When is the Best Time for Entrepreneurs to Post on LinkedIn in 2023?

As a fellow small business owner, I know how vital LinkedIn can be for establishing valuable connections and growing your company. But with limited time available, you need to ensure your posts generate maximum impact.

So what times should entrepreneurs plan to hit “publish” for optimal visibility? I decided to dig deeper into the data, expert opinions and tools to find out.

Here’s an expanded look at the best times for entrepreneurs to post on LinkedIn this year based on multiple in-depth studies:

Key LinkedIn Posting Time Studies

  • Brafton Study: Analyzed over 5K posts and 21 million engagements. Found Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-10 AM, 1-3 PM best times.
  • Buffer Study: Analyzed 34K posts across 5 accounts over 2 years. Found Tuesdays 10-11 AM and Wednesdays 12-1 PM peak times.
  • SocialPilot Study: Over 2 years analyzing 782K posts. Found 8-10 AM EST as overall best time to post.

So across credible, large-scale studies over extended periods, core recommendations focus on:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings
  • Early Afternoons, Particularly Wednesdays

When you combine the research across these major reports, clear patterns emerge on when engagement spikes for the entrepreneurial professional crowd dominating the site.

Why These Times Work Well

As a business owner myself leveraging LinkedIn to connect with clients partners and peers, the morning and midday timing makes perfect sense.

Early morning offers an easy time to catch up on industry news, conversations and relationship building in my market. I‘ll routinely check my feed over coffee or lunch to interact as well.

So posts landing then align squarely with genuine high quality engagement opportunities versus trying to “manufacture” viral reach.

In contrast, late nights and weekends tend to reflect lower usage periods. So posts hitting my feed during client meetings or family dinners are less likely to prompt immediate reactions.

Optimal Posting Frequency for Entrepreneurs

Beyond just timing, you also need to determine the right cadence for keeping top of mind without becoming overwhelming:

  • I recommend 2-3 posts per week as a baseline
  • Space these out thoughtfully across your best days/times
  • Track engagement to determine ideal newsfeed presence

Combining optimized timing and posting cycles helps entrepreneurs maximize value. Your followers genuinely appreciate quality content without forcing connections through spam-like excess.

Real Experience Informs My Recommendations

While I rely heavily on hard data, my guidance also reflects learnings from actively managing multiple company pages over the past 5+ years.

I‘ve directly seen the engagement impact first hand when posts land at moments my community will naturally appreciate them. Content quality matters enormously as well of course.

But tuning your timing for meetings, breaks or ends of busy work days connects your messages to open positive mindsets. That reader-readiness remains paramount.

So use the studies above as a starting point for your posting experiments. Monitor the metrics carefully, and let real experience finalize your cadence. With consistent posting that resonates when your community is receptive, the meaningful entrepreneurial connections will flourish!