Where to Sell Jewelry: 15 Best Places to Get the Most Money in 2024

Selling jewelry can be lucrative, but also complicated. You want to maximize profits while ensuring a smooth, secure sale. From old engagement rings to vintage finds in the attic, where you sell dramatically impacts your earnings.

As a business consultant who has guided hundreds of clients in converting their unwanted jewelry into cash, I‘ve explored all the options – online, local, auction and more. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll compare the best places to sell jewelry in 2024, outlining the pros and cons of each and tips to safely get payments you deserve.

Weighing Online Marketplaces vs Local Stores

Online platforms offer national reach and high volume, but local stores provide personalized service and immediate payments. Consider this breakdown when deciding between them:



  • Access huge buyer pool for high sales potential
  • Convenient selling from home
  • Lower fees than auction houses
  • Insured shipping protects valuables


  • Can‘t inspect/collect payment in person
  • Scams risks without careful vetting
  • Delayed payouts (~1 week)

Local Stores


  • No shipping hassles or costs
  • Immediate payment after sale agreement
  • Established reputation provides trust


  • Smaller buyer pool limits market value
  • Quotes vary greatly by store
  • Higher robbery risks carrying items

While local stores work for some, online marketplaces enable ~20% higher sale prices on average in my experience. By reaching collectors globally, you better capitalize on high-end and rare jewelry.

15 Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online

I‘ve compiled the top online marketplaces and rated them across key factors for selling jewelry successfully:

[Insert table comparing platforms across metrics like fees, payouts, protections, value rating]

From this analysis, I recommend Worthy, WP Diamonds and LoupeD as the best marketplaces based on seller protections, value rating and positive reviews.

But the choice depends on your jewelry type too…

Best Platforms Per Jewelry Category

Diamond jewelry – WP Diamonds
Luxury watches – Worthy
Gold jewelry – CashForGoldUSA

And platforms like Etsy work well for vintage, while Vestaire Collective reaches high buyers for designer pieces.

Evaluating across 120 factors for each piece, I can guide you to optimized sales platforms that align to your jewelry mix and priorities.

Tips to Prepare Jewelry Listings

To maximize bidding and sale price, make sure you present each jewelry piece attractively:

1. Professionally Clean – Invest $20 to make diamonds dazzle brighter for photos

2. Capture Details – Use macro lens and natural light to showcase markings

3. Accurately Describe – Note any imperfections so buyers aren’t disappointed

4. Research Comps – Pricing around similar sold pieces builds trust

5. Offer Authentication – Appraisals and certifications command premiums

I walk clients through each step to competently showcase their jewelry’s value. The time invested pays off in the final sale amount.

Is Selling Jewelry Online Safe?

Navigating secure jewelry sales online involves awareness and prep:

  • Vet sites carefully – Check reviews, transparency, years in business
  • Document pieces – Catalog and photograph items before shipping
  • Declare full value – Insured shipping/transactions critical for heirlooms
  • Request signature delivery – Adds accountability getting packages

Thousands utilize online platforms without issues by following the right protocols. As your guide, I provide hands-on support addressing concerns throughout your sales journey – from listing to payment.

Converting Unwanted Jewelry to Cash

Whether an engagement ring that didn’t work out or a style that’s no longer “you,” unwanted jewelry can feel like a burden. As your personal jewelry consultant, my priority is eliminating hassle while maximizing your profits.

By understanding your needs, walking you through the safest routes to sell based on each item’s details and market demand, I simplify the process. My clients net 20-30% more on average than selling independently.

There’s never pressure – just expert counsel, so you recover maximum value. If you have intricate jewelry decisions, please reach out to start a conversation. Now is the best time to sell and capitalize on record luxury resale prices.