10 Best Receipt Scanner Apps/Tools to Keep Track of Expenses [2023]

Tracking expenses is a necessary but often tedious task for both individuals and businesses. However, receipt scanner apps provide an easy and efficient way to digitize paper receipts and keep financial records organized.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the key features you should look for in receipt scanning software as well as provide reviews of the 10 top apps in 2023. Whether you need basic expense tracking or more advanced reporting, there is a receipt management solution here to meet your needs.

What Are Receipt Scanner Apps and Why Use One?

Receipt scanner apps allow you to take pictures of physical, paper receipts and convert them into digital copies. The receipts are then extracted using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and stored in the app or synced to cloud-based storage.

Here are some of the major benefits of using a receipt scanning app:

  • Digitizes paper receipts for easy online storage and access
  • Extracts key details from receipts automatically
  • Organizes expenses for tracking spending habits and categories
  • Creates reports for accounting, reimbursement, and tax purposes
  • Syncs data with other finance programs and reduces manual data entry
  • Backs up important financial documents to the cloud

For both individuals and accountants, receipt scanner apps eliminate the hassles of tracking paper receipts. They save time, reduce errors that occur with manual data entry, and provide convenience through mobile access.

Key Features to Look for in Receipt Scanning Software

With many receipt scanner apps available, it’s important to understand the key features that set the best options apart.


For businesses that need to capture receipts from employees in the field, portability is key. Look for mobile apps and devices like portable scanners that offer versatility.

Online Availability

Web and cloud-based receipt scanners enable anywhere access from multiple devices. They also allow integration with accounting software for seamless data transfer.

Storage and Security

Consider both your storage needs and data security requirements. Many apps provide cloud storage but may limit capacity on free plans. Encryption and restricted access help keep financial data safe.


Fast receipt scanning is essential for processing high volumes. Look for apps that can capture receipt images rapidly in just a few seconds.

File Formats

The required file format depends on your intended use. Make sure the app you choose can export scanned receipts as formats like JPEG, PDF, CSV, or Excel.


Easy exporting allows you to use receipt data with other programs. The best receipt scanners have export capabilities and integrations with accounting software.

The 10 Best Receipt Scanner Apps for 2023

1. Neat Receipts

Neat Receipts provides a mobile scanner, intelligent data extraction, and seamless syncing through NeatCloud.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, portable scanner connects via USB
  • Scans receipts, business cards, and documents
  • Extracts and organizes relevant receipt details
  • Sync and access files from any device
  • Integrates with accounting software
  • Free cloud storage and backup

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android

2. SparkReceipt

SparkReceipt leverages AI through ChatGPT for automated data extraction. It also enables easy sharing and unlimited cloud storage.

Key Features

  • Receipt scanning powered by ChatGPT AI
  • Expense and income tracking
  • Daily currency conversions across 150+ currencies
  • Inclusive and exclusive tax support
  • Email forwarding into app
  • Unlimited storage for financial docs
  • Accountant collaboration

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android

3. Dext

Dext organizes receipts and documents with over 99% accuracy. It also delivers extracted data directly into accounting systems.

Key Features

  • Organizes both paper and digital financial documents
  • Uses AI to accurately extract key details
  • Direct integration with leading accounting software
  • Automates data entry tasks for bookkeeping

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android

4. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed offers reliable digital receipt storage along with extract data and reporting for taxes.

Key Features

  • Digitizes paper receipts through scanning & email
  • Human-verified data extraction
  • Receipt categorization and labeling
  • Searchable cloud storage
  • Export reports for accounting & reimbursement

Platforms Supported

  • Android

5. Easy Expense

Easy Expense leverages AI to extract receipt data like vendor, taxes, and totals. It also links with bank transactions.

Key Features

  • AI-powered data extraction
  • Offline capability
  • Auto-sync receipts to cloud
  • Bank integration for enhanced tracking
  • Review expenses in bulk

Platforms Supported

  • Android

6. Expensify

Expensify allows unlimited receipt scans. It also offers handy features like mileage tracking and next-day reimbursement.

Key Features

  • Unlimited receipt scanning
  • Mileage tracking
  • Automated data extraction
  • Easy approval routing & reimbursement
  • Integrates with accounting software

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android

7. Smart Receipts

Transform your phone into a receipt scanner with Smart Receipts. Generate custom reports in PDF format.

Key Features

  • Uses phone camera to scan receipts
  • Configurable PDF expense reports
  • Organizes 20+ receipt data types
  • Export options to share reports

Platforms Supported

  • Android

8. Foreceipts

Foreceipts offers easy receipt capture along with comprehensive expense reporting.

Key Features

  • Stores paper and digital receipt images
  • Automated receipt data extraction
  • Generates expense reporting for accounting
  • Share reports in Excel or PDF formats

Platforms Supported

  • Android

9. Veryfi

Veryfi provides a highly advanced OCR API for in-depth receipt data extraction.

Key Features

  • Leading data extraction accuracy
  • Structures unstructured receipt data
  • Extracts line item purchases to SKU-level
  • Integrates with business processes

Platforms Supported

  • Android

10. ReceiptPal

Upload receipts to ReceiptPal to earn rewards and gift cards for Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more.

Key Features

  • Scan and upload receipts to earn points
  • Redeem rewards include gift cards & cash prizes
  • Receipt images used for market research
  • Quick reward center redemption

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android

Comparing the Top Receipt Scanner Apps

While all these apps help digitize paper receipts, they vary widely in specific features and pricing models.

Neat Receipts and Shoeboxed focus heavily on providing mobile scanning hardware while Expensify and Smart Receipts transform phones into scanners.

SparkReceipt, Dext, and Veryfi leverage sophisticated AI and machine learning for unparalleled accuracy. These tools integrate tightly with accounting systems to enable seamless financial workflows.

Easy Expense and Foreceipts provide broad expense tracking functionality beyond basic scanning. And ReceiptPal focuses solely on rewarding users for receipt uploads.

Pricing options range from free plans for basic users to paid subscriptions with more storage, features, and integrations for demanding business needs.

When evaluating receipt scanner apps, carefully weigh factors like scanning method, storage, reporting features, accounting software integrations, and pricing to ensure a good match.

How to Choose the Best Receipt Manager App

With many great options available, making the right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Here are key considerations when selecting receipt scanning and management software:

Freelancers/Personal Finance

  • Number of monthly receipts captured
  • Required storage to determine free vs. paid plans
  • Reporting features needed (basic vs. advanced)
  • Integrations with other finance tools

Small Businesses

  • Number of employees or expense reports
  • Quality and accuracy of OCR capabilities
  • Storage needs across the organization
  • Capability to handle reimbursements
  • Compatibility with accounting systems

If advanced features become necessary as your business grows, start with free tools like Neat Receipts or Smart Receipts to test capabilities.

For demanding enterprise use, Dext and Veryfi provide state-of-the-art automation tied directly into corporate accounting and ERP software.

All Users

Regardless of your use case, prioritize an intuitive mobile app, top-notch OCR accuracy, responsive customer support, data security, and ease of data exports.

Key Takeaways on Receipt Apps

  • Receipt scanner apps digitize paper receipts using mobile devices and OCR technology.
  • They eliminate manual data entry and help organize expense tracking.
  • Key features include scanning capabilities, storage, integrations, OCR accuracy, formats, and exports.
  • Leading options provide versatile scanning methods powered by AI for impeccable data.
  • Prices range from free to paid plans based on number of features and use cases.
  • Carefully evaluate scanning volume, integrations required, reporting needs, and ease of use.

Adopting receipt scanning and management software enables businesses and individuals to achieve major time savings, convenience, and organization around expense tracking.

Hopefully this guide has helped identify the best receipt scanner app aligned with your specific needs and budget. Leveraging these tools can provide big dividends around financial workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the receipt scanning and data extraction?

Thanks to advancing OCR capabilities, receipt scanning accuracy is now extremely reliable, especially among top solutions like Dext and Veryfi. However, scanning issues can still occur, so having some human verification ensures integrity for critical financial data.

Can expenses in multiple currencies be handled?

Yes, leading receipt apps handle exchanges across hundreds of global currencies. Rates are updated daily so reports always reflect current conversions.

What about receipts with faded text or other imperfections?

Unfortunately, receipt scanners still struggle with faded ink, smudges, shadows, and other imperfections during the scan process. These difficulties lower the accuracy substantially whenever imperfect images are captured.

How are multi-page receipts handled?

Multi-page receipts are common with certain expenses like travel reimbursements. The latest apps automatically prompt users to capture additional pages, then intelligently merge them into a single receipt record.

Can I retrieve data if I switch platforms later?

Losing access to your data would provide massive headaches down the road. So when researching apps, always confirm capabilities exist for bulk receipt data exports from cloud storage so this info can be accessed even if you switch platforms later.