What is the Fruit Thing on Snapchat? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide to the Viral Trend

As a small business owner trying to market products to Snapchat‘s younger demographic, you may be wondering, "What is this whole fruit thing on Snapchat?" The phenomenon of using fruit emojis to convey flirtatious or relationship-related messages has become ingrained in Snapchat culture. This guide will explore the trend from a marketing perspective to help entrepreneurs effectively leverage it.

The Explosive Growth of the Fruit Trend

While the meanings can vary, the fruit emoji trend took off around 2016 thanks to some high school students using fruits on their Snapchat stories as relationship codes. Their cheeky inside joke spread rapidly among Snapchat‘s youthful userbase, evolving into widely accepted social media shorthand.

What fuels the popularity and longevity of such an unconventional trend? According to a 2020 study in the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, these factors contribute:

  • Peer bonding: Fruit emojis function as shared cultural knowledge that help Snapchat users feel connected with each other.
  • Sexual expression: For teenagers and young adults exploring their sexuality, fruit emojis offer a safer, subtler form of flirtation.
  • Rebellion: Using fruits as risqué codes allows youth to feel they have created their own covert communication that parents can‘t understand.

As an influencer on adolescent development and communication patterns, the fruit trend has shown remarkable staying power even as new social media platforms emerge.

Snapchat User Statistics Entrepreneurs Should Know

To determine if and how your business should try leveraging fruit emoji marketing, let‘s examine some key Snapchat user statistics:

  • 90% of users are between the ages of 13 and 24
  • The 18-24 age bracket is Snapchat‘s largest demographic
  • 78% of users create content daily on Snapchat
  • 65% feel Snapchat lets them be themselves more than other platforms

This data reveals that Snapchat has a youthful, highly engaged user base who embrace the app as an outlet for identity and expression.

Should Your Business Jump on the Fruit Trend?

Knowing your core demographic is crucial. While potentially risky, fruit emoji marketing could be rewarding if:

  • Your brand has a youthful image. Fruit emojis align well with fun, playful branding.
  • You sell products used for dating/sex. Fruit emojis have strong flirtatious connotations.
  • You want to project trendiness. Fruit emojis demonstrate you understand youth culture.

However, err away from fruit emoji marketing if your brand:

  • Caters primarily to older demographics who may misunderstand the trend.
  • Is family-oriented or professional. Fruit emojis may clash with your image.
  • Is struggling to find direction. Jumping on trends without purpose can seem desperate.

Creative Ways Brands Can Use Fruit Emojis on Snapchat

If fruit emoji marketing makes sense for your business, here are some inventive ways to incorporate it:

  • Design fruit-themed filters tying into your product/service for users to overlay on their snaps.
  • Create sponsored fruit emojis that appear in Snapchat‘s emoji lineup to promote your brand.
  • Use fruit emojis creatively in Snap Ads with youth-focused humor and messaging.
  • Partner with social media influencers already well-versed in the meanings to incorporate fruit emojis into sponsored content.

The key is finding connections between fruit emoji meanings and your brand identity. When done authentically, it resonates better with Snapchat‘s coveted teen and young adult users.

Results Require Regular Analytics and Optimization

As when launching any new social media marketing campaign, tracking performance and optimizing based on results is essential. Monitor analytics to see:

  • Which fruit emojis perform best to target your audience.
  • How your content and messaging could improve.
  • What promotional channels provide the best ROI.

Iterate and refine your fruit emoji marketing accordingly. Data should guide your business strategy.

In Summary

While inherently risky, fruit emoji marketing on Snapchat, when strategically executed, allows entrepreneurs to build meaningful cultural connections with highly engaged young demographics. Consider both your brand identity and Snapchat‘s youth-centric user statistics to determine if and how employing this viral trend could pay off. Maintain an agile, data-driven approach to optimize your fruit emoji marketing efforts and their impact on your bottom line.


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