10 Reasons You Should Choose Kinsta to Host Your WordPress Site

Choosing the right web host is crucial for any WordPress site, but especially if you are running an important business, ecommerce store or other mission-critical website. While there are many budget options out there, choosing a high quality managed WordPress host like Kinsta has significant advantages that are well worth the additional investment.

Why Cheap Hosting is Risky for WordPress

Many new site owners are tempted to save money upfront by going with cheap shared hosting plans from well-known providers like Bluehost, HostGator or GoDaddy. However, these budget options come with major hidden downsides when it comes to WordPress:

  • Poor performance – Shared servers are often overcrowded, leading to slow load times. This impacts SEO and conversion rates.
  • Frequent downtime – Cheap hosts tend to have reliability issues and downtime that could cost you sales.
  • Security risks – You share vulnerabilities of hundreds of other sites on the same server.
  • Lack of support – Getting professional WordPress support on a cheap oversold shared plan is near impossible.

Studies have shown poor hosting costs much more in lost revenue long term compared to paying for quality hosting upfront.

The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

This is where managed WordPress hosts like Kinsta shine…

Managed WordPress hosting providers specialize in:

  • Optimized hosting environments just for WordPress sites
  • Handling all back-end server configuration, updates and security
  • Scalability to handle traffic spikes
  • Expert support staff that know WordPress inside-out

Let‘s look at 10 key reasons Kinsta in particular stands out as a top choice for your WordPress hosting.

1. Easy to Use Interface

Kinsta provides one of the cleanest and most user-friendly interfaces available in the managed WordPress hosting space.

Key elements that make the Kinsta platform very accessible:

  • Intuitive dashboard provides all essential site information clearly at a glance
  • All features and options are just a few clicks away in the sidebar menu
  • Managing multiple WordPress sites, users, analytics etc can all be done seamlessly

You don‘t need a background in servers or hosting to effectively use Kinsta‘s dashboard to manage your WordPress sites.

2. Free Site Migrations

Migrating an existing WordPress site to a new host seems straightforward, but can involve significant complexity and downtime if not done properly.

With Kinsta‘s managed migration process you get:

  • Free migrations for standard WordPress sites
  • Seamless move without extended downtime
  • Assistance from Kinsta‘s WordPress experts as required

Migrations ensure you can switch your site over to Kinsta without business impact or loss of organic traffic.

3. Blazing Fast Performance

As a managed host built exclusively for WordPress, all of Kinsta‘s servers are heavily optimized out of the box for maximum WordPress performance.

Key optimizations they apply include:

  • Top tier Google Cloud infrastructure
  • Latest PHP versions
  • Caching techniques
  • CDN for assets
  • Limiting resource heavy plugins

This translates into industry leading speeds – with average page load times under 200ms for tested sites. Speed impacts organic traffic, rankings and conversions.

4. 24/7 Reliability

Downtime is unacceptable for any professional WordPress site owner.

Kinsta delivers outstanding reliability through:

  • Proactive server monitoring
  • Auto-healing technology
  • Regular automated backups
  • Geo-distributed failover

They detect and resolve the majority of issues before clients even raise them.

5. Enterprise-Grade Security

Kinsta offers security at a level unmatched by regular shared hosts:

  • Hardened Linux platforms
  • Rigorous firewall policies
  • Integrated DDoS protection
  • Server level Dual-Mode Virtual Private Cloud
  • Ongoing penetration testing

On top of infrastructure security you still get features like 2-factor authentication and IP Access Lists. Peace of mind for any business.

6. Developer Friendly Environment

Kinsta balances server access needed by developers without compromising backend security.

Key developer capabilities:

  • SSH, SFTP, WP-CLI access
  • Git integration
  • Local development with DevKinsta
  • Streamlined staging sites

WordPress developers can be fully productive working on Kinsta hosted sites.

7. Actionable Site Analytics

Understanding how your WordPress site performs is tremendously valuable. Kinsta includes an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool for key insights:

  • Database and back-end metrics
  • Error tracking
  • Caching efficiency
  • Time to first byte
  • CDN usage

The APM provides unprecedented visibility to optimize your stack.

8. At the Cutting Edge

As a company focused purely on managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta stays at the bleeding edge when it comes to supported technology.

For example, they were one of the first hosts to offer PHP 8 capacity not long after it was available.

Staying on top of innovations like PHP 8, HTTP/3 and new security standards future proofs your WordPress site.

9. WooCommerce Ready

Kinsta recognizes that WooCommerce now powers over 30% of online stores.

As a result their specialized WordPress hosting plans are built from scratch to provide the speed, reliability and support needed to drive a successful ecommerce store on WooCommerce.

This gives you peace of mind that your online income stream is hosted in a secure and scalable high performance environment.

10. Exceptional Support

Kinsta acknowledges that even experts need assistance at times.

Their in-house team offers exceptional 24/7 WordPress support via:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone support

The Kinsta support team all have deep WordPress experience to quickly resolve project issues.

While more expensive than shared bargain hosting, a quality managed host like Kinsta has compelling advantages:

  1. Speed – Fast servers, caching and CDN optimize performance
  2. Reliability – High uptime and automatic healing avoid costly downtime
  3. Security – Robust infrastructure level defenses keep sites bulletproof
  4. Support – Instant access to WordPress technical experts

Factor in the long term costs of downtime, slow traffic growth and security mishaps on cheap hosting alternatives – and Kinsta emerges as an extremely compelling option for serious WordPress sites from blogs to ecommerce.

The peace of mind from a proven, optimized and managed platform leaves you to focus on creating great content and growing your business.