10 Dedicated AMD Server Hosting Providers for Business

AMD server platforms like EPYC and Ryzen represent the future of dedicated hosting – delivering uncompromising scale, performance and value for increasingly parallel workloads.

Compared to costly Intel equivalents, AMD‘s architecture excels on key metrics from raw compute muscle and memory bandwidth to power efficiency and platform costs.

This expert guide explores 10 top dedicated AMD server hosting providers recommended for business applications.

We cover everything you need to select the right solution matching budget, features, and workload demands.

Let‘s first recap core benefits driving adoption of AMD-powered dedicated hosting before profiling our top recommendations.

Why AMD Servers Excel for Business Needs

Modern business workloads like large dynamic web apps, gaming environments, media streaming, and scientific computing demand flexible scale.

AMD‘s x86 innovation provides a scalable architecture achieving more work per watt and dollar spent compared to rivals.

Greater Performance and Efficiency

Leveraging chiplet design and leading 7nm manufacturing – latest EPYC CPUs smash records on compute, I/O and memory bandwidth benchmarks at each price point.

Real-world tests demonstrate >50% higher performance for parallel workloads like simulations, increased throughput for databases and analytics, and boosted user capacity for gaming servers and web applications.

And with PCIe® 4.0 support, AMD platforms access storage, GPUs and networking at double the speed of PCIe 3.0 alternatives.

All while beating Intel on performance per watt draw – crucial for large scale-out server farms and co-located hosting facilities.

More Cores and Bandwidth

AMD is rapidly growing market share based on a core count advantage over Intel Xeons especially in 1P configurations.

EPYC Rome 7742 processors pack an outrageous 64 cores and 128 threads into a single socket with ample L3 cache per core.

While 3rd-gen Ryzen chips bring up to 16 powerful 7nm cores to dedicated servers at very attractive price points.

With memory bandwidth up to 3200 MT/s, bottlenecks are eliminated for memory-intensive workloads.

Greater Value

The cost per core advantage allows more parallelization headroom for memory, compute and storage hungry applications – at budget friendly rates.

AMD is encroaching on Intel‘s enterprise stronghold by matching and even exceeding performance at around half the chip costs.

Savings extend to supporting hardware like motherboards and RAM too. Combined with energy savings, the total cost of ownership proposition is compelling.

For cost-conscious high workload scalability, AMD delivers in spades. Now let‘s explore top hosting providers offering dedicated AMD servers for business needs.

Liquid Web – Exceptional Premium Dedicated AMD

Founded way back in 1997, Liquid Web is a managed hosting veteran hugely respected for high-performance solutions. Their dedicated AMD server line-up sits at the premium end targeting mission-critical workloads.

Flexible Top-Tier Hardware

You can spec Liquid Web AMD configurations spanning:

  • Dual AMD EPYC Rome 7302P (16 Cores, 3.0GHz)
  • Up to 512GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • RAID1 Protected NVMe SSDs deliver ultrafast IOPS
  • 10Gbps Network Links

Supporting infrastructure matches the premium hardware with redundant power, cooling and connections. Liquid Web owns its data centers and opens them to customer inspection.

Uptime track records are fantastic – underpinned by facilities with roof-embedded backup generators, large-capacity UPS, and ample bandwidth interconnects.

Exceptional Support Services

But Liquid Web‘s greatest strength lies in service and support which matches the premium infrastructure. An experienced team of Linux, Windows and application experts operate 24/7 with rapid response times via phone, chat or tickets.

They deliver a 100% network uptime SLA alongside high-touch managed services like:

  • Enhanced DDoS mitigation
  • Automated backups
  • Auto healing restarts crashed processes
  • Zero downtime updates
  • Dedicated CTO advising larger accounts

With over 500,000 sites trusting Liquid Web, they offer an exceptional AMD hosting solution for business-critical workloads.

Liquid Web is the leader if you want a fully managed, high-touch solution with expertise ensuring maximum uptime.

Liquid Web Data Center Racks

One of Liquid Web‘s data halls packed with server hardware

LeaseWeb – Customizable EPYC Global Infrastructure

Dutch hosting company LeaseWeb has over 20 years experience provisioning infrastructure. They operate across a vast footprint of over 17 data centers spanning 4 continents.

LeaseWeb configures dedicated AMD servers equipped with:

  • Single or Dual EPYC Processors (up to 48 Cores)
  • Up to 1.5 TB ECC RAM
  • SSD/NVMe Storage with capacities up to 3.84TB
  • BGP-routed 10Gbps Network Links

You enjoy tons of flexibility choosing storage, memory, bandwidth and even Linux distro to match application needs precisely.

Robust Security

Facilities boast an array of compliance certifications like ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS with stringent physical safeguards and operational controls.

DoS/DDoS protection comes built-in harnessing Layer 3+4 filtering plus scrubbing from third-party specialists. You can enhance protection further with LeaseWeb‘s upgraded DDoS IP Protection service.

With over 3000 customers in the financial sector alone trusting LeaseWeb, their infrastructure offers hardened protection for sensitive data.

Customization Without Compromise

LeaseWeb allows selecting the closest data center to deploy your server matching latency needs and legal jurisdiction preferences.

They provide customizable EPYC servers available deployed globally – appealing for distributed architectures and international client bases.

Add premium support with assistance configuring architectures for scale, performance and fault tolerance. Their technical team helps optimize at the application level too.

For unmatched worldwide dedicated AMD flexibility, LeaseWeb is a leading contender.

Vultr – Global Bare Metal AMD Servers

Vultr brings tremendous value provisioning dedicated EPYC and Ryzen bare metal servers on per hour billing. Spin up fluidly as workload demands evolve.

