Why MDM is a Must-Have for SMB Growth in 2023

As an advisor who assists small and medium businesses (SMBs) on their technology strategy, I cannot stress enough how adopting a mobile device management (MDM) solution can spur growth and give a competitive edge. With mobile driving digital transformation across industries, the question for SMBs today is not whether to implement MDM, but which solution best fits their needs and budget.

Key Benefits Driving ROI

MDM is a necessity for SMBs looking to capitalize on mobile without drowning in complexity or risk. Based on my experience, core benefits like:

Major Productivity Gains

  • Employees get secure corporate access from anywhere, fueling better collaboration and responsiveness. Studies show a 15-20% boost in mobile worker productivity.
  • Remote troubleshooting slashes device downtime by 30-40%, keeping your team online.

Over 50% Reduction in Security Incidents

  • MDM security features like passcodes, encryption, and remote wipe safeguard sensitive data.
  • Malware and breach risks drop following platform-wide policy enforcement.

Lower Overhead and IT Costs

  • Automating device management cuts back-end costs by 40% or more.
  • Streamlined provisioning and updates reduce on-site support needs.

Key Capabilities to Look For

I advise my SMB clients to look for comprehensive capabilities including:

Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Proactively identify issues before they impact users by reviewing device dashboards.
  • Quickly resolve support tickets with remote access without on-site visits.

Granular Policy and Configuration Management

  • Enforce security settings, Wi-Fi profiles, permissions, and more based on user roles.
  • Ensure consistency and compliance by pushing policies wirelessly.

Application Management and Licensing

  • Distribute private apps instantly across devices.
  • Maintain license compliance.
  • Blacklist unsuitable public apps.

Insight-driven Utilization Analytics

  • Assess whether mobility investments deliver ROI with data like:
    • App usage rates
    • Data consumption
    • Device performance

Key Takeaways for SMBs

The bottom line is that every SMB today needs an MDM strategy to build a secure, efficient mobile infrastructure as a foundation for growth. Contact me to discuss the best-fit platform for your scenario and budget. With the right solution, you can maximize productivity and security while controlling costs – giving your SMB a proven advantage.