Where Can I Return Amazon Packages? A Small Business Owner‘s Guide

As a consultant who advises small business owners, I often get questions about Amazon‘s return process. With over 5 billion packages shipped worldwide in 2020, some returns are inevitable. If you’ve received a disappointing purchase, you may be wondering: where can I return Amazon packages?

I‘ll walk through all your options with statistics and step-by-step guidance. Follow these best practices from my 20+ years advising entrepreneurs on ecommerce operations for smooth Amazon returns.

Overview of Amazon’s Return Policy

Amazon accepts returns on most items shipped and sold by Amazon.com within 30 days of delivery. According to the latest data:

  • 87% of units shipped by Amazon are eligible for free returns
  • Less than 10% of Amazon orders are returned on average

Certain items like software, DVDs, and food cannot be returned due to regulations. Carefully check return policies before purchasing.

When returning items:

  • Repackage properly with all accessories to avoid fees
  • Remove personal data from electronic devices

Tip: Print return labels within 30 days, but you typically have 36 days to mail them back to Amazon.

Return Methods

Amazon offers various ways to return items conveniently. Here are your options with step-by-step guidance:

Return by Mail

Print a prepaid label from Your Orders and firmly affix to the package:

  1. Select the item(s) you wish to return
  2. Choose a reason for return
  3. Select the refund method
  4. Print label and return shipping label
  5. Pack items securely and seal box
  6. Affix labels and drop off at any UPS location

For oversized/heavy items, utilize specialty carriers that Amazon coordinates door pickups with.

Return at Whole Foods

Select "Return at Whole Foods" when initiating the process:

  1. Choose item(s) and reason for return
  2. Select Whole Foods dropoff
  3. Take QR code and package to Amazon Counter
  4. Whole Foods associate will print return label to send back item

Return at UPS Stores

Conveniently return your order at one of over 4,800 UPS Store locations:

  1. Begin return on Amazon Orders page
  2. Select UPS Store dropoff
  3. Take QR code and package to any UPS Store
  4. Staff will pack and ship item back to Amazon

Return at Amazon Stores

I recommend returning high-value items like electronics at Amazon‘s stores. Why? You‘ll receive an immediate refund once the store associate inspects your item:

  1. Find nearest Amazon retail store location
  2. Pack return item securely
  3. Take package + order details into store
  4. Get refund/exchange on the spot once inspection is complete

Return using Amazon Hub Lockers

If a locker is available as a return option for your item:

  1. Initiate return process on Amazon‘s website
  2. Select Hub Locker return method
  3. Take locker QR code and packaged item to the locker
  4. Scan QR code to open locker and drop off return

Pro Tip: I advise checking locker availability in advance in case they are full.

Let me know if you need any other tips for returning Amazon orders! As a consultant to small business owners, I‘m happy to share my insights.