The Ins and Outs of Zenbot: A Comprehensive Review

As a business automation consultant, I‘m constantly exploring tools that can streamline processes and boost productivity. Cryptocurrency trading bots like Zenbot aim to do just that for traders – automate tedious manual tasks to free up time and effort.

In this comprehensive review, I‘ll provide an in-depth look at Zenbot based on extensive research and analysis. Whether you‘re an experienced coder looking to customize strategies or a new trader seeking more simplicity, I‘ll cover everything you need to determine if Zenbot is the right fit.

Zenbot at a Glance

Before diving into features and comparisons, let‘s highlight some key facts about Zenbot:

  • Free, open-source trading bot launched in 2017
  • Command-line interface requires coding skills in Node.js, MongoDB
  • Supports backtesting and paper trading to simulate strategies
  • Connects to major exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Kraken
  • Offered by dedicated community of developers vs corporate entity

I‘ll expand more on the pros, cons, and ideal user type later on. For now, understand that Zenbot occupies a specific niche in the trading bot market.

How Does Zenbot Stack Up to Popular Alternatives?

Zenbot enters a crowded field of polished, commercial competitors like Bitsgap and 3Commas. So how does it compare?


  • Open-source with highly customizable scripts
  • Free to use but requires coding skills
  • Best for advanced coders over beginners


  • Graphical interface for ease of use
  • $19-$110 monthly subscription fee
  • Pre-built strategies suitable for beginners


  • Intuitive dashboard and visual editors
  • $22-$75 monthly subscription fee
  • Social trading features

While paid solutions offer more convenience and accessibility, Zenbot provides unmatched flexibility for those with requisite coding abilities. It depends on your needs and competencies as a trader.

Zenbot Reviews Across Forums and Reddit

Across crypto trading communities, Zenbot earns positive marks for capabilities given its open-source nature. However, the recurring theme is its difficulty for non-coders. Here are some thoughts:

"Took time to master but profitability has increased 15% since switching from 3Commas to Zenbot."

"Without coding experience, it‘s not even worth the hassle. Look elsewhere or learn JavaScript first."

"I liked having total control to build my own scripts tailored to my strategy. But expect a steep learning curve."

Consensus seems to be that Zenbot is a powerful tool if you have the necessary technical skills. Otherwise, it will likely lead to frustration.

Zenbot Usage Stats and Growth Metrics

While harder to quantify due to its open-source status, some figures indicate Zenbot‘s rise in the crypto bot space:

  • 5,000+ GitHub stars and steady increase of 100+ stars per month over past year
  • 1,000+ members across Zenbot community forums and Discord
  • Typical of free tools, hard to gauge precise user base and volumes

The development activity and community engagement suggest an active user base, likely concentrated among more advanced coders.

Pros of Zenbot for the Right User

Total customizability

For traders with coding chops, Zenbot offers unlimited potential to build customized scripts matching your strategies. Paid platforms have set capabilities.

No monthly fees

The free open-source access helps offset the learning curve for using Zenbot. Ongoing costs add up quickly with paid alternatives.

Backtesting and paper trading

Minimize risk by backtesting strategies against past market data or paper trading before committing real capital.

Broad exchange support

Integrates with all the major exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bitfinex, Gemini, and 10+ others.

Cons to Consider

Steep learning curve

Zenbot is not intuitive or beginner-friendly. Expect to invest significant time studying resources to gain competency.

Lack of support

With no official company behind it, documentation and troubleshooting options are limited compared to paid platforms.

No graphical interface

You must interface through the command line only. If you prefer visuals and graphics when trading, this may be frustrating.

Potential security risks

Open-source tools carry inherent cybersecurity risks if not kept updated and secured properly. An advanced responsibility.

Verdict – Who is Zenbot Best Suited For?

Given the analysis above, Zenbot emerges as an ideal fit for:

  • Experienced coders – Those already fluent in JavaScript, Node.js, etc will have an easier time unlocking Zenbot‘s capabilities vs learning from scratch.
  • DIY enthusiasts – If you like to build things yourself and tweak every little detail, Zenbot offers endless customization possibility.
  • Quants and data scientists – The ability to analyze statistical strategies through backtesting aligns well with analytic dispositions.
  • Limiting costs – The free open-source access helps justify the effort to learn for those wanting to avoid monthly fees.

Alternatives like Bitsgap and 3Commas offer greater accessibility for new traders through intuitive dashboards and visual editors. But they constrain you to predefined capabilities. It comes down to priorities as well as skill level.

The Final Word on Zenbot

While not for everyone, Zenbot delivers an incredibly robust feature set given its free open-source foundation. For cryptocurrency traders with the necessary technical abilities, it provides a sandbox for automation that aligns with their DIY mentalities. Just be prepared for the effort involved in mastering the platform.