10 Best Plugins to Convert WordPress Sites to Mobile Apps

As an experienced WordPress developer and mobile technologist, I receive many inquiries from site owners interested in converting their existing platform into mobile apps. This interest continues to grow exponentially based on mobile‘s enormous impact – over 60% of web traffic now originates from smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, businesses feel compelled to meet rising consumer demand for mobile capabilities. Research indicates over 80% of customers believe companies should offer a mobile app presence. Yet many WordPress site owners shy away from mobile app development due to perceptions of complexity and high costs.

The good news is WordPress offers plugins that simplify website conversion to fully native iOS and Android apps. These solutions handle all complex coding and infrastructure demands behind the scenes. This allows you to focus strictly on assembling an engaging, on-brand mobile experience tailored to your business needs.

In this comprehensive guide designed for both technical and non-technical readers alike, I‘ll uncover the 10 best mobile app plugins for WordPress. You‘ll learn their key capabilities, pros and cons, pricing, and ideal use cases. My goal is to equip you with the details necessary to determine which platform best fits your requirements and resources.

I‘ll also share data and statistics demonstrating mobile‘s expanding impact and business benefits. By article‘s end, you‘ll possess the knowledge to confidently choose a conversion solution to cost-effectively mobilize your WordPress presence. So let‘s dive in!

The Mobile Imperative

Let‘s begin by examining key statistics revealing mobile‘s rising prominence as well as the benefits of offering mobile apps:

  • Mobile internet usage now exceeds desktop access, with over 60% of traffic originating from smartphones and tablets as of 2022 (Source: StatCounter).
  • On Android devices, mobile apps account for 90% of time spent versus just 10% for mobile web (Source: App Annie).
  • 80% of total time spent in apps is concentrated in just 5 apps per user on average (Source: Comscore).
  • Consumers overwhelmingly want companies to offer mobile apps – 85% believe brands should have a mobile presence (Source: Statista).
  • 72% of customers feel more positive about companies that offer companion mobile apps (Source: Progress).
  • Businesses theorize they could increase revenue by an average of 34% through mobilization efforts (Source: Clutch).

This data spotlights a few critical insights. First, mobile dominates as the primary digital interface – desktop-only sites neglect majority of traffic. Secondly, users strongly gravitate toward apps over mobile web. Finally, consumers clearly expect and reward brands offering robust mobile capabilities.

For WordPress site owners, these trends signal an urgent imperative to mobilize through conversion to native iOS and Android apps. Failure to provide an app risks falling behind competitors. Thankfully, WordPress plugins eliminate major barriers making this transition surprisingly seamless.

Now let‘s explore the top solutions available.

Why Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App?

Before reviewing the leading plugins, let‘s discuss key reasons for mobilizing your WordPress site:

  • Better User Experience – Apps offer more customization and advanced features like push notifications and offline mode – driving higher engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increase Engagement Rates – Apps provide easy access encouraging more frequent sessions, pageviews, and overall site stickiness.
  • New Revenue Opportunities – You can introduce in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising – opening new income streams.
  • Gain User Insights – Mobile apps provide rich analytics detailing user behaviors, preferences, locations, demographics and more.
  • Enhanced Branding & Loyalty – An app strengthens brand identity and lets you directly interact with users to foster loyalty.

The data clearly shows that users want mobile apps. Transforming your WordPress presence allows you to remain competitive while unlocking major commercial opportunities.

Now let‘s explore the top plugins available.

1. AppMySite

AppMySite is an intuitive mobile app building plugin enabling you to quickly turn WordPress sites into custom iOS and Android apps. It handles all technical complexities behind the scenes so you can focus strictly on crafting an exceptional mobile experience.

Some standout capabilities:

  • Automatic synchronization of app content from WordPress site.
  • Match app design theme/branding to existing site.
  • Preview app changes real-time.
  • Monetize with native ads.
  • In-depth usage analytics and tracking.
  • Send targeted push notifications to re-engage users.

AppMySite radically minimizes the entire mobile app creation process. Within minutes, you can deploy native apps mirroring your site‘s appearance, content, and features.

Pricing starts at $99 per month with a 15-day free trial.

2. Appful

Appful earned distinction as a top WordPress mobile app plugin thanks to its fixation on performance. The platform aggressively optimizes apps for lightning quick response and load times across iOS and Android.

Appful delivers exceptional mobile experiences through:

  • Native app builds for both platforms.
  • Sleek, professional UI design options.
  • Real-time synchronization of content changes.
  • Support for full offline usage.
  • Access native device tools like camera and GPS.
  • Powerful analytics to track conversions, sales, and more.

Appful proves mobilization does not require performance sacrifices. For sites where speed is paramount, Appful offers an outstanding solution.

Plans start at $99 monthly after an initial testing period.

3. APPExperts

APPExperts simplifies getting custom mobile apps running for both major platforms through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The plugin handles coding and DevOps complexities enabling you to focus strictly on look, feel, and functionality.

Key APPExperts strengths include:

  • Visually customize app design with drag-and-drop editor.
  • Instant previewing of app changes.
  • Sync app content from WordPress site.
  • User analytics to understand engagement.
  • Custom launch screen branding.
  • Monetize via ads and in-app purchases.

