Who is Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Founder of Crypto Empire Binance?

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, Changpeng Zhao (commonly known as "CZ") stands out as an influential leader. As the founder and CEO of Binance, the world‘s largest crypto exchange, CZ has made an indelible impact in just a few short years. So who exactly is CZ, and how did he rise to crypto fame and fortune?

From Programmer to Crypto Pioneer

CZ was born in China in 1977 and moved with his family to Canada at age 12. He studied computer science at McGill University, eventually obtaining a degree in the field.

After graduating, CZ spent time working for various companies building trading systems and exchanges. Through this work he gained expertise in high frequency trading, exchange software, and traditional financial markets.

According to CZ, he first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 and became "fascinated with the technology and its potential to revolutionize finance." He dived into crypto world, actively trading Bitcoin while keeping tabs on other blockchain innovations.

By 2017, CZ sensed major potential in crypto and blockchain. He decided to launch Binance to help everyday people easily access cryptocurrency trading.

"My background is in traditional finance, but I was fascinated with the freedom provided by Bitcoin. I want to help others by providing a reliable crypto exchange for all." – CZ

Crafting a Global Crypto Empire

In July 2017, CZ introduced Binance to the world, quickly making it one of the most influential crypto exchanges. What drove Binance‘s astronomical rise?

Easy User Experience – From day one, CZ insisted Binance must be intuitive for novice crypto traders. The team crafted an easy sign-up process and clean, readable interface.

Industry-Low Fees – Binance only charges a 0.1% trading fee, far below the industry average. This helped it gain market share from exchanges with higher fees.

Altcoin Support – Binance aggressively listed lesser-known "altcoins", providing key exposure for these projects. It now supports over 600 cryptocurrencies.

Security – Under CZ‘s watch, Binance adopted robust security protections including multi-signature technology and a Secure Asset Fund. This gave traders peace of mind.

These factors fueled tremendous growth. By early 2018 Binance was handling over $3 billion in trades every day. Today that figure exceeds $76 billion making it the top crypto trading platform.

Leading the Future of Crypto

Beyond building Binance, CZ is deeply dedicated to advancing crypto/blockchain adoption through:

Philanthropy – The Binance Charity Foundation has distributed over $60 million to various causes.

InvestmentsBinance Labs provides funding, resources, and mentoring to early-stage blockchain projects.

Partnerships – Binance frequently partners with governments and organizations on initiatives like the travel rule protocol.

Advocacy – CZ actively promotes crypto through interviews, features in Bloomberg and Forbes, and by keynoting major conferences.

Innovation – Under CZ‘s guidance, Binance continually rolls out new offerings including: Binance Smart Chain, Binance Pay, tokenized stock trading, NFT marketplace, and more.

Final Takeaways

In Changpeng Zhao, the crypto industry found both an advocate and technical leader. His deep understanding of trading systems, combined with a bold vision for financial access, unlocked Binance‘s success.

And by tirelessly promoting adoption, funding crypto projects, and driving technological innovation, CZ continues cementing cryptocurrency as an integral part of the future of finance and beyond.