sign up.

The tool itself is fully browser-based so works smoothly cross-platform. Smaller video files get processed rapidly with completion times varying for larger uploads.

While Veed lacks some advanced configurations, for quickly grabbing audio from FLV‘s uploaded from your computer it hits the spot.

4. Zamzar

Popular cloud file conversion platform Zamzar has impressively wide support for over 1200 input formats and 1200+ output formats. So handling the transition from FLV video files to MP3 audio is smoothly managed.

They offer a simple uploader where you specify source format as FLV, choose MP3 output, and that‘s about it. With free user accounts you are capped at 100MB daily conversion limits. But the basic conversions are speedy with typical turnaround of just a couple of minutes.

Being based fully online, Zamzar works across Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices without issue. The support documentation is also fairly extensive guiding new users on getting set up.

So for quick, free, reliable FLV to MP3 conversions, Zamzar delivers admirably. Power users may want more advanced features however.

5. CloudConvert

As the name suggests, CloudConvert focuses on speedy file conversion utilizing the cloud. It has an intuitive interface allowing FLV files to be added from local devices, cloud storage like Dropbox or directly via url.

Conversions use optimized servers tuned for performance. Most MP3 exports complete in under 5 minutes even for larger source files. Configurations provide flexibility over sampling frequency, bitrates and channel output.

Some helpful features include:

  • Bulk conversion supporting 100 or more files
  • File size limits up to 50GB
  • Secure https uploads and transfers
  • Advanced reporting on all conversion activity

Priced affordably from $4.99 monthly, CloudConvert makes light work of all audio and video conversions without hardware overhead or setup.

6. FreeConvert

As an online converter tool, FreeConvert lives up to its name by allowing unlimited file conversions fully free of charge. It supports going from over 50 input formats including FLV to MP3 along with 300 other popular output options.

The clean browser-based interface allows files up to 50MB to be added via drag and drop. Output quality can be customized with easy presets or manual quality sliders for bitrates and other audio parameters.

Routine FLV to MP3 exports take 1-2 minutes for completion. The tool otherwise has no limits on conversions which can be a big plus for handling audio extraction workflows.

FreeConvert scores highly for being completely free, smooth to operate in any modern browser, and delivering consistent and high quality MP3 exports.

7. Media.io

Media.io markets itself as an "easy online video converter" and it certainly delivers on that promise. The fully web-based tool has a minimal interface where FLV files can be added from local devices, cloud storage, or directly by URL in just a couple of clicks.

With support for over 200 input video and audio formats, Media.io effortlessly handles FLV files uploaded in any codec variant or compression format. Outputting to MP3 provides options between CBR and vbr encoding along with tuning of key parameters like channel count and sampling rate.

Useful features include:

  • Batch upload for converting multiple files
  • Handy media info pop-up showing file details
  • Smooth playback allowing file trimming before export
  • Supports large 10GB+ file uploads

For simple quick-fire audio conversions fully online, Media.io hits the mark. The free tier has generous limits allowing plenty of FLV to MP3 conversions per day for average users.

8. Aconvert

Aconvert positions itself as an "online audio converter" and specializes in extracting audio from common video formats like FLV and outputting to MP3. The tool itself is 100% free and very easy to master.

Uploads can originate from local devices, cloud storage, or direct links. Once added, output format is simply switched to MP3 before hitting the convert button.

The straightforward workflow allows even large FLV uploads to be handled smoothly. Audio parameters provide essential controls like bitrate, codec profile and resample rate.

Unlimited downloads and high quality outputs make Aconvert a great free choice for hassle-free FLV to MP3 conversions.

9. Aspose

Aspose is a lesser known but surprisingly capable free online file conversion platform. It accepts over 100 input formats including the complete range of FLV video files. MP3 is of course fully supported as a high quality audio export option.

The web app interface keeps things streamlined with just file upload and output type to configure. Conversion speeds are fast courtesy of scalable cloud infrastructure. Resulting MP3 audio quality is reliably high across sampling frequencies.

Some helpful features include:

  • Channel selection and dynamic compression
  • Handy media information popup
  • Support for large 10GB+ files
  • Secure https connectivity

For straightforward FLV to MP3 audio conversions, Aspose delivers an easy yet powerful free solution.

10. MConverter

MConverter sets itself apart by offering an online conversion platform, desktop applications for Windows and Mac, plus mobile apps for Android and iOS. This allows easy FLV to MP3 file conversion across devices.

The tool is very quick and intuitive to use courtesy of extensive format compatibility spanning hundreds of input and output file types. Batch uploading makes short work of multiple FLV conversions. Audio fine tuning provides precision over quality parameters.

Useful features include:

  • Browser-based, desktop or mobile app access
  • Zero limits on conversions, sizes etc
  • Optional passkey encryption
  • Multithreaded core for speed

Of all the converters here, MConverter delivers the most flexibility. And the unlimited free conversion tier should satisfy most users audio requirements.

11. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter stands out as the most advanced FLV to MP3 conversion tool in this roundup. As a premium piece of desktop software for Windows and Mac, it is packed with cutting-edge encoding tools tightly integrated through an elegant modern interface.

It delivers incredibly fast conversion speeds thanks to next-gen GPU acceleration and supporting the latest software/hardware decoding standards. This includes level-3 hardware encoding/decoding that helps optimization complexity analysis and dynamic utilization.

Standout features include:

  • Blazing fast 47X real-time conversions
  • Frame-by-frame video editing
  • Robust DRM removal abilities
  • Downloads from 1000+ streaming sites
  • Media file compression, trimming etc

Serious audio/video enthusiasts will love the extensive quality tweaking options when outputting FLV to MP3. This includes channel editing, gain control, dynamic range compression and audio stream mixing.

Despite the advanced capabilities, UniConverter retains an elegant and intuitive interface perfect for rookies through to pros. And the mid-range pricing is very competitive for such premium software.

Choosing the Best FLV to MP3 Converter

When selecting the right FLV to MP3 conversion tool for your needs, here are some key factors to consider:


Online cloud converters offer maximum convenience with no software to install. Simple drag and drop interfaces work universally across devices. Whereas desktop converters may enable finer quality tuning but need setting up.


Online tools leverage server farms for faster processing but this varies. Desktop apps with GPU acceleration provide max speed. Batch uploads are handy for large workloads.


Many unlimited use online converters covered here are 100% free. But desktop apps enable extra features potentially worth spending on. Consider pricing vs capabilities.

File Size

Online tools often have file size limits anywhere from 50MB to 10GB. Desktop apps are unrestricted but upload times may be prohibitive.

Audio Quality

All MP3 exports here should retain very high perceptual quality. But desktop tools give more tuning options to further refine audio parameters.

Ease of Use

Online converters focus on simplicity with just upload and convert steps in most cases. Desktop tools are more complex but offer reassuring progress displays and visual timelines.

Ultimately your choice comes down to your budget, how often you need to convert FLV files, and any specialized settings you want to change during conversion. Even the free online tools here all deliver great MP3 audio quality in a user friendly way.


This guide has covered 11 top-notch options for handling all your FLV to MP3 conversion needs. Leading online cloud platforms provide smooth browser-based file conversion fully free, while more advanced desktop applications enable finer tuning of audio parameters and faster turnaround.

We hope this overview gives you the details needed to select your ideal FLV to MP3 converter. Meeting your audio quality, cost and format compatibility needs.

Let us know your experiences with these tools and any other recommendations in the comments below!