10 Best Calendar Apps for Mac to Help You Plan and Schedule

Staying organized and on top of your schedule is key to productivity and reducing stress. The right calendar app for Mac can make scheduling, planning, and managing tasks much easier. I‘ve researched the top options and will provide an overview of 10 excellent calendar and scheduling apps for Mac.

When evaluating calendar apps, key criteria include:

  • Usability and interface design
  • Features like reminders, invites, and natural language input
  • Customization options for views, colors, etc.
  • Price and purchase model
  • Syncing and integration with other apps/devices

Based on these criteria, here are 10 calendar apps I recommend checking out:

1. Fantastical

Fantastical stands out for its exceptional natural language processing for entering events. Simply type or speak sentences like "Lunch with Tom next Tuesday at noon" and Fantastical will automatically parse the details.

Other key features include:

  • Intuitive, beautiful interface
  • Schedulers and reminders
  • Integration with Apple Reminders
  • Support for Google, Exchange, iCloud calendars
  • Drag and drop scheduling capability

Priced at $4.99/month, Fantastical provides serious productivity enhancement if quick calendar entry is a priority. Download from the App Store.

2. BusyCal

BusyCal shines with its powerful range of customization options for quickly visualizing your schedule. Flexible calendar views and multiple palette choices help you configure things exactly as needed.

Standout BusyCal features:

  • Drag and drop calendar modification
  • Adjustable color schemes
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly views
  • CardDav and CalDav compatibility for syncing events
  • Integrates with Reminders

For serious calendar management across Mac/iOS, BusyCal is a top choice. Available via App Store download for $4.99 or the BusyMac website.

3. Any.do

If you want an all-in-one solution for task management and calendars, Any.do fits the bill wonderfully. Core focus areas include:

  • Combined to-do list and calendar views
  • Scheduled reminders with flexible repetition options
  • Syncs across devices and integrates with Alexa, Slack, etc.
  • Simple, visually pleasing design
  • Offline access to tasks and schedule

The free version includes basic features while premium ($3.99/month) enable additional conveniences like unlimited categories and collaboration tools. Get Any.do from the Mac App Store.

4. Week Calendar

Specialized for rapid weekly scheduling, Week Calendar simplifies booking meetings, planning tasks, and generally managing what your week looks like. Useful features include:

  • Configurable views for focusing on week chunks
  • Easy drag and drop within timetable layout
  • Color coding for visual organization
  • Syncs with Exchange, iCloud, Google calendars
  • Handy search for quickly finding past/future events

If you primarily operate week-by-week, Week Calendar shines for both work and personal scheduling. Free version available, or extended features with Premium for $29.99. Download for Mac here.

5. Proton Calendar

For those seeking enhanced privacy protection, Proton Calendar requires a look. All data is encrypted end-to-end by default for peace of mind. Additional useful features:

  • Intuitive creation of events and reminders
  • Availability scheduling assistance
  • Secure calendar sharing and collaboration
  • Multi-platform syncing across devices
  • Open source codebase with frequent improvements

Proton Calendar can be used for free or upgraded to premium ($4/month) for expanded storage, labels, attendees. Get it from the Proton website.

6. Calendar 366 II

Offering outstanding visual customization flexibility, Calendar 366 II has fantastic design. Tailor colors, text density, and layouts for perfect personalization. Core highlights:

  • Comprehensive support for calendars types like iCloud, Google, Exchange
  • Light and dark themes with multiple accent colors
  • Fantastic typography control
  • Free version with premium upgrade ($29.99) adding weather, maps, other features

For those wanting serious style-ability with scheduling, Calendar 366 II is a leading macOS option. Install the free version here.

7. Qbix

Qbix shines feature-wise with advanced event creation capabilities for easily marking availability when scheduling. Great for managing hectic calendars. Other useful aspects:

  • Robust support for calendar accounts like iCloud, Google, Exchange
  • Handy templates for quickly adding common event types
  • Very customizable interface
  • Integrates nicely with Mac dock for quick visibility

For power users heavily reliant on scheduling, Qbix is a leading solution. It‘s available for free on the Mac App Store.

8. One Calendar

One Calendar excels at neatly consolidating all your calendar accounts in one view. Perfect for keeping the big picture in focus. Key features that help with this:

  • Single dashboard for all synced calendar types
  • Adjustable color coding
  • Handy mini monthly overview
  • Neat sidebar for quickly toggling calendar visibility
  • Free version with premium upgrade option ($23.99)

If you juggle multiple calendars and want harmony via a centralized overview, install One Calendar.

9. Mini Calendar

Living up to its name in terms of interface design, Mini Calendar provides a delightfully simple schedule management experience. Helpful attributes include:

  • Tiny menu bar footprint for quick access
  • Color coding and symbols for visual organization
  • Impressive sync support across platforms
  • Handy daily reminders configurable per calendar
  • Completely free!

For straightforward scheduling combined with resource efficiency, Mini Calendar excels. Install for free here.

10. SetApp

Finally, I would be remiss not to mention SetApp – an ingenious subscription service for accessing hundreds of Mac apps. For $9.99/month after a free trial, you can install and try out superb Mac apps galore.

The SetApp library includes fantastic calendar solutions like Timepage, TickTick, Scroll Calendar, and more. It‘s a great way to efficiently find awesome new productivity tools for your workflow.

Rather than committing to a single solution, a SetApp subscription lets you freely test candidates until you find the scheduling apps perfectly suited for your needs.

Give SetApp‘s free trial a spin to experience the quality firsthand!


Scheduling is invaluable for achieving goals by effectively managing time. The right calendar app streamlines organizing commitments, appointments, tasks and plans. This overview highlights great options for amplifying Mac productivity with robust calendar management tools catering to varying needs.

Based on your specific workflow, Fantastical, BusyCal or Week Calendar all offer rock-solid scheduling refinement. Those wanting encryption protection can turn to Proton Calendar. And SetApp grants simple access for freely finding the perfect calendar app match from their library.

With life so hectic, installing an exceptional calendar app helps smooth out the bumps by keeping things tidy. Try out one of these excellent solutions to start scheduling success!