10 Carbon Accounting Platforms to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Concern over climate change is growing rapidly, compelling businesses to analyze and reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon accounting platforms are invaluable tools to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accurately and establish effective reduction strategies.

This article reviews 10 top carbon accounting solutions that empower organizations on their journey towards net-zero emissions.

What Are Carbon Accounting Platforms?

Carbon accounting platforms quantify and track the GHG emissions from a company‘s operations and value chain. They measure all three emissions scopes using robust calculations and hard data for precision.

The purpose of carbon accounting is to:

  • Identify major emission sources
  • Set science-based reduction targets
  • Develop practical mitigation strategies
  • Track progress over time

Adopting a carbon accounting platform brings several key benefits:

  • Transparency: Provides statistical evidence of decarbonization efforts to prevent accusations of greenwashing
  • Meeting goals: Enables setting and achieving net-zero emission targets
  • Growth: Attracts investors and customers focused on sustainability
  • Compliance: Facilitates adherence to current and emerging climate regulations
  • Environment: Reduces emissions to benefit the planet

The top 10 carbon accounting platforms available today are:

Platform Key Features
Normative Detailed insights, automated data flows
Supercritical Compliance, premium carbon removal marketplace
Net0 Comprehensive, AI-powered real-time tracking
Credible Built-in calculator, transparent reporting
Plan A Certified methodology, tangible results
Consequence Streamlined data flows, chose offsets
Greenly Simple dashboard, expert advisors
Avarni Robust calculations, supplier engagement
Sweep User-friendly, automated tracking
Persefoni Industry insights, trusted solution

Now let‘s explore the key capabilities of each platform in greater depth.

1. Normative

Normative delivers precise and dependable carbon accounting tailored to an organization‘s specific needs…

2. Supercritical

Supercritical focuses exclusively on offering premium carbon removal credits to balance emissions…

3. Net0

Net0‘s revolutionary platform harnesses automation and AI to make carbon tracking easy and accurate…

4. Credible

Credible provides a customizable system to calculate, analyze and disclose emissions efficiently…

5. Plan A

Plan A is an award-winning sustainability software ensuring alignment with strict international protocols…

6. Consequence

Consequence simplifies carbon monitoring by consolidating calculation, tracking and offset selection…

7. Greenly

Ideal for small businesses, Greenly‘s intuitive interface simplifies the process of analyzing and reducing emissions…

8. Avarni

Avarni shines with its end-to-end capabilities for quantifying and managing carbon emissions across the value chain…

9. Sweep

Sweep makes carbon tracking approachable through user-friendly data importing and task management functionality…

10. Persefoni

Backed by climate experts and industry leaders, Persefoni delivers authoritative footprint analysis and reporting…

Beyond Carbon Accounting

While measuring emissions is the critical first step, organizations must take action through science-aligned targets and practical reduction initiatives across operations, supply chain and even offsets.

Several technology trends are also beginning to transform carbon accounting:

  • Automation – Auto-syncing data flows from IoT sensors and APIs
  • Blockchain – Cryptographic verification of carbon credits
  • AI – Recommending tailored reduction strategies

Choosing the Right Platform

With many carbon accounting solutions now available, focus on finding one that best matches your business attributes:

Industry – Seek expertise in your specific sector
Business model – Prioritize key emission scopes
Scale – Ensure scalability as you grow
Budget – Compare pricing models
Capabilities – Custom vs out-of-the-box analysis
Credibility – Review reports, methodologies and certifications


Adopting carbon accounting is a vital step to take responsibility for your environmental footprint. The featured platforms offer robust tools to measure emissions accurately, develop reduction strategies and track progress towards decarbonization goals.

Selecting a solution tailored to your business needs will empower your organization to make an meaningful impact in the race to reach global net-zero emissions.