Despite crazy affordable pricing starting around $10 monthly for basic instances, Vultr packs great baseline features:

  • DDoS Scrubbing
  • Real-Time Hardware Monitoring
  • IPv6 Support + Private Network Option
  • Fast SSD Storage + RAID 1 Mirroring
  • 17 Globally Distributed Data Centers

Optimized Configurations

Their one-click deploy EPYC plans come tailored for:

  • General Web Apps
  • High Memory Needs like In-Memory Databases
  • Massive Storage for Data Warehousing
  • High Compute Tasks like Video Encoding

So you avoid time configuring server components from scratch. Vultr also publishes easy startup guides for popular apps – from WordPress to open source ML stacks.

While less hand-holding than managed providers, Vultr delivers on performance, flexibility and transparency often missing with budget hosting. Their intuitive control panel and API makes server management simple too.

For a superb mix of value, performance and control on demand…Vultr leads for sporadic dedicated AMD needs.

Contabo – Bare Metal AMD from €49

Germany‘s Contabo configures dedicated AMD servers equipped with:

  • Single or Dual EPYC (up to 64 Cores)
  • Up to 384GB DDR4 RAM
  • 480GB+ NVMe SSDs deliver speedy IOPS
  • 100TB Traffic Limits

Despite bargain basement rates starting at €49 monthly, you still get nice bonus features:

  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Basic DDoS Filtering
  • Optional Plesk or cPanel
  • Rapid Deployment SLA – Under 10 Minutes
  • Transparent Real-Time Inventory

By publishing live infrastructure stats, Contabo is upfront about provisioning times and spare capacity. This allows rapidly acquiring and releasing server capacity matching sudden spikes.

Flexible Self-Managed Focus

While Contabo won‘t hold your hand migrating stacks or tuning SQL queries, their AMD configurations offer flexibility with almost zero frills.

German meticulousness ensures robust security and attention to hardware detail often missing with other budget providers abroad.

For unfussy yet rapid dedicated EPYC and Ryzen servers custom-tailored in the EU, Contabo hits the mark.

Contabo Server Racks

Contabo‘s modern data center keeps over 5000 servers humming 24/7

OVHcloud – Global Bare Metal AMD Choice

European cloud leader OVHcloud offers both EPYC and Ryzen powered dedicated bare metal – with full freedom installing software.

Their servers come with no operating system pre-loaded – so you avoid lock in and retain flexibility. But this means admins must handle all aspects of server prep and management themselves.

OVHcloud allows picking data center location across North America, Europe and Asia. You also get:

  • Up to Dual AMD EPYC 7402P (24 Cores each)
  • 768GB+ DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 240GB+ NVMe SSDs deliver fast IOPS
  • Ample DDoS Filtering

OVHcloud connects data centers through their own private backhaul delivering excellent internal bandwidth and low latency. More variability comes when accessing wider internet routes at peak times.

Support options are relatively basic requiring using their community forums for debugging issues and how-tos. So factor in needing decent technical resources managing OVHcloud servers day-to-day.

For unfettered flexibility tailoring robust AMD infrastructure globally, OVHcloud excels.

Deciding The Optimal AMD Server Configuration

With flexibility comes decisions! As your dedicated AMD host tailors a solution matching needs, consider:

Application Profile

  • Web apps want faster individual cores
  • Data analytics love core count
  • Machine learning balances both

Sizing Core Resources

Picking AMD CPU model depends on:

  • Cores – more spreads work, enhances parallelism
  • Clock Speed – faster GHz good for soft real-time apps
  • Cache – bigger L3 cache reduces latency

Generally EPYC favored for enterprise applications, while Ryzen provides budget friendly options for SMB.

Provisioning Memory

Crucial capacity considerations:

  • Current usage – baseline requirement
  • Future demand – allow headroom to grow
  • Peak usage – accommodate temporary spikes

With AMD‘s generous memory bandwidth – size RAM amply to prevent bottlenecks.

Storage Selection

For best data access performance on AMD:

  • Interface – NVMe SSD delivers fastest response
  • Throughput – IOPS rating signals max transactions
  • Capacity – size for dataset now and future
  • Redundancy – RAID 1/10 for availability

Optimizing Performance

With an AMD server tailored, let‘s ensure your applications exploit capabilities fully:


Refactoring software to spread parallelizable work across AMD‘s plentiful cores prevents waste.

Resource Partitioning

Group CPU/memory intensive processes separately from background jobs. Assign processor affinities to prevent thread hopping.

Upgrading Code

Choose recent database, web/app server versions enhancing support for concurrency and scale-out.

Load Distribution

Front bigger apps with load balancers. Break monoliths into horizontally scalable microservices.

Eliminate Waits

Use profiling to trace time wasted waiting on I/O. Adding caching layers boosts response.

Through careful architecture choices, efficient data access patterns and monitoring – tailor applications to extract Maximum performance.

Finding Your Perfect Dedicated AMD Host

In closing, I hope this guide has showcased leading providers delivering versatile, high value AMD hosting:

LiquidWeb – exceptional premium support and uptime
Leaseweb – customized EPYC worldwide
Vultr – unmatched affordability and control
Contabo – rapid Germany-based deployment

Analyze your performance, scale and budget goals. Locate an AMD server host matching needs today with ability to grow tomorrow.

With game-changing dedicated platforms spanning EPYC and Ryzen – AMD provides compelling options outscaling and outperforming rivals substantially.

Now over to you – happy server hunting! Please share your onboarding experiences or queries via comments.