10 CTAs to Boost Your Website Conversions 2X

Calls-to-action (CTAs) play a crucial role in converting website visitors into leads and customers. An effective CTA clearly tells visitors the next step you want them to take, while communicating value and incentivizing action.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover 10 high-impact CTAs to significantly boost conversions on your website. You‘ll learn CTA best practices and analyze real-world examples from top brands getting it right. Let‘s dive in!

What Are CTAs and Why Do They Matter?

A call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to visitors designed to provoke an immediate response, usually to click or tap. CTAs come in many forms, like buttons, links, images, text, pop-ups and more.

Well-designed CTAs provide immense value, including:

  • Driving conversions by seamlessly guiding visitors to take your desired action
  • Tracking marketing effectiveness by linking CTAs to campaigns and measuring performance
  • Optimizing conversion funnels by identifying and improving pain points
  • Personalizing experiences through adaptable messaging tailored to visitors

Simply put, CTAs convert your passive website traffic into tangible business outcomes.

Without clear CTAs, even the most targeted traffic will leave without engaging further. That represents lost leads and revenue over the long-term.

Best Practices for High-Converting CTAs

While CTAs come in all shapes and sizes, the most effective ones follow core design and copywriting principles.

Here are best practices to maximize CTA performance:

Clear, Concise Messaging

Stick to simple language that immediately conveys value. Avoid vague messaging or overcomplicating offers.

Prominent Placement

Place CTAs strategically in the visitor‘s path where action aligns with their intent. Avoid hard-to-see areas.

High Visual Contrast

Use contrasting colors between the CTA and background make the CTA pop.

Direction Through Design

Use shapes, shadows and uniqueness to guide the visitor‘s eye towards the CTA.

Sense of Urgency

Prompt action by communicating scarcity or exclusivity.

Social Proof

Reinforce credibility by displaying evidence of existing customer adoption.

Continual Testing

The optimization process never stops. Continually A/B test against KPIs.

With those principles established, let‘s analyze 10 highly effective CTA types with real-life examples.

1. Read/Learn More CTAs

Read more or "learn more" CTAs encourage visitors to continue engaging with your content in exchange for providing added value.

They work especially well in blogs, guides, and other educational content once interest is piqued.

HubSpot sets an excellent example with prominent positioning and high-contrast "Read More" links embedded early on in their informational blog posts:

HubSpot Read More CTA example

For this CTA type, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Place early in content to direct readers to click and continue engaging
  • Link to relevant information delivering the promised value
  • Prompt urgency by hinting at exclusivity of the insight being provided
  • Create stickiness and convert readers into subscribers and potential leads

By guiding visitors to extended value, "read more" CTAs increase time-on-site, social shares, return visits and more.

2. Lead Magnet CTAs

Lead magnet offers incentivize visitors to exchange contact information for access to premium content. Types of lead magnets include ebooks, whitepapers, email courses, free trials, coupons and webinars.

This enables you to capture visitor data while providing immense value upfront, nurturing higher conversion potential.

In this example, niche job site FlexJobs offers an exclusive salary report guide in exchange for work email registration:

FlexJobs salary guide lead magnet CTA example

For lead generation CTAs, ensure:

  • High-value and relevant lead magnet aligned with audience interests
  • Clear value exchange stated upfront
  • Minimal barriers to entry with information requested proportional to offer
  • Links to seamless thank you/download page

With strategic positioning and targeting, lead magnet CTAs can uplift conversion rates by 100-500%.

3. Newsletter Subscription CTAs

Email newsletters keep audiences continuously engaged while promoting products, content, deals and events.

CTAs to subscribe to email lists are typically displayed in header/footer sections or popups.

Travel site The Points Guy displays newsletter CTAs prominently above menus in all pages. The positioning aligns perfectly visitor intent.

The Points Guy newsletter CTA example

For email list subscription CTAs,ensure:

  • Obvious placement in expected locations consistent across site
  • Display USP or "what‘s in it for me" value clearly
  • Use pop-ups sparingly yet effectively to capture attention
  • Offer "subscribe + bonus offer" lead magnet when possible

Newsletter CTAs initiate long-term visitor relationships that pay dividends over time. Segmentation and well-timed messaging will further boost conversions.

4. Contact Form Submissions

Contact forms on high-traffic pages allow prospective leads to conveniently ask questions or request callbacks from your sales team.

They capture visitor data through voluntary submission instead of requiring uncomfortable cold calls or emails. Contact forms also initiate sales conversations on the prospect‘s terms when buyer intent is strongest.

Cybersecurity platform Leonard uses an embedded contact form CTA prominently on high-value blog posts to capture lead details once visitors are engaged.

Leonard blog post contact form CTA example

For visitor-initiated contact form CTAs, focus on:

  • Contextual placement on pages/posts where pain points addressed
  • Clear communication of value exchange
  • Limited fields to avoid overwhelming visitors
  • Connection to CRM to notify sales on form submission

Placing contact forms on targeted content helps sales teams strike when the iron‘s hot to accelerate deals.

