10 Best Football (Soccer⚽) Games to Play Again

Football, known as soccer in some countries, is the world‘s most popular sport with over 265 million players and 3.5 billion fans globally. Unlike many other sports, soccer has no age restrictions and can be enjoyed by all ages. Naturally, football video games have also grown tremendously in popularity over the years.

These virtual football games aim to mimic the experience of real matches. Fans can build fantasy teams, manage top clubs, or directly control players on the pitch for endless gameplay possibilities. Football games span across genres from sports simulations to arcade-style formats. Multiplayer capabilities also allow fans to compete and connect across the world.

As technology improves, football video games continue pushing new boundaries in graphics, controls, game modes, and overall realism. However, classic football titles also have nostalgic value for revisiting simpler yet intensely fun gameplay mechanics.

This article covers a mix of the latest soccer video game releases along with memorable classics worth replaying. Let‘s dive into the top football video games that fans should play again!

Types of Football Video Games

Before highlighting the top 10 titles, it helps to understand the major categories football games generally fall under:

Sports Simulation

These aim to simulate real-world football with extensive licensing, realistic graphics and gameplay, and modes like career mode and multiplayer seasons. Top examples include EA Sports‘ FIFA series and Konami‘s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series that compete head-to-head.


Arcade-style football games focus on faster-paced and exaggerated gameplay with easier controls. They spotlight fun over intricate simulations. Popular options include indie titles like Streets of Rage as well as traditional arcade platforms.

Management Simulation

Instead of controlling players directly, these games put you in the manager‘s hotseat. You take care of tasks like transfers, tactics, coaching, and club administration. It‘s all about the strategy behind the sport. Football Manager is the leading management simulation franchise.

Now let‘s jump into the top 10 all-time football video games that deserve replay value:

1. FIFA 22

The latest addition to EA Sports‘ heralded FIFA series, FIFA 22 takes the franchise to new heights across current-gen consoles like PlayStation 5. Powered by cutting-edge HyperMotion technology with advanced machine learning, over 4000 new animations make for ultra-fluid player movements and responsiveness.

From shot targeting to dribbling, FIFA 22‘s gameplay reaches new levels of realism. Set Piece rewrite also refines dead ball situations passages of play. Even subtle team behaviors like pointing for passes brings the beautiful game to life.

The acclaimed Career Mode receives its first meaningful upgrades in years with Create Your Club for founding custom teams and cinematic interactive matchdays. FUT 22 expands the series‘ famous Ultimate Team mode with Division Rivals.

Overall, FIFA 22 demonstrates why the franchise continues dominating the competition after over 25 years since FIFA International Soccer. Its adherence to polish and player-first mentality cements its reputation as the world‘s digital football brand for good reason

Price: $59.99
Buy (Playstation 5): [Amazon link]

2. eFootball PES 2022

Originally named Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Konami rebranded its acclaimed football simulation challenger to FIFA as eFootball PES starting 2018. Alongside standard annual iterations, the publisher also releases major free "season updates" during alternate years.

The most recent entry eFootball PES 2022 brings quality-of-life refinements through a season update building on eFootball PES 2021 foundations. While not quite achieving FIFA levels of polish, eFootball PES sells itself on superior ball physics and satisfying gameplay focused on creativity freedom.

The powerful new dribbling system dubbed "Intuitive Ball Control" ups 1v1 mastery while Team Play Style automatically adjusts formations/tactics across game situations.myClub also expands for greater customization freedom. Master League remains the deepest single-player career experience that lets you guide a fledgling club into a global institution over seasons.

Hardcore football fans seeking change from the FIFA formula should try eFootball PES 2022 for its fluid, player-centric take on The Beautiful Game.

Price: Free Update
Buy/Download (PlayStation 5): [Playstation Store link]

3. FIFA 16

Widely considered one of the best modern entries in the FIFA series, FIFA 16 added key improvements that still hold up reasonably well today like revamped defending intelligence. Teams can now deploy various formations without manually swapping players.

Female national teams entered the mix for the first time through Women‘s World Cup content. Best of all, FIFA 16 Career Mode introduces pre-season tournaments and progressive transfer/scouting systems for greater depth. Create A Player even enables editing kits with images.

While dated visually, FIFA 16 set new benchmarks for gameplay and modes that make revisiting worthwhile, especially considering its affordability these days. The game marked a high point for the series before declining Innovation in subsequent years.

Price: $10 – $15
Buy (Xbox One): [Amazon link]

4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

While recent PES iterations like eFootball 2022 offer the most realistic and fine-tuned experience, PES 2016 represented a special milestone thanks to achieving near-perfect balance between technical quality and accessible fun. Responsiveness obtained heightened levels of precision with TrueBall Tech calculating multiple factors for every touch.

But beyond enhancing realism, PES 2016 mastered approachability through myClub‘s Ultimate Team-esque card collecting and accessible controls that welcomed casual fans. Visually, player faces gained more recognizable details with advanced head scanning tech. PS4 users could even import images to customize kits.

For players seeking a snapshot of when the PES series delivered its most all-around package, PES 2016 is absolutely worth revisiting for both its quality and affordability.

Price: $15 – $20
Buy (PlayStation 3): [Amazon link]

5. FIFA 14

Powered by EA‘s new Ignite game engine alongside Xbox One/PS4 console launches, FIFA 14 ushered enhanced animations, responsiveness, and television-style presentation.

