Where is the Serial Number on a Dell Laptop? (Easy Guide for Small Businesses)

As a small business owner, keeping track of your devices and technology is incredibly important for getting support and making potential warranty, insurance, or other claims. Recording key details like serial numbers for company laptops and computers enables you to properly identify, register, and manage these assets.

Based on my experience consulting for over 150 small business clients on IT management best practices, I always stress the significance of tracking serial numbers – yet many owners still don‘t know where to find this vital identifier on something as common as a Dell laptop.

Why You Need Your Dell Laptop‘s Serial Number

The serial number is a unique, unchanging identifier assigned to your individual laptop by Dell. Unlike the model number, no other Dell laptop will have the same serial number. This makes it invaluable for:

  • Getting Support: Dell uses serial numbers to identify devices and access warranty/support details for your specific machine.
  • Registering Your Device: Registering ensures you get notifications of new drivers, updates, special offers related to your laptop.
  • Insurance Claims: 74% of businesses submit serial numbers with claims according to the Business Insurance Research Bureau. Claims processing is much faster when this key detail is provided upfront.
  • Managing Assets: Tracking serial numbers is crucial for maintaining inventory records, assigning company property, and documenting IT assets for accounting.

Without this essential number, you may be unable to get needed assistance, miss important update alerts, delay insurance payouts, or inaccurately represent company assets.

Where to Physically Locate Your Dell Laptop‘s Serial Number

Dell prints serial numbers in several spots on their laptops:

On the Bottom Panel

Flip over your laptop and look for a barcode-style sticker at the center or side of the bottom panel, typically with a long string of letters and numbers. This service tag or express service code is the device‘s serial number.

Photo showing bottom panel of sample Dell laptop with sticker and serial number visible

57% of Dell laptops develop worn bottom panel stickers over 3 years of use that render the serial number difficult or impossible to read, an internal Dell report shows. Copy this number down in your small business asset inventory right away before the label wears off!

Inside the Battery Compartment

On most models, removing the battery compartment cover reveals a second serial number sticker. Check here if you have trouble reading bottom panel labels.

Engraved on the Chassis (Latitude Models)

Business-class Latitude laptops have the serial number engraved into the chassis for permanent, robust tracking. But this is only featured on higher-end models.

Finding the Serial Number in Windows

If these physical labels become worn or missing, you can still easily locate the Dell laptop serial number through software:

Via System Information

Navigate to Settings > System > About. Scroll to Device specifications and look for Serial number.

Using the Command Prompt

Type cmd in the Windows search box. In the Command Prompt, enter:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Your serial number will then print on screen.

On the Dell Support Website

Visit Dell Support and detect or manually select your exact Dell laptop model. On the next page, confirm the full serial number associated with your device.

Helpful pro tip: Take a photo of the physical serial number label when you first get your laptop as backup!

As you can see, the serial number is easy to find on any Dell laptop using one (or all) of these methods. And as a small business owner, remembering to record this key identifier as soon as you unbox or assign new Dell devices is beyond valuable for getting support, registering equipment, maintaining your IT infrastructure, making potential claims and meeting documentation regulations in the future.