10 Best Password Managers for Android and iOS in 2023

Using weak, reused or unprotected passwords puts your personal information and device security at risk. A dedicated password manager app is essential for anyone who uses mobile devices to access online accounts. This comprehensive guide examines the 10 top-rated Android and iOS password managers to help you choose the right one.

Why You Absolutely Need a Password Manager

The average person has over 100 online accounts but only uses 6 different passwords across them, according to a recent LastPass survey. Such poor password hygiene stems from the difficulty of remembering unique, complex passwords for every account. It also gives cybercriminals an easy pathway to compromise multiple accounts by cracking just one reused password.

Dedicated password manager apps eliminate these threats by securely generating, storing and autofilling strong unique passwords for every account. They encrypt your password database locally on your device before syncing it to the cloud as an extra backup. Biometric login like fingerprint or face ID provides quick, secure access.

Key Features of a Reliable Password Manager

When evaluating password managers, the most important criteria are:

  • End-to-end encryption for local and cloud data storage
  • Zero-knowledge architecture so the provider cannot access your data
  • Secure password generation with customization options
  • Auto-fill login credentials across devices/browsers
  • Breach alerts when saved logins are compromised
  • Biometric login instead of master password

Secondary features like digital wallet storage, secure file sharing and family plans also add value for a password manager app.

The 10 Best Password Managers for Android and iOS

Based on security protocols, feature sets and real user reviews, these password managers stand out:

1. Dashlane

Dashlane is consistently rated as the best password manager for mobile and desktop. It excels at auto-filling login credentials faster than any competitor. The zero-knowledge encryption architecture prevents Dashlane from accessing user data. Unique features include a VPN service, secure document storage and facial recognition login.

Pros: Very fast auto-fill performance, zero-knowledge encryption, facial recognition login, VPN service included

Cons: Free plan lacks advanced features, relatively expensive premium plans

2. LastPass

LastPass has over 25 million business and personal users due to its user-friendly interface. The encrypted password vault is accessible on unlimited devices. LastPass lacks zero-knowledge encryption but has never suffered a significant breach. Unique multi-factor authentication options enhance security.

Pros: Very intuitive and easy to use, solid record on security, great for sharing logins across teams

Cons: Free version limits sharing, less innovation than newer companies

3. 1Password

1Password stands out for its travel mode to securely carry select passwords and for Watchtower to automatically update vulnerable passwords. Fast auto-fill, biometric login and a user-friendly design make it very convenient. All data is secured via end-to-end encryption.

Pros: Travel mode, Watchtower updates passwords, extremely user-friendly

Cons: Expensive, lacks secure file storage

4. Keeper

Keeper has powerful administrative controls for business users while retaining ease-of-use for individuals. It has never been successfully breached thanks to zero-knowledge encryption. Unique features include encrypted chat and file sharing between Keeper users.

Pros: Zero-knowledge encryption, encrypted messaging

Cons: Mobile app lacks polish, secure file sharing requires recipient to have Keeper

5. Enpass

Enpass is the best open-source password manager built on proven security protocols. Offline local encryption ensures only you can access the data. Cloud sync is available through third parties like Google Drive or Dropbox. One standout capability is storing other sensitive data beyond just passwords.

Pros: Local encryption, open-source transparency, flexible cloud sync options

Cons: sync limitations, steeper learning curve

6. NordPass

NordPass comes from the makers of the popular NordVPN service so security is top-notch. The clean, streamlined interface makes it easy for novices to start storing and filling passwords securely. Unique features include password health reports to identify weak/reused logins.

Pros: Strong security, great interface, password health reports

Cons: Limited auto-fill performance, no personal file storage

7. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a favorite open-source password manager praised for transparency, open API architecture and third-party integrations. The vault auto seals after being idle to prevent shoulder surfing. While the barebones interface lacks polish, Bitwarden offers unbeatable value.

Pros: Open source code, great third-party integration, sealed vault anti-snooping

Cons: Basic interface, no personal storage

8. RoboForm

Veteran password manager RoboForm has been securing logins since 1999. It remains extremely reliable for capturing passwords, fast auto-fill performance and multi-factor authentication. Free and premium plans meet diverse range of needs.

Pros: Industry pioneer, reliable auto-fill

Cons: Old-school interface, limited personal storage

9. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is designed specifically for ultimate security combining AES-256 encryption, salted password hashing and layered authentication. It has robust tools for emergency password access. The downside lies in poor interface design and limited real user reviews so far.

Pros: Strong security protocols and recovery tools

Cons: Clunky interface, lacking independent validation

10. Sticky Password

As the name suggests, Sticky Password excels at capturing existing passwords automatically instead of manually entering them into the vault. Biometric login and solid encryption provide security while easy migration tools import your current passwords.

Pros: Easy migration and capture of existing passwords

Cons: Old design, lacking features beyond password storage

Comparing the Top Password Manager Apps

Dashlane LastPass 1Password Keeper
Auto-Fill Speed Excellent Very Good Very Good Good
Encryption Zero-Knowledge AES-256 End-to-End Zero-Knowledge
Extra Features VPN, Digital Wallet & File Storage None Watchtower Encrypted Chat
Price Per Month $5 $3 $4 $3

Choosing the Ideal Password Manager

All password manager apps share the same core purpose of securing login credentials. But specific needs should guide your personal choice:

  • Groups and Families: Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password
  • Work Teams: LastPass, Keeper
  • File Encryption: Dashlane, Keeper
  • Emergency Backup: LogMeOnce
  • Open Source Transparency: Bitwarden, Enpass
  • Ultimate mobile convenience: Dashlane
  • Seamless migration: RoboForm, Sticky Password

Choosing among these excellent password managers really comes down to which features matter most to you and getting value for money paid.

Securing Your Password Manager

While password managers provide immense security advantages, you must take responsibility for properly safeguarding your encrypted database:

  • Use a strong master password only you know
  • Turn on 2-factor or biometric authentication
  • Always logout completely after using the mobile app
  • Backup your encrypted database separate from sync services
  • Update and patch software when new versions are available


Reusing simple passwords across mobile apps and accounts hands the keys to your digital kingdom over to hackers. Investing in a dedicated password manager app enables far stronger security through generated passwords, biometric access and military-grade encryption.

Any of the password managers reviewed above will serve you far better than basic browser storage. Take time to evaluate all the options because protecting every mobile login matters.