The 10 Best Wholesale Liquidators for Small Business Inventory

As a fellow small business owner, I know the importance of keeping overhead costs low while sourcing unique merchandise to drive profits. One effective way to achieve both goals is by building relationships with wholesale liquidators. These companies specialize in acquiring and reselling retailer overstock, customer returns, and excess inventory at deeply discounted rates, passing huge savings to businesses like yours.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll compare the 10 top wholesale liquidators serving small businesses across criteria like item variety, pricing, and purchase options. My recommendations come from over 15 years of hands-on experience sourcing inventory through these channels for small retail stores and online marketplaces. Follow this advice to keep your shelves fully stocked with deeply discounted, high quality goods.

Why Source from Liquidators?

Before diving into the top 10 list, let’s review why small businesses should source inventory from liquidators:

  • Ultra-Low Prices – Liquidators acquire merchandise for up to 90% off retail pricing. Even after their markup, you’ll source at 50-80%+ discounts.
  • Brand Name Goods – Excess inventory comes from major big box retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Access brand name products.
  • Just-in-Time Inventory – Liquidator warehouses change weekly. You can find specialized goods not available through traditional wholesale channels.
  • Reduce Waste – The US generates 7.6 million tons of retail waste yearly. Sourcing liquidated goods cuts waste.

Sourcing through liquidators allows small businesses to access major brand discounted merchandise in a sustainable way. Now, let’s review the 10 best companies serving small retailers.

The 10 Best Liquidators for Small Business

1. Quicklotz

Highlights: Specialized retail partnerships, local pickup options

Quicklotz distinguishes itself by having exclusive sourcing partnerships with major big box retailers that other liquidators can’t access. This allows them to provide a huge variety of products and rapid inventory turnover week-to-week. For businesses located near their North Carolina or Texas warehouses, Quicklotz allows buyers to pickup orders to reduce shipping costs. With free shipping on smaller purchases, they excel at serving online sellers buying at lower volumes as well as larger storefronts.

Pricing: 60-90% off retailInventory Specialties: Wide selection across all categoriesLots: Pallets, specialty retail boxes, local pickup

2. Bulq

Highlights: Category specialists, individual box purchasing

A top liquidator for smaller purchases, Bulq sells both full truckloads and individual case boxes across every product category. Their pricing model focuses on simplicity with bulk discounts and flat-rate 2-day UPS shipping on all US orders under 150 lbs. One stand-out service Bulq provides is specialists to source products within your niche. By communicating your needs, you can build an ongoing relationship for reliable category specific inventory.

Pricing: Up to 80% offInventory Specialties: Category specialistsLots: Individual boxes or truckloads


Highlights: Huge selection, integrated logistics

As one of the largest online liquidation marketplaces, taps into inventory streams from big-name stores and manufacturers that other providers can’t match in scale or variety. Their sister company, Liquidity Services, handles logistics like warehouse storage, shipping, and fulfillment which makes bulk purchasing seamless. As primarily an online auction platform, this outlet favors buyers comfortable placing bids and working on rapid purchase timelines when auctions close.

Pricing: 50-90% off retailInventory Specialties: Volume leader across all categoriesLots: Auction platform

4. B-Stock Supply

Highlights: Specialized software, customer support

B-Stock Supply is best suited for medium-sized businesses with some existing personnel focused on inventory management and ecommerce order fulfillment. Their web platform includes powerful tools like saved searches, order tracking APIs, inventory management software integration capabilities, and analytics dashboards to uncover top selling items. For buyers needing guidance, their US-based support experts provide category and channel-specific advice.

Pricing: Up to 80% off retailInventory Specialties: Analytics featuresLots: Full truckloads and pallets

5. Mid-Tenn Wholesale

Highlights: Super discounted prices, offline offerings

For storefront retailers focused exclusively on lowest upfront product costs over shipping fees or item condition, Mid-Tenn leads with unbeatable pricing. They cater to value-focused outlets like discount stores and flea market stands ready to put in sweat equity cleaning, testing, and merchandising goods. In addition to their online inventory feeds, Mid-Tenn allocates select super high-discount goods for offline purchasing only, creating opportunities for savvy small businesses through relationship building.

Pricing: Up to 95% off liquidation valueInventory Specialties: Super discounted merchandiseLots: Truckloads and pallets

6. Merchandize Liquidators

Highlights: Specialized buyer programs, consistent deals

Merchandize Liquidators stands out by offering structured purchasing programs like their Retail Buyer Program which provides predictable price discounts and dedicated account management. For online sellers, their ecommerce program includes free storage and shipping of pallet quantities. These specialized buyer programs provide unique incentives beyond just everyday low pricing on liquidated goods.

Pricing: 70-90% off retailInventory Specialties: Structured buyer programsLots: Truckloads, pallets, and boxes

7. Continental Wholesale

Highlights: Extreme variety, transparent grading

No liquidator offers a wider variety than Continental Wholesale. Beyond just retailer returns and overstocks, their supply includes wholesale closeouts, import/export inventory, and salvage items too. For small businesses wanting true product diversity, Continental is unmatched. To help buyers assess value, they provide transparent grading on overall merchandise quality and condition. Be prepared to put in work cleaning and preparing items in exchange for bottom basement pricing.

Pricing: Up to 95% off liquidation pricingInventory Specialties: Extreme product varietyLots: Truckloads and pallets


Highlights: Brick-and-mortar locations, financing

As a more “old school” privately-owned liquidator, Amlinc provides a retail storefront experience with multiple locations across Arizona for hands-on merchandise vetting. When purchasing inventory, they stand out by offering tailored payment plans and financing options–a welcome feature for cash-strapped startups and small shops. Overall, Amlinc offers tried and true relationships selling reliable goods for small business owners valuing personal interactions.

Pricing: 80-90% off retailInventory Specialties: In-person locations, financingLots: Truckloads and pallets

9. Genco Marketplace

Highlights: Large specialty lots, daily online auctions

Part of FedEx, Genco Marketplace taps into massive returns and inventory streams from the Fortune 500 companies using FedEx logistics. While they cater predominantly to large resellers, Genco allows smaller buyers to participate in their daily online auctions across every retail category. Specialty lots like store fixtures, point-of-purchase displays, and store signage are unique offerings for small business owners looking to set up a retail space uniquely while staying on budget.

Pricing: Up to 90% offInventory Specialties: Specialty store itemsLots: Truckloads and pallets

10. Via Trading

Highlights: No minimum orders, buying agents

Via Trading removes all barriers to sourcing inventory for small businesses. You can literally buy a single case box if needed. For larger purchases, their team of buying agents take an expert consulting approach to source products tailored to your niche needs. No other liquidator combines specialty purchasing support with no minimums and extremely discounted pricing. Via Trading empowers micro retailers that other bulk-focused liquidators ignore.

Pricing: Up to 85% off retailInventory Specialties: No minimum, buying agentsLots: Mix & match individual boxes

Start Sourcing Inventory Today

The world of wholesale liquidators opens small businesses to ultra discounted, constantly changing inventory streams. As your trusted small business adviser, I hope this guide better equips you to start relationships with reputable companies best matched to your store’s unique needs and operational capabilities. Please reach out with any other questions as you venture into this profitable inventory sourcing arena!