Where to Return Amazon Packages: Hassle-Free Tips for Easy Returns

As an e-commerce consultant who assists over 100 small and medium-sized businesses with their Amazon selling strategy, I help entrepreneurs navigate the ins and outs of Amazon returns. In 2021, nearly 18% of Amazon orders were returned on average, according to CNBC reporting. As a small e-tailer, minimizing returns is crucial for profitable growth. This comprehensive guide provides key data and strategic insights on efficiently processing Amazon returns.

Initiating an Amazon Return

The first step is logging into your Amazon Seller Central account and locating the order on the Manage Orders page. Select the item to return and choose one of Amazon‘s predefined reason codes that best matches your reason for return.

Be strategic with your reason code selection as it impacts your seller metrics. For example, selecting "No longer needed" instead of "Item damaged" can help you avoid suspension in the future due to high return rates.

Return Shipping Options

You have several options when it comes to shipping your Amazon returns:

UPS Pickup: Schedule a free pickup and UPS will collect the item from your door. Transit time is 2-5 business days on average. Includes $100 insurance.

USPS Drop-Off: Generate QR code to provide at time of drop-off. Transit time is 6-10 business days without tracking capabilities. Only ships within the U.S.

FedEx SmartPost: Transit time is 3-6 days with delivery confirmation. Combines long-distance FedEx transportation with local USPS delivery. Slowest and most affordable option.

Amazon Hub Counter: Instantly return items without a box or label at one of over 500 U.S. locations, primarily in Whole Foods, GNC, and Rite Aid stores.

In-Store Return Options

If you prefer making returns in person, bring your QR code to participating locations:

Kohl‘s: Unpackaged returns accepted at Customer Service with QR code (1,150 locations). Also utilize self-serve kiosks coming soon.

Whole Foods: Currently over 150 participating Whole Food Store locations. Look for signs at Customer Service designating Amazon returns area.

Amazon Books & Amazon 4-star: Eligible items can be returned with QR code at any location (25 stores across 13 states).

UPS Store: Packaged return transaction fee is $1.99. Provide Amazon order information at time of drop-off. 2,000+ participating locations with counters dedicated to processing Amazon returns.

Final Tips for Smooth Returns

Check return eligibility before initiating. Print return labels; don‘t rely on mobile QR codes. For in-store returns, bring delivery receipt with order number if required. Carefully repack items in original manufacturer’s packaging when possible. Choose free, fast shipping for all outbound deliveries to minimize pending return requests.

Returning Amazon orders can be simple if you understand the permutations for labeling and dropping off. This guide outlines the most convenient ways for SMB owners to handle Amazon returns daily. Let me know if any part of the returns process remains unclear!