The Best Time and Strategies for Updating LinkedIn after a New Job

Starting a new job is an exciting milestone. As an entrepreneur and small business consultant, I often work with professionals who want to update their LinkedIn profiles shortly after taking on a new position to announce the career move to their networks. However, timing is critical when making significant announcements on professional platforms.

Wait One Month Before Updating

While it‘s tempting to update your LinkedIn profile on day one in a new role, career experts I‘ve spoken with advise waiting at least one month before announcing. This gives you adequate time to:

  • Learn more about your new company‘s culture and priorities
  • Get fully trained on your new responsibilities and teams
  • Identify achievements and wins so far that you can include
  • Confirm that the job is the right fit before making a public commitment

Making a major announcement too early can backfire if you end up leaving the new job soon after starting. Wait until you feel fully confident and settled into the position.

Thoughtfully Update All Relevant Sections

Once you‘ve given it enough time, thoughtfully update all relevant sections of your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new job:

Headline and Summary

Refresh this top section to showcase your new role, industry, areas of expertise and value you bring to connections.


Provide details on your new responsibilities, teams you work with, projects and achievements so far.


Add capabilities you utilize in the new role or have expanded. Ask colleagues to endorse you.


Showcase relevant articles, presentations at conferences, volunteer work and certifications.


Grow your network by following new colleagues, executives and industry influencers.

Announce Strategically

Once your profile reflects your latest position, you can announce the news strategically by:

  • Posting an update highlighting your new job
  • Engaging with your network by commenting on their content
  • Joining new industry or alumni groups
  • Following companies you‘d like to work with someday

By taking a thoughtful, strategic approach to showcasing your career news on LinkedIn, you can maximize the impact and demonstrate your growing capabilities to new opportunities.

Let me know if you have any other questions!