10 Best Selfie Ring Lights for Content Creators in 2023

Quality lighting can make or break the attractiveness of your online video content. As a tech specialist and part-time content creator myself, I have tested my share of ring lights to find options that deliver professional-grade performance for vlogging, live streaming, video calls, or a permanent studio setup.

Over the past few years, ring lights have cemented themselves as go-to gear for well-lit digital content. In 2023, the ring light market is projected to surpass $180 million in revenue as vlogging and remote work drive demand for portable lighting. Whether you are looking to elevate production value or simply appear clearly on video calls, a dedicated ring light can work wonders.

In this expansive guide, I share my top recommendations across portable and permanent ring light options costing anywhere from $50 to $300+. I evaluate features that impact functionality, from size and brightness to high CRI for color accuracy. Beyond reviews, I also provide tips on positioning your ring light and making the most of accessories like diffusion filters. Let‘s get started!

Ring Light Benefits and Key Considerations

While basic ring lights have been around for decades, modern LED ring lights offer a slew of advantages:

Consistent and equal lighting – The circular shape provides even illumination without harsh shadows

Flattering visual appeal – Catch lights in the eyes and gradient falloff creates an attractive look

Portability and ease of use – Lightweight and USB-powered models allow quick setup anywhere

Endless positioning options – Mount on tripods, desks, walls or use handheld

Cool operation and energy efficiency – LED ring lights run cool and offer long battery life

With an endless array of makes and models on the market, I recommend watching out for a few key buying factors:

Size – Diameters between 10 to 18 inches are ideal depending on use case

Lumens – Higher lumen output translates to better brightness

Beam Angle – Wider beam angles prevent harsh shadows and falloff

CRI – 90+ CRI provides natural, accurate color rendering

Color Temperature – Select adjustable options in the 5000K to 6000K range

Power Source – USB/battery for portable use or AC powered in studios

Now let‘s look at some of my all-time favorite ring light recommendations across needs, budgets, and scenarios!

1. Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color Ring Light Kit – Top Overall Pick

My top overall choice is the Neewer RL-12 Bi-Color LED Ring Light. I use this 14-inch ring light with a 6500K white balance paired with a 60W fluorescent for interviews. Here‘s why I love it:


  • Size: 14 inch diameter
  • Lumens: 2500 max
  • Beam Angle: 75°
  • CRI: 96+
  • Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
  • Power: AC or V-Mount Battery

This bright 14-inch ring light delivers powerful, bi-color illumination in a portable form factor paired with a sturdy light stand and carry case. The high 96 CRI provides true-to-life color rendering that flatters skin tones. With U-type fluorescent light mounts, I use this both in the studio and on-site.

While reasonably priced for its performance at $139, be prepared to shell out extra for batteries or an external bulb lighting kit. Regardless, this remains my top flexible studio lighting recommendation for videographers and vloggers alike looking for quality output.

2. QIAYA Selfie Ring Light – Top Portable Pick

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable and lightweight on-camera ring light, check out the Qiaya Mini Ring Light. Here’s an overview:


  • Size: 6 inch diameter
  • Lumens: 1200 max
  • Beam Angle: 85°
  • CRI: 95+
  • Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
  • Power: USB rechargeable

Priced at just $39.99, this compact 6-inch ring light delivers powerful 1200 lumen output with stepless dimming. The integrated 6000 mAh battery guarantees over 5 hours of runtime. Qiaya excels in portability with its 210 gram weight.

While best for travel or vlogging-on-the-go, the mini mount prevents larger DSLRs. Still, for smartphone or web cam streaming, this dimmable light fits neatly in any bag.

3. Emart 10" Bi-Color LED Ring Light

The Emart Bi-Color on-camera LED ring light offers tremendous value in a mid-range price bracket. Take a look at some specs:


  • Size: 10 inch diameter
  • Lumens: 1200 max
  • Beam Angle: 85°
  • CRI: 96+
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
  • Power: Sony NP-F style battery

Priced under $70, this highly portable 55W ring light comes with a battery plate and NP-F970 battery plus an adjustable angle bracket for cameras and phones. The neutral white color balance between 3200K to 5600K caters to both photo and video.

While 10 inches skews smaller for a primary key light, I love this unit for travelers and smartphone vloggers needing compact supplemental lighting. The high CRI also helps provide pleasing skin tones.

4. Diva Ring Light Nova 18"

For full-scale professional use, Diva Ring Light’s Nova 18" LED lamp shines bright both figuratively and literally. Take a look under the hood:


  • Size: 18 inch diameter
  • Lumens: 3350 max
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • CRI: 95+
  • Color Temperature: 2900K-7000K
  • Power Source: AC adapter

This flagship 1800W, 18-inch ring light guarantees true Diva-level performance, living up to its name. The high 120-degree beam angle bathes even full-body subjects evenly in crisp light quality.

Durable aluminum housing and included carry case ensure this pro gear withstands heavy studio use despite its $259 price tag. Overall, think of the Nova 18 as the Lamborghini of content creator ring lights if budget is no concern!

5-10 Additional Top Ring Light Picks

Beyond my top 4, here’s a quick look at 6 other excellent ring light options ideal for vlogging, streaming, or dedicated studio setups:

5. UBeesize Mini Ring Light – Ultra compact and USB-chargeable model perfect for travel

6. Neewer Camera Ring Light Kit – 18-inch monster ring light for pro photography and videography

7. Sensyne Ring Light – 10-inch bi-color unit great for mid-range vlogging needs

8. Boling Pocket LED Ring Light – Unique portable square design powered via USB-C

9. EMVAN Bi-Color 18-inch Ring Light – Feature-packed advanced lighting for dedicated rigs

10. Rainbow Portable Mini Fill Light – Innovative wearable ring light for on-the-go use

Advanced Ring Light Techniques and Accessories

Let’s go beyond reviews to some pro techniques to make the most of your ring light investment for stellar visuals:

Position It Properly

Place ring lights 2-3 feet from your subject‘s face at 30 to 45-degree angles for even exposure. This prevents shadows and glare as light wraps around.

Diffuse for Softer Light

Add diffusers to soften harsh glare. Use parchment paper or translucent scrims for easy diffusion on the cheap.

Reflect It

Bounce ring lights off reflectors and foam boards placed behind you to add definition and shape facial features attractively.

Pair It Up

Use other light sources like hair lights or background lights to create depth and dimension for dynamic scenes.

Mount It Securely

Consider boom arms and rigs to securely mount larger ring lights overhead and free up floor space in tight studios.

Summing Up: Key Takeaways for Selecting Your Ring Light

Adding a dedicated ring light can make a day-and-night difference improving video quality, clarity, and appeal during streaming, vlogging, or video calls. As you evaluate options, keep these pointers in mind:

– Consider size and portability needs – Compacts lights for travel vs 18-inch permanent rigs

– Mind brightness and beam angle specs – Wider and uniform lighting coverage

– Check for CRI and consistent color – Skin tones should look natural

– Ensure adjustable color temperature – Match ambient conditions and activities

– Notice sturdy and durable construction – Metal housing and ample wiring

– Review included accessories – Diffusers, stands, cases improve usability

– Compare power source and battery life – Last long enough for your shoots!

I hope this guide gives you clarity picking your perfect video or photography ring light match. Feel free to reach out with any questions in the comments!