Over 1000 new types of skills amplify depth while Protect The Ball retains possession against swarms of defenders. The upgraded physics system calculates trajectories and speed for every touch, pass, shot or tackle based on in-game context. Set pieces also allow moving receivers for the first time.

Extra polish for broadcast packages with pre-game cinematics make for an engrossing football atmosphere. Considered a landmark entry, FIFA 14 illustrates how next-generation tech allows sports simulators to closely emulate real-life sports television.

Price: $10 – $20
Buy (Xbox One): [Amazon link]

6. Pro Evoltion Soccer 2015

While not a monumental leap over PES 2014, Konami‘s 2015 take on the beautiful game sufficiently upped refinements across the board while introducing new secondary tournaments and player facescan tech later adopted by FIFA. Shooting received a nice skill boost through new animations and freedom to blast the ball without perfect balance.

The improved Fox game engine empowered instantaneous controls so gamers feel directly connected to on-pitch actions. Teams could also implement multiple formations, with enhanced AI switching playstyles and tactics based on scenarios like trailing by a goal late in a match.

Overall, PES 2015 offered noticeable albeit unremarkable improvements while carrying an affordable price tag nowadays. It kept Konami‘s football challenge to EA steadily on track before PES 2016 arrived as a true triumph one year later.

Price: ~$15
Buy (Xbox 360): [Amazon link]

7. FIFA 13

The second and last FIFA title for PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 console generation, FIFA 13 refined predecessor efforts into a well-rounded package. Attacking AI allows smart off-ball movements like curving runs to create passing opportunities. Defenders can now jockey opponents more realistically using Left Trigger. Skill Dribbling applies close control touches to navigate tight spaces.

Most notably, First Touch Control introduces contextual traps, nudges, and deflections relative to speed, trajectory, player, and situation. Misplays can have disastrous effects. Tactical Free Kicks provide creative setups via decoy player runs and shot mapping. Additional minor improvements round off the offerings.

Despite simplistic graphics, FIFA 13 holds up through authentic flow thanks to well-implemented features. The game marked the first time FIFA overtook PES as undisputed football king.

Price: ~$10
Buy (PlayStation 3): [Amazon link]

8. FIFA 11

The inclusion of Personality+ accurately replicates playing styles for individual stars like cover athlete Kaka. Meta-abilities like clinical finishing or speed dribbler become visible during gameplay. Between new goalkeeper instincts, hard-hitting collisions, and decorative fake passes, FIFA 11 makes significant strives towards realism.

While largely similar to FIFA 10 otherwise, incremental improvements better immerse players into football culture. Presentation touches like animated goal reactions between teammates portray realistic emotions. Referees also play advantage on trifling fouls for sustained flow. Commentators analyze formations/tactics.

Despite antiquated graphics and some legacy jankiness, FIFA 11 constitutes an admirable effort in football‘s video game portrayal during the PS3/Xbox 360 period. Personality+ and other key introductions also featured prominently in future titles.

Price: ~$10
Buy (Xbox 360): [Amazon link]

9. Street Power Football

Offering a refreshing arcade-flavored take on the beautiful game, Street Power Football stars renowned freestyle football athletes like Sean Garnier and Liv Cooke. The game adopts an NBA Jam-esque over-the-top style with flashy moves, stylistic gear, and superhuman powers.

Street Power Football contains six distinct game modes supporting up to 4 players locally or 8 players online for pickup games galore. Unique mechanics like wall passes off barriers amplify skill expression. Scott the Flamingo provides zany comedy as announcer.

While somewhat basic with room for expansion, Street Power Football nails combo-chaining tricks and delivers exactly what its name suggests – an entertaining, pick-up-and-play street football game great for parties or instant action.

Price: $20 – $25
Buy (Nintendo Switch): [Amazon link]

10. Football Manager 2022

Aiming towards a different football gaming crowd, Football Manager 2022 puts armchair managers in the hotseat instead of dashing dribblers. Sega‘s ever-popular series makes you the boss of a world-class club from handling budgets, tactics whiteboards, transfer lists, staff, and everything between.

This newest FM edition incorporates analytical revolutions with a refreshed redesign for slick navigation across various windows. Streamlined menus reduce clicks for executing actions faster. Transfer/contract negotiations gain human personality touches like laughter, gloating, or storming out in anger!

At its core, Football Manager 2022 continues the franchise‘s legacy of unprecedented customization so players tailor their ultimate football fantasy occupation. Just don‘t rage too hard over star players throwing fits over sitting benchwarmer roles!

Price: $50
Buy (PC Download): [Steam link]

Conclusion: Replay These All-Time Great Football Games

Football video games let both casual and diehard fans experience their favorite sport in creative ways not possible reality. These 10 picks highlight the greatest interactive football experiences across decades that are still highly replayable today despite successors releasing annually.

From the deep strategic layers within must-play management simulations like Football Manager to revolutionary sports titles like FIFA 14 ushering next-gen graphics/physics, football gaming offers living virtual football worlds for everyone to enjoy on their own terms.

Fans feeling nostalgia can revisit simpler yet intensely entertaining football games like FIFA 11 and PES 2015. Those seeking over-the-top arcade fun need look no further than Street Power Football‘s insane tricks and powers. And the latest cutting-edge installments like FIFA 22 or eFootball PES 2022 push simulation boundaries with every yearly upgrade.

The football games above are just a sample of ever-growing options out there today. No matter your background or interests around the beautiful game, immerse yourself in endless global football action through video games built for replayability across eras!

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