5. Event/Promotion CTAs

Limited-time events and promotions urgently prompt visitors to take advantage before missing out on deals or exclusives.

Words like "register now" and "ends soon" convey scarcity while the landing pages explain the events, webinars or sales on offer.

Business software giant Salesforce promotes a major conference for leaders by highlighting exclusivity and prestige gained by attending early.

Salesforce event promotion CTA example

When showcasing events or promotions, focus CTAs on:

  • Exclusivity or prestige conveyed by participating
  • Scarcity built through calls "…register now before spots sell out!"
  • Social proof elements demonstrating demand from others
  • Links to details on easy registration/purchase pages

Strategic urgency in CTAs can lift conversion rates on promotions by over 5X the usual.

6. Social Media Sharing CTAs

While having social share buttons helps, explicitly asking visitors to share drives much higher amplification.

Affiliate site FinanceBuzz creatively builds social proof and urgency around sharing informative and entertaining content to gain likes, follows, and visits.

FinanceBuzz social sharing CTA example

For social media CTAs, concentrate efforts on:

  • Interesting, original content worth sharing organically
  • Positive and entertaining sentiment encouraging organic advocacy
  • Displaying social proof elements like counters and follower counts
  • Prominent cross-channel calls to subscribe, not just share

Getting existing audiences to share content they love accelerates organic reach and conversions. Time it right!

7. Lead Nurturing CTAs

Lead nurturing continues contact with prospects through highly personalized content until they convert or become unqualified.

CTAs here promote demos, trials, consultations, content downloads and events to accelerate decisions.

Business consulting giant McKinsey nurtures executives by positioning exclusive industry content as gated offers in exchange for work emails. The relevance and prestige build familiarity with the brand over time.

McKinsey lead nurturing content CTA example

With lead nurturing CTAs, tick these boxes:

  • Hyper-personalized messaging based on prospect stage and intent
  • Gated value exchanges through content downloads, demos etc.
  • Showcasing existing client logos to highlight network value
  • Connection to CRM to track engagement over time

When timed correctly, targeted lead nurturing CTAs deliver 60%+ higher sales-readiness than generic nurturing.

8. Related Content CTAs

Related content recommendations retain visitors by cross-linking valuable assets across your site, channel or network.

News company Vox Media gamifies recommendations and creates reason to explore suggestions on trending topics.

Vox Media related content CTA example

For visitor-friendly related content CTAs focus on:

  • Curating topically relevant recommendations
  • Displaying preview images/videos to entice continued engagement
  • Cross-linking channels to retain audiences
  • Calls to subscribe for power users who consume more

Related content CTAs boost pageviews per session for short term gains, and increase repeat visits over the long run.

9. Free Trial / Demo CTAs

Product trial or demo access lets prospective customers experience full benefits first-hand before committing precious budget.

Many top software brands offer time-bound trials, like 2 weeks, to nurture leads effectively.

Business management platform Asana uses scarcity and social proof in their 14-day trial CTA to accelerate signups.

Asana platform free trial CTA example

For free trial CTAs optimize for:

  • Generous trial lengths conveying premium access
  • Displaying logos of existing users to highlight credibility
  • Countdown timer on offer with seconds ticking down
  • Easy start button leading visitors into experience fast

Personalized trial CTAs tied to relevant buyer stages show up to 300% higher prospect-to-customer conversion rates.

10. Contact Sales CTAs

Some brands choose direct and transparent "Contact Sales" CTAs when visitors show clear buying signals.

These accelerate deal velocities by promptly connecting sales reps to guide hot prospects through the finish line. No guessing!

Cybersecurity awareness startup SoSafe places a clear call to get pricing and demos from rep to capture near-ready buyers researching their market category.

SoSafe contact sales CTA example

For sales contact CTAs ensure:

  • Clear intent capture through visitor research stages
  • Prominent placement on key pricing/solution pages
  • Prepared sales teams to handle inbound leads
  • CRM tracking of every CTA click and outcome

Explicit sales contact CTAs provide the last-mile personal touch to accelerate deals and forecasting when buyers are ripe.

CTA Best Practices – FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around optimizing CTAs:

What are some common CTA mistakes?

Flaws like poor placement, weak designs, confusing copy, lack of personalization and not testing hurt CTA performance. Avoid them!

Can you have too many CTAs?

Yes, absolutely. Too many CTAs overwhelm visitors and dilute messaging cut-through. Stick to one primary + 1-2 supporting CTAs per page.

How should I A/B test CTAs?

Use tools to test CTAs against KPIs like click-through-rate and conversion rate. Examine visitor behavior and optimize accordingly. Iteratively improve CTAs over time.


With the right strategic approach, CTAs can become invaluable assets that lift all metrics across acquisition, conversion and retention.

As discussed, each CTA type serves specific purposes. Audit your visitor journeys to determine priority needs.

While this guide focused on copy and creatives, technical site integration is equally important for CTA success.

Now that you‘re armed with CTA best practices and real examples from leading brands, it‘s time to start testing and iterating your way to higher conversions!