For those desiring maximum creative control minus technical demands, APPExperts delivers with a free starter plan available.

4. WPMobile App

As the name indicates, WPMobile App rapidly converts WordPress into fully functional iOS and Android mobile apps. The plugin handles coding complexities so you can tailor sleek app experiences matching your brand identity through an easy-to-use interface.

WPMobile App advantages include:

  • Automatic syncing of WordPress content.
  • Accept and manage user submissions.
  • Monetization via in-app advertising.
  • Detailed analytics on usage and conversions.
  • Highly customizable to showcase branding.

WPMobile App makes mobilizing WordPress sites simple thanks to robust features combined with hassle-free setup. Pricing starts at $39 monthly.

5. MobiLoud

MobiLoud lets you easily turn WordPress sites into tailored mobile apps based on your specific business needs. Select either its specialized "News" platform for content-heavy sites or use the flexible no-code "Canvas" builder for everything else.

Reasons businesses pick MobiLoud:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop app creation process.
  • Cost-effective maintenance, updates and support.
  • Out-of-box industry-specific solutions.
  • One-click WordPress integration.
  • Focus on app speed optimizations.
  • Free upgrades and 24/7 support.

MobiLoud reduces the risks in app development by providing packaged solutions convertible to alternative platforms if needs change. Pricing starts at $99 per month for the DIY model.

6. AndroApp

AndroApp provides tremendous value by letting you convert WordPress sites into lightning-fast native Android apps. Despite Android-only support, the plugin still delivers excellent customization abilities at budget-friendly pricing.

AndroApp enables:

  • Material design mobile apps adhering to platform standards.
  • Blazing speeds via advanced caching capabilities.
  • Custom styling including branded fonts.
  • Monetization of app portals via ads.
  • Social sharing and comments.
  • Multi-language translations.

If Android support satisfies business needs, AndroApp warrants consideration starting at just $39 annually.

7. Stacks App

Stacks simplifies mobilizing WordPress by enabling anyone to build customized iOS and Android apps without coding via its flexible drag-and-drop builder. The plugin empowers you to assemble polished mobile apps showcasing your brand.

Notable features include:

  • Drag-and-drop flow to design layouts and arrange elements.
  • Professionally designed templates/themes to enhance apps.
  • Sync content from WordPress to app.
  • Monetize through ads.
  • WooCommerce store integration.
  • Multi-language translations.

For those seeking maximum design flexibility to craft bespoke mobile experiences, Stacks App warrants strong consideration. Pricing starts at $149 annually.

8. Appy Pie

Appy Pie makes it simple for WooCommerce businesses to unlock mobile commerce opportunities. The plugin delivers tailored iOS and Android apps specifically designed to mobilize online stores.

Reasons WooCommerce merchants prefer Appy Pie:

  • Specialized WooCommerce-ready app functionality.
  • Tons of customization options.
  • 2-way sync with store ensuring accurate app data.
  • Tools to boost site SEO.
  • Accept payments and enable subscriptions.
  • Analytics identifying customer behaviors.

For any WooCommerce site seeking mobile expansion, Appy Pie simplifies moving online stores to apps. Pricing starts at $150 monthly.

9. SuperPWA

SuperPWA enables you to easily mobilize WordPress sites by leveraging progressive web app (PWA) technology. The plugin handles technical configurations allowing you to focus exclusively on design personalization.

SuperPWA advantages:

  • Blazing fast page load times.
  • Effortless WordPress integration.
  • Attentive customer support.
  • Branding and design customizations.
  • Selective offline page access.
  • Automatic syncing of site updates.

For those strictly wanting speed plus branding options without native app constraints, SuperPWA warrants consideration. Pricing starts at an affordable $39 annually.

10. Appmaker

Appmaker enables you to easily mobilize WooCommerce stores by transforming them into branded iOS and Android apps without needing to code. Leverage its drag-and-drop builder and elements library to craft sleek eCommerce mobile apps.

Why businesses prefer Appmaker:

  • Works seamlessly with all major WooCommerce extensions.
  • Zero coding mobile app generation.
  • Apps include full ecommerce functionality.
  • Send unlimited push notification campaigns.
  • Support multiple languages and currencies.
  • User behavior analytics.

For WooCommerce owners seeking affordable DIY mobile app creation, Appmaker warrants strong consideration. Pricing starts at $69 monthly.

The Verdict?

The data reveals an obvious truth – mobile dominates as the primary digital interface. Users actively seek out and reward businesses delivering exceptional mobile experiences through apps.

Thankfully, WordPress makes mobilization surprisingly achievable thanks to plugins handling technical complexities. Now you can focus strictly on crafting engaging brand-aligned apps that convert.

The solutions showcased here simplify creating tailored iOS and Android apps matching your business goals. Evaluate options against budget, feature needs, and audience demands to determine the best fit. Then leverage these exceptional tools to cost-effectively mobilize your WordPress presence.

The mobile imperative is unavoidable – convert your site now and unlock new levels of consumer reach, engagement and